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  1. That's much more tempting if overkill for home. Pretty sure my other half would prefer white, which helps in itself. She might go crazy what with the new Vostok also in the pipeline. I'll float the idea and get back to you shortly ...
  2. Yes agreed. The one a few days ago was 343 (got price wrong before), and eBay is a bit higher than real world at the moment I think. Not in mad rush, so wise to be patient. Great advice - thanks again.
  3. Thanks - all the other numbers shown are resettable I think. He doesn't know about burrs other than done just before he bought it. It's the Eureka one eBay now at double that - open to offers. I guessed worth less as one went for 434 a couple of days ago. Brilliant that's really helpful thanks!
  4. I'm looking at a Mythos grinder (I think one plus - with tamper, buy no clima pro). The current owner has told me that the burrs were changed relatively recently by previous owner, but no receipt. Also that the counters are; General time: 134:18:25 Startnumber: 137109 I think that that means 134 days, and so high usage(or is it - not sure on a typical lifetime), but the owner thinks maybe 134hrs. Any opinion on the going rate for a grinder like this would be appreciated. Unlikely to need one, but slightly worried when I saw the cost of a new motor (basically the same
  5. I believe that's right. Group heatup will take longer (solution being a timing switch). Group cartridges are a bonus for me, the main pull was the ability to adjust brew/group temps while maintaining steam (we drink a lot of milk drinks). That and the group manometer which I think will be handy.
  6. I do - yes it's blooming massive - that's good isn't it? Same size box as a duetto still. I'd have one at home now if it wasn't for the Vostok. Marketed in the same range as the duetto (http://www.alexduetto.com/). Plenty at homes in the USA, Europe and Australia. Still I bow to the opinions of others...
  7. Just noticed that the compressa should have a note to say that is plumbed in. For the izzo leva etc - yes plumbed in, but not commercial specific to my knowledge - they are the same casing as duetto and available from @BlackCatCoffee for home use.
  8. I was torn between this (ocd/symetry more than anything else), and older school water tap. Part of me wants both! Think i may ask if I can opt to pay extra for spare wand with pearlator/thing.
  9. This does raise concerns, as effectively you have to live nearby or commit to return cost (having just gone through this process, not easy or cheap). I'd say this new terms& conditions/requirement is not something I would condone. parts warranty either way would be my expectations (and spirit of the 2yr warranty that is statutory as i understand it). labour included if owner pays to return unit is fair/bonus given their faq which explains why their cost is higher,(I.e. better service). I understand that service and return of machine is sensible, but not always possible given locat
  10. enormous is fine - fits in like a glove where it would go (depth 54cm, height 80cm). Problem is patience waiting for one. bid on one (the older one, not worried about clima/pro) yesterday on ebay, but went in too low as would prefer to buy from a known source generally. Currently between that and a Ceado e37s, but get the feeling that would end up with some wierd project involving a 40 degree bit of plywood. The naked version looked good, but realisticaly i want that with a removeable hopper at 1/3 the price... anyway back to reality - feels like its going to end up as a mythos, and m
  11. some confusion... my permanent backup arrived today - 1st espresso since March, so good. Gaggia classic, and some good coffee. its like an angry demon - good results so far, but without a PID very hot and spurts steam and hot water randomly. I can see why people like them though. time for a sweepstake on next news and second batch (is the second batch full yet?). next step for me is still to see 1st complete machine and shot video pls! In parallel, given the extra time have now started researching future grinder tactics (mythos vs ceado vs monolith - current thinking is that with a
  12. Have gone with Vostok/new steam on left and old/Vesuvius tap on right. Have asked about possibility of wood for the two toggles (just in case/why not). Today (courier fun), the IMS parts screen and tamper arrived. The tamper (54.4) is nicer than I expected, much better than my 53 Motta. Made of heavy/Matt metal - handle particularly heavy. Fit is good but not perfect. For both the two baskets (h26m, h32m), it gets about half of the way down the larger basket. So torr are probably spot on size with a 55.4. Pics show next to a 53 motta, and in the two baskets pushed to one side
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