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  1. I'm putting my EK43 purchased from Foundry up for sale.I changed work location around Christmas time and have hardly touched it. Set Price: £1260 Location: Woking, Surrey GU21 Here's the link for the original sale: I'll post some photos of the grinder at my place later on. Thanks, Abs
  2. 1. Fez2. EricC3. Dunk4. Mudlark135. Catpuccino6. Border_all7. Deeez Nuuutz (I’ll take 2 x 500g if there is spare )8. Jason119. Johey10. MildredM11. Gavin12. Jacko11213. MinesAbeer14. Abs15.
  3. Get the same sound on my used ek43 told it’s normal and not something to worry about by people at foundry.
  4. I can offer £140 delivered?
  5. I have a top of the range macap mxd xtreme for sale:
  6. The grinder is stored away, i havent used it for a few months now due aquiring other grinders. I bought it from a shop owner whos cafe went bust and spent about a year using it. I will post some pics.
  7. i will inquire about the postage.
  8. I have one for sale for £100 located in surrey if you're interested?
  9. so you increase the pre infusion by grinding finer and increasing the dose?
  10. abs

    DTP Owners Club

    I think I’m comparing it to my previous r58 which it will never match up to. thanks for your help
  11. abs

    DTP Owners Club

    How long does the shot take?
  12. abs

    DTP Owners Club

    what extras do you recommend for the dtp to help with shot prep and the extraction?
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