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  1. This thread should answer most if not all your questions.
  2. Knight (of the round table)
  3. Looks like there's plenty of space to finish it off with a drop of kahlua. [emoji38]
  4. If you want to make a larger brew with the aeropress, why not just top up with water like you do with your americano?
  5. It's not been too bad to be honest. Just went back to a spouted portafilter (only usually use it with a blind basket!) to split the shot if making a 'spro. Mostly have milk drinks or americanos anyway but have a feeling that may change.
  6. Looks supurb. Can hardly wait to pick it up & test it out. I see alot more single espressos in my future! [emoji4]
  7. Aeropress logo on the stirrer.
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