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  1. Signing out of the forum on TT then back in worked for me. Had to leave it open a bit waiting for it to load initially but it's working better now.
  2. Click on the wheel of your mouse then move pointer towards top/bottom of the page (the distance the pointer is away from where you started denotes speed). Click again to deselect. That's assuming you're on a windows pc. Unsure about mac/tablet etc.
  3. ashcroc

    IOM TT Races

    Keep meaning too but never got around to it. Used to work in a pub where a sidecar team drank. Maybe next year.
  4. Some cocoa shakers have a small enough diameter to fit in a basket (look just like a niche cup funnily enough). Have see a pic with a wine measure being used too.
  5. Having trouble with TT too & even tried force stopping it! Am getting the odd notification but yhat's about it. On android if that makes a difference.
  6. There's an option to hide signatures somewhere if you don't want to see them. Still no tapatalk for me either.
  7. Gaggia after putting the tin hat on?
  8. + 1234 is reputation - how many times you've been liked/thanked etc. 1234 posts is how many times you've posted on the forum.
  9. Take the sgp grind with a pinch of salt. It's just a ballpark area which doesn't take into account what beans or machine you're using. If grinding finer than they reccommend produces a tasty cup that's all that really matters.
  10. I'm getting the odd notification but that's about it.
  11. She got her reputation the old fashioned way! 😂😂😂
  12. I'd meant to quote @Jumbo Ratty & accidentally caught your reply without noticing.
  13. What browser are you on? It looks different here in win 10
  14. @dfk41 This thread form about half way down page 9 onwards will tell you what's going on.
  15. They're still working on it.
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