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  1. Use it to pull a second shot while the first one depressurises?
  2. It's well known the optimum number of grinders is n+1 where n= the number of grinders you currently own. [emoji3166]
  3. You might want to take a gander at post #20! [emoji33]
  4. How you can do that with a machine that isn't even plugged in I may never know.
  5. His accent is no more posh than his shirt sleeves! [emoji16]
  6. No doubt a certain percentage of participants will decide to get some of what they most enjoyed from square mile.
  7. I like how he's supplying third wave minerals so everyone's on the same water & the find size sample is a good idea too though everyone using different grinders will undoubtedly cause some variation still. Still undecided whether or not to give this a go at the moment.
  8. The portafilter isn't airtight so the grounds will stale over 8 hours due to their higher surface area compared to whole beans. It'd also be impossible to keep them cold while warming up the machine with the portafilter attached too. While I'd love walking down to a fresh espresso, the closest I've managed is a timer plug so I can prepare & brew immediately on a hot machine or a bean to cup. Hadn't realised you were planning on using the thermoblock/coil solely for steam so thanks for the clarification. I can see that working quite well if done right & it shouldn't take much to improve the Classic's capabilities.
  9. Yeah that's true enough & decent have certainly shown what's possible using them. While I've never considered the classic boiler as huge, it doesn't just heat the water but the whole group head (& portafilter if attached) too. A thermoblock or thermocoil wouldn't do this so some other solution would have to be found.
  10. With the saving you've made on the kit, you can afford the extension needed to house it! [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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