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  1. Yallah are just round the corner from us, and never knew - good call!
  2. Thank you - although my post is already outdated - just picked up a duetto via this forum, so will be saying bye to the trusty heavenly shortly - slightly silly as have spent the last few weeks fixing all the little niggles!
  3. Just a note to say I popped round today and picked up the machine. Only had a quick play since I got back this evening - many thanks to Nigel for his patience (PayPal delay), and for all the other posts/advice. Very happy!
  4. great - is early this evening ok perhaps - i can leave work a bit early today and head up to you depending on your availabilty
  5. well id be keen to, but dont want to step on any toes if Jony is ready to go ahead as first to post. i work in redruth at the innovation centre, so its not a huge diversion at all to pop up to you depending on your availability. let me know, Dan
  6. Thanks hadn't occurred to me - although no buyer protection then. If that's preferred, shouldn't be a problem.
  7. I'd potentially be interested - have been researching dual boilers (was pretty much ready for a Bianca), and just saw this listing - the Alex ticks nearly all my boxes. I also live in Cornwall - near Falmouth.. Are you near Falmouth as would be good to guage how far to visit/pick up? PayPal - use this a lot but would be a bit worried about paypal fees inflating the cost - perhaps bank transfer?
  8. Calibrated several times - they act very strange - made a video, but too big to post. After calibration (PASS) 1. Tare 2. Place calibrated weight on scale - shows random amount e.g. 245 3. Take off weight and shows as e.g. 50g 4. Place on weight again - shows as e.g.154g I'm at a loss...
  9. Today my new scales (old ones drowned) arrived and are not as I expected - hopefully to be sorted soon
  10. Investigating/searching for a dual boiler!

  11. Hello, have been lurking for a long time and after about 3 years managed to get my fracino heavenly mostly working ok and have rejuvenated my aging (eBay purchase) mazzer jolly grinder with new burrs and now thinking about an upgrade
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