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  1. Am guessing you haven't read the specs on the linky in the first post where it specifically states it has a PID. [emoji12] Looks wise.....It looks like a Silvia.
  2. My Google Fu is letting me down this morning. Can't find any 1/8 - 3/8 BSP unions with 2 male ends. There are plenty of these popping up (in both brass & SS) though.
  3. Absolutely. Priced right, it could be a worthy contender for the Sage DB.
  4. Looks like it'll blow the Classic pro out of the water. Wonder if the auto off will be as easy to disable as the current Silvia's.
  5. Do you not know someone with a lathe who could make one?
  6. Please, please, please don't try putting smoked water through your machine. You may never get the taint out.
  7. ashcroc

    New Phone?

    To an extent it depends what you want out of your phone. Both ROG & Razor are a good bet if you're into gaming for example while others have better cameras etc. I wouldn't advise you get one of the new folding screen phones (can't remember who makes them) yet as they don't seem to be as robust as originally advertised.
  8. You're best off asking in one of the threads. I've no idea why people ask me for it! [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  9. You never know, it may improve the likes of lavazza!
  10. Doubt it'll be with my budget when it happens (& would defo have to upgrade my machine if I got one [emoji23]) but I'm sure that'll be music [email protected]'s ears.
  11. I think that outlet may be where an OPV should be fitted?
  12. With right to repair around the corner, the Sage DTP would be an option due to it's better temp stability. Fitting a PID to your classic would make it a better machine imo though.
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