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  1. I concur this is indeed a juicy banger! No idea of origin yet but tempted to go for an Ethiopian natural. [emoji23]
  2. Torr toys do an alloy adapter for ceado if you find one of their glass hoppers.
  3. While you two are bickering over the best way to brew this, I may have to run some through my Syphon. [emoji16]
  4. The little yellow doily makes all the difference. Glad to here it isn't anything serious.
  5. You had a bath?! [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  6. Not unless he gets himself a time machine. While it's certainly not many considering the volume sold, a few have already passed hands in the for sale section.
  7. Does it have a transferable warranty & how much is left?
  8. My lesser talented splodge this morning didn't deserve a photo! Luckily, a shake of choc hides my ineptitude quite nicely. [emoji16]
  9. What the hell have you done to yourself? Hope you're on the mend soon.
  10. Use it to pull a second shot while the first one depressurises?
  11. It's well known the optimum number of grinders is n+1 where n= the number of grinders you currently own. [emoji3166]
  12. You might want to take a gander at post #20! [emoji33]
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