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  1. Well yeah, I guess most of us produce enough already. It could come in handy if someone needs something to mix with alot of grass cuttings though & saves them just going out with the general waste. Pretty sure I saw someone on TV a while back who filled tights/stockings with coffee grounds to grow mushrooms.
  2. 99.9% of the time I just throw it out with the food waste but have thrown into a pot / window box a few times (theoretically to act as a slow release fertilizer but no idea how well it works). It's also meant to be quite good as a slug repellent. Think most coffee shops will happily give away their used pucks if you want to use it in your garden.
  3. How soon before we see the world's first red Niche? [emoji16]
  4. Interesting. Is it a standard LM basket or a Strada? I only have the LM Strada 7g & LM triple so a direct comparison with my 18g VST isn't really possible. I meant to write dose size but missed a word typing. Even though the LM Strada is made by VST, it makes sense for there to be differences.
  5. If the standard LM baskets are the same as the LM Strada baskets, their tolerance is +2g so a LM Strada 17g basket is the same size as a VST 18g.
  6. ashcroc

    Puck crater

    Ah gotcha. Think my brass block is drilled similar to the thinner end of the taper. There was someone a year or 3 ago who reported good results drilling extra holes in the block (no tapering).
  7. ashcroc

    Puck crater

    Think you got it backwards. The brass blocks are drilled whereas the OE Ali block is cast with the tapered holes.
  8. ashcroc

    Puck crater

    The holes on the factory block are tapered into a reverse jet. Not sure if it's by design or just to make casting easier though.
  9. I usually stick to 18g but have started varying it a bit since I moved onto a fixed height tamper.
  10. VST baskets have a +/-1g tolerance so anything between 17 & 19g depending on the bean you're using to get the correct fill height.
  11. 2nd hand commercial grinder & a down payment (all other payments would be treated as 'upgrades') for a KvDW Mirage.
  12. Looks like it's been set up for 230/240V single phase. You'd have to check the connections inside the machine to be sure though. I doubt it'd work on a standard 13amp plug anyway so you'll be needing an electrician to hard wire it in.
  13. Think I may have found the manual here.
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