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  1. Two pounds of Bluebird and Redbird espresso beans from Red Bird Coffee, a 20g VST basket and a Feldgrind.
  2. The black Feldgrind arrived this afternoon. The build quality and fit/finish is excellent. I made a coffee with the setting at 1:6 with an AeroPress. The coffee tasted great! Going to try espresso tomorrow.
  3. I read that there could be some delays in ordering from the MBK website so I was going to order from a store on the UK ebay but then I found a website in the USA that stocked it. I ordered yesterday morning. It shipped yesterday afternoon and is sheduled for delivery tomorrow.
  4. Lurked less than a few days. Liked what I saw and joined.
  5. I should have mentioned that I ordered from a USA distributor. Ordered yesterday morning. Shipped yesterday afternoon. Delivery scheduled for tomorrow. I did read about the somewhat erratic delivery schedule from MBK. It sounds like an excellent grinder though.
  6. Hello everybody. I was looking for some information on the Feldgrind from Made by Knock and ran across this site. I found an excellent thread that I enjoyed reading. After looking around the site and finding that just about everybody was friendly and helpful, I decided to join. I also ordered the Feldgrind.
  7. Hello all, I was looking for info on the Made by Knock Feldgrind and ran across this site. I found an excellent thread that answered all my questions. Thanks! By the way, I ordered one.
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