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  1. I'll gladly take your list over the inappropriate carp I'm getting!
  2. The dtp is more temperature stable than an unmodified pre-2015 classic but alot more disposable due to Sage retricting parts to their chosen service engineers (& the callout/labour charge that goes with getting them fitted). I think there's a PIDed classic in the for sale section which would be a better choice. To be honest, any machine at this price point will have weaknesses somewhere as they're built to a budget. You just need to decide what you're happy with accepting.
  3. Same here. I'm ok replying to a PM through tt but can't srart a new PM.
  4. One of the 'activity streams' may work or it may be possible to set up a custom one to do what you want.
  5. I'm still using it to receive noyifications etc but on the whole I'm mainly browsing via the web as unable to quote on TT at the minute.
  6. Seeing who somebody is quoting is a bit tricky in dark mode.
  7. It's much better. Thank you!
  8. Hsve you tried it with the email address you have registered with the forum instead of your user name? No idea why, but it might make a difference.
  9. Not on tt. It only has a like button with no otions to change the icon it produces. Can't seem to quote on tt any more either. [emoji24]
  10. Must've been some ad campaign!
  11. Can't help with the value but that'll certainly add to it!
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