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  1. What kind of buffoon puts a plastic plug there? Get a brass one made up (if you can't find a metal one off the shelf) & you'll be laughing. Also reccommend evans waterless coolant to stop corrosion & the need to flush/replace ever again.
  2. A mitre bit in the router & a straight edge to run along should sort that.
  3. You two are probably best off going to PM. I don't think anyone would call arranging a viewing negotiation!
  4. Ir's surprisingly common unfortunately. Some people ask for asvice to validate their opinion then totally disregard what others say if/when it doesn't match their thoughts.
  5. @Coffeebean may know somebody too.
  6. Looks good. What did you do with the rest of the baluster? [emoji23][emoji23][emoji12]
  7. Have them pass a quiz on the for sale rules before gaining access to sell maybe? At least that way you know they've read it.
  8. Only 5 days a week (unless I'm doing overtime). Used to work in Wallington too so not too far away at all. [emoji16]
  9. It's probably better described as a 42mm basket with big shiulders to fit a 58mm portafilter. [emoji16] Think it'll be easiest if I send them over to you so you can check the fit as you're going. Will PM after work.
  10. Basically a ring that'll fit snugly in a 58mm single basket that I can dose into & ideally tamp through with my 41mm tamper.
  11. That looks really nice. Do you take bespoke commissions? I need something a little niche to aid loading my single basket.
  12. If you're set on a lido for espresso the get the lido E. It has a finer thread so is easier to adjust the grind within the espresso range. The drawback is while it'll be capable of courser pourover grind too (just like the other lidos), it'll take longer to adjust between grinds.
  13. If you're worried about citric acid, you could use tartaric acid instead. It was the active agent in gaggias (now discontinued) descaler powder so shouldn't have a problem with the aluminium boiler.
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