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  1. Credit card has their own protection. If chasing through the website doesn't work, just go to your card supplier. As far as a PID for your classic goes. Have a look at the MrShades PID kit in the gaggia section of this site. It comes with copious fitting instructions & fantastic after sales support.
  2. Fit the hinge to the base of the PID case instead of the side for a cleaner look too. [emoji6]
  3. Those 3m double sided sticky pads should be strong enough to hold the PID. No need to drill & screw/rivet.
  4. It's only mild steel. I ended up getting a stainless replacement with an Allen head from eBay to replace mine.
  5. The brown bit at the bottom possibly has a screw thread as it looks like it has ridges to clamp onto.
  6. Hope you kept some yeast back to feed. [emoji848]
  7. Think they're the MK1 variant.
  8. People have mounted on a hinge before so they can access the water fill.
  9. ashcroc

    Specific taste

    You could try an Ethiopian Natural. They tend to have fruity notes.
  10. Mines maybe a millimeter out of whack but nowhere near that bad.You made sure the rod is clipped into the filter correctly?
  11. On a slightly connected note.....
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