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  1. Me either (on android version 8.2.6 (build 1435) if that means anything to the techies)
  2. It's the number of likes etc you have. Yours has just gone up! 😎
  3. Any chance of a slightly darker skin option? All this white is giving me a headache.
  4. is the AO Warranty transferable?
  5. The heart on the bottom right of the post is the like button with various options including thanks. Looks like you can only have one option selected though. And all the avatars have gone! 😢
  6. Nothing wrong with upping the dose (or dropping it for that matter). Beans from different origins & roasters will extract differently & with using a machine like a moccamaster (instead of manual brewing), your only choices of adjustment is dose & grind to adjust the speed it brews at. So long as the basket doesn't overflow (from too high a dose &/or too fine a grind), the world is your oyster. I've never used a SGP so don't know how well it copes with single dosing. It may well work better with a loaded hopper. Either way you're better off weighing the ground coffee to make sure you're getting 60g (or whatever dose you settle on) out.
  7. Surprised you're not going for a Eureka logo in each corner!
  8. Thought that was how it had been originally designed.
  9. That won't help due to the plastic in the grouphead. Much better to warm the portafilter in a bowl of boiling water or run a double shot through the pressurised basket.
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