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  1. Gaggia after putting the tin hat on?
  2. + 1234 is reputation - how many times you've been liked/thanked etc. 1234 posts is how many times you've posted on the forum.
  3. Take the sgp grind with a pinch of salt. It's just a ballpark area which doesn't take into account what beans or machine you're using. If grinding finer than they reccommend produces a tasty cup that's all that really matters.
  4. I'd meant to quote @Jumbo Ratty & accidentally caught your reply without noticing.
  5. What browser are you on? It looks different here in win 10
  6. @dfk41 This thread form about half way down page 9 onwards will tell you what's going on.
  7. They're still working on it.
  8. Just found the My Activity Streams & have somehow managed to get 3 custom streams named Unread Content! The good news is that all of them take me to the first unread post. 😂
  9. Thanks. It keeps resetting back to 'Unread item links take me to the top of the page'.
  10. Me either (on android version 8.2.6 (build 1435) if that means anything to the techies)
  11. It's the number of likes etc you have. Yours has just gone up! 😎
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