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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Short video showing both groups producing espresso from ground coffee. Converted from 'Iperespresso' capsules by me.
  2. Hi Jon, unfortunately I don't have any of the old photos, I'll have a look on my backup drive later in case there are some there. Best thing to do is take photos before you disamtle then carefully descale with citric acid and make sure everything is tight when you re assemble. The Izzo is very easy to work on and you can't really go wrong. They are built to a very high standard with very few plastic parts. Let me know if you struggle with anything and am sure you'll get it working perfectly. Regards Richard
  3. Hi, I live in Norfolk now also. A small village called Topcroft, around 4 miles from Long Stratton. I've long stopped working on coffee machines but have recently though about getting back into it. I have friends living in Elmsett, definitely a small world :)
  4. Now sold, please delete ad Thanks Richard I'm selling all my Francis Francis parts & spares as am no longer repairing them. The whole lot is for sale in one go - please don't ask for individual items as not worth the trouble. The pile of bits includes shrouds, elements, brass boilers, sensors, switches, wiring, control boards (in various working / non working states), pipes, gaskets, o rings, coffee handles, pumps (also in various states) filters. Everything in the photo. Essentially most of the parts for the X1 - 1st, 2nd & 3rd generation models. Looking for £50 for
  5. I cannot believe it was sold in that condition, have people no pride?? It looks disgusting! On a positive note, it would actually be very easy to get it cleaned up and looking new. I had one in far worse condition and was like new when I'd finished but it should not have been sent to you looking like that - sounds like great customer service from the seller - Not!!
  6. If you do decide to post, can you bear me in mind as will take it if you can. regards Richard
  7. Polishing wax and pads from eBay attached to a drill do the trick (oh and a lot of effort)
  8. If you can post it (at my cost) I'll take it
  9. Hi, unfortunately it's collection only - I don't have a car currently so couldn't even get it to a post office Regards Richard
  10. Very surprised the probe was scaled if using Volvic, I ran a machine (not an Izzo) for 6 years with no descaling at all and the probe, element and boiler were like new when I inspected them.
  11. Hi and many thanks for your reply, have edited the advert so a price should now be visible. Regards Richard
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