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  1. Check the instructions of you still have them. It may be possible to extend or disable the auto power off.
  2. Not quite true. If the recipient arranges the courier, they have the contract with them & therefore the liability.
  3. Check the shower screen holder too. They're only plastic & have been known to split in the past.
  4. You can get something similar for free with a pack of pringles. [emoji6]
  5. That can often be the problem with using a multi bit driver instead of a dedicated tool.
  6. Grinding finer may help as you've still got a ways to go before you run out of adjustment. This thread may help as the OP was experiencing similar problems to you.
  7. The two machines are almost definately using a different grind to reach similar saturation times.
  8. If you want reversible, just put a pre-2015 OPV in. No need to remove the one that's in there as it'll never open & it's in a different position.
  9. Of nothing else, it'll be good for test fitting.
  10. Without a dedicated ACS section, there is nowhere else for it to legitimately go other than the grinders machines & accessories section it's currently in.
  11. No but I know the pub. Used to have a 'licenced' supplier from the Richmond Park cull until he moved west to open a B&B.
  12. Molesey is a bit of a trek for a pint from your neck of the woods isn't it?
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