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  1. Bb wont cover it as it's out of warranty. Eureka referred it back to BB. I've tried asking Eureka if they will replace the part but seems unlikely. If not what is peoples opinion on value ? It's actually a 60E (that was a stupid moment on my part) works perfectly apart from intermittently not firing the motor
  2. Cool will drop then an email today and explain
  3. Not a bad shout it was bought second hand on here but worth a punt I suppose
  4. Ha this sounds like some funky dance. Cheers all will give it a go. Not a big issue but was just curious
  5. Hi I purchased an atom 65e about a year ago from here when I purchased it was 18months old from bella barista. When it arrived it had an issue where by sometimes when you press to grind the clock starts counting down but the machine doesnt grind. Now I've lived with this problem for a year and it hasnt bothered me. I switch it off after I grind switch it on next time and it never happens. It happens more when you try to grind multiple times In a row but it is fixed fairly quickly by switching it off and letting it reset. The issue is a part as detailed below and costs about €9
  6. Bit of an odd question and it probably is an insignificant problem but when I grind into the cup I place it into my bottomless portafilter. I then flip it over tap iron my stamping matt and give it a shake. Every time I lift the cup off there Is a pile of grinds to one side of the PF which I have to flatten put before levelling and tapping or they spill when I take the cup off. Little things but just wondering if I'm being obviously stupid ?
  7. Hi Matt did you ever get to the bottom of this as ive just purchased one that is acting in exactly the same way
  8. Ah Tim that would be amazing and very generous. God knows how i would go about organising getting it from Teeside to Sheffield 😄
  9. Hi Salty, i live in Swindon. Just outside of Bristol
  10. Thanks all the kindness on this forum doenst go unnoticed. Mmmatron Ill pop you a PM👍
  11. Hi Mmmatron, i live in the southwest so a little out the way. Woukd you accept 1400 if we can arrange collection ?
  12. No worries, its understood. Even Scotch corner is 4hrs for me 😂
  13. Ok mate, i would potentially be interested if you do sell. The Vesuvius is a hell of a machine im just not sure my bank or the Mrs woulf appreciate it 😂
  14. I too would be interested if you would consider a courier
  15. Hi if you do sell, i would be interested. If you have a price in mind could you let me know.
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