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  1. Did you mean to quote @Jason11 instead of yourself?
  2. In theory, brushed will be easier to keep clean without scratches showing. Personally I'd just go with the one in the best condition though.
  3. Sometimes weather protection is over rated.
  4. Most people replace the panarello for a Rancilio Silvia steam wand. The V1/2 one is pretty much a straight swap (especially if you get a pre-modified one with a Gaggia nut already in it) or Ferrari Espresso sell a V3 kit which while being better, is alot more involved to fit (some drilling required).
  5. The final spot hasn't gone yet so you still have time. [emoji48]
  6. How about one for the professionals (& past winners) running concurrently with the amateurs? Could even have a grand final between the 2 winners.
  7. You'll do anything to avoid that stretch of the M25! [emoji1787][emoji23][emoji1787]
  8. If you get that I'll send you the toad in the hole recipe in a Victorian cookbook we inherited. It uses a spachcock boned chicken instead of sausages so will actually look a bit like a toad!
  9. Think this year's Wichteln has been delayed until the new year to try & avoid coffee getting delayed/lost in the Christmas post. Had a very nice microlot last year but nothing the year before.
  10. Just fit an aga with a back boiler to give you hot water too. [emoji6]
  11. Out of those 2 I'd go for the smart grinder pro. I started with an MDF & even after converting it to run stepless, it was still a hassle to use. Upgraded to a Eureka Mignon within a year & haven't looked back. Think the Manuale version is within your budget.
  12. @Nicknak has turned a Stepdown ring before. Can highly recommend his quality work.Niche has been talking about selling different size cups for quite a while too but if/when that'll happen is anyone's guess.
  13. Location may help.[emoji6] GLWS
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