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  1. Mine had metallic scraping. At the back I could see scrape marks on the right hand side. I gave the lever a healthy whack and sound went away. I didn't use any wood as it wasn't a super big whack...
  2. Some contact/interest, but no idea what worth at this point, so giving a bump to see if anyone has any opinions!
  3. Thanks all. This morning i could see wear marks on the side of the lever rubbing against the rear right hand side of the caliper that holds it (i.e. the bit that rotates around the large bolt). i gave the lever a sharp knock (from right hand side towards left), and it seems to have sorted it for now at least.
  4. No it's not that. Here goes first attempt at uploaded video. Apologies for shakycam! 20211013_212546.mp4
  5. no rubber/skipping sounds. Just a metal scratch as the lever moves forward for the first time. its not the little lever at the back (manually held down). I think the springs are the right way around from looking at the side. Its a minor thing, i suspect easy to fix, and not affecting shots. Ill look to take out and add grease soon (busy tomorrow, so Friday/weekend), as was loooking to check the internals etc anyway. ill record something if i get time for general information. Thanks All.
  6. Quick question as a side - does anyone get a metal on metal chirp/screetch in the first inch of movement (pulling forward) of the lever? I've only just noticed, as it's not particularly bad and not present for the full swing/travel. I wondered if just me and whether I need to add some grease/lube somewhere..
  7. Now that the new Vostok Evo is arrived and working well, I'm in the position to move on my duetto IV Plus. Going to put an add in classifieds shortly, but would be good to get an opinion on value if anyone knows. Here is some detail/history: It was purchased in Feb 19 from bella barista. The original owner sold after 6 months as he had upgraded onto a londinium. I have owned since (i.e 2.5 years old at this point). It's had minor problems, one created by me fixing a recurring leak (I shorted the element on the service boiler and blew it - doh!), and needed some parts swapped related to above (nrv, PID temp sensor, heating element). In about March I placed deposit on the new machine and so, predicting sale and annoyed by the leak mentioned above I sent it back to BB for service. It got stuck there for 3 months because of the lockdown, but eventually returned to me in the summer. It's been working flawlessly for the last 3 months making about 10 cups a day. The whole time it's been on bestmax premium, and have just descaled. Service boiler (the one I would always worry about) should be clean and that's the one BB replaced the element. Condition is pretty good I'd say, although scuffs in the usual places no major scratches or dents. Would be selling with the original parts (steam wand tips, izzo cloth, plumbing pipes, 3 x OEM portafilter, invoices for all work done at BB, several baskets of different sizes, original manual, spare izzo logo sticker). Last factor is I'm in Cornwall. I have a box j used to ship to BB, but with this sort of thing personal visit is best, so I'm assuming less interest because of the distance. At this point more interested in it going to a good home than exact value, but at the same time literally no idea what it's worth given out of warranty etc.
  8. sorry for delayed reply. My 54.4 is very tight in stock baskets, and snug in the IMS baskets. I am using the deeper (32) IMS basket currently as it prevents overflow when grinding straight to the portafilter, and seems to work well (or well enough for me). So the key difference (i think) being that i am going lower into the basket and so getting a tighter fit. re. 54.7 - this is because im considering a bravo tamper and i think that's the consensus size/choice...
  9. I have the IMS tamper which is 54.4. http://www.imsfiltri.com/pressini/baac54-4f/ To me it seems tight on both stock and the two IMS baskets. I'm/was thinking the bravo tamper with 54.7 is the current sweet spot (?)
  10. Good to know - I don't have a drain sorted yet, although got the mains incoming sorted earlier, along with the timer settings and baskets. Mains/plumbing is cool - liking how it uses mains pressure to fill the reservoir. Apart from yesterday's diversion (annoyed at self for putting a scratch on the brand new paint job), very happy and all expectations met or exceeded I think. Hopefully some time tomorrow to tweak some temperature settings...
  11. So had to wiggle the water tank to get it to start sucking. Gear pump much quieter than expected. need to get an adaptor to fit the mains plumbing (duetto was 3/8, think Evo is maybe 1/2 - any confirmation would be good from anyone who knows for certain). Panicky first lever pull. Steam very good compared to my duetto as a first impression. Wobbly bit of latte. Tasted very good! To be totally truthful - absolutely knackered so real testing starts tomorrow.
  12. All back together now, and only took an hour. Now to start the beast up!
  13. Just as a word of warning - my machine arrived today, so I thought I would attempt. Capacitor removal very easy. Getting the side panel back on, less so...
  14. i got a notification email from dhl. Its just/finally left Milan, so i am assuming ill get a vat payment request shortly.
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