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  1. Hsve you tried it with the email address you have registered with the forum instead of your user name? No idea why, but it might make a difference.
  2. Not on tt. It only has a like button with no otions to change the icon it produces. Can't seem to quote on tt any more either. [emoji24]
  3. Must've been some ad campaign!
  4. Can't help with the value but that'll certainly add to it!
  5. A router is good for it's shere versatility. Have a whole tool chest that used to belong to my grandad filled with hand tools which a router replaces with the change of a bit & maybe a jig.
  6. Be careful when handling the capacitor. If it's got any charge in it, it can give a bit of a jolt.
  7. Didn't know they'd done some on their own brand too. Looks like gold & red are sold out too but interested in hearing how it functions as it looks simple to make something similar.
  8. If only niche would sell their cups separately (in various sizes so it fits more machines), we'd all be laughing.
  9. @img45 On the tt forum front page (1st pic - works no matter which tab you're on), click on the 3 vertical dots at the top right & sign out. Then click on the CFUK logo (2nd pic) & sign back in. May take a mo to initially load up but got it working again for me.
  10. Signing out of the forum on TT then back in worked for me. Had to leave it open a bit waiting for it to load initially but it's working better now.
  11. Click on the wheel of your mouse then move pointer towards top/bottom of the page (the distance the pointer is away from where you started denotes speed). Click again to deselect. That's assuming you're on a windows pc. Unsure about mac/tablet etc.
  12. ashcroc

    IOM TT Races

    Keep meaning too but never got around to it. Used to work in a pub where a sidecar team drank. Maybe next year.
  13. Some cocoa shakers have a small enough diameter to fit in a basket (look just like a niche cup funnily enough). Have see a pic with a wine measure being used too.
  14. Having trouble with TT too & even tried force stopping it! Am getting the odd notification but yhat's about it. On android if that makes a difference.
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