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  1. I normally do with ratio 1:15 or 1:16 and time aiming around 7-8minute for 1liter water.
  2. The location of temperature in/out.
  3. Received new part from Bb. I decide to change thermal (in) sensor £6.99 and (out) sensor £4.99. You can see the different new and old sensor. Plus change the main problem is heater box cost me £74.00. Everything very straight forward just plug and play. In addition, I added the digital temp gauge for in/out only. No access for beans due to drum is rotation different way. Hopefully can survive for many years.
  4. This is my Ethiopia beans. I do preheat at 150 for 3minute and drop with 210gram set 14minute 240c, 4minute cooling inside till 150c before take off the beans. Result, i am happy with that. i think somehow after FC but before SC. I used exhaust temp.
  5. @Rob1 not sure but from the packaging like plug and play straightforward. I keep update .
  6. The part arrived today. I order in and out sensor and heater box. Hope they will be ok.
  7. Chris from BB suggest to change heater box. I might get the sensor in/out as well. thank forumer.
  8. @Rob1 yes i did clean fan and surronding area. Should i change this https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/genecafe-thermal-sensor-damper-in-cr55-013a.html or this one https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/gene-cafe-cbr1200-temperature-sensor-drain.html
  9. Hi @PottyMouthedBuddhist, will you show me which one temp sensor please? My GC just had e4 error after 3times roaster back to back. photo attach after i do some cleaning
  10. wan

    Aberdeen ?

    i’m good, thank you. Yes , still with La Spaz. just add moccamaster. We are doing NC500 but maybe i do more 2000miles from Hatfield 😅 What a great view there.
  11. wan

    Aberdeen ?

    Yes, you should try. They know their coffee. Maybe you can set a alarm reminder
  12. wan

    Aberdeen ?

    I found this guy at Esplanade beach in Aberdeen with a lever Izzo Pompei machine, what the great taste.
  13. wan

    Aberdeen ?

    Went this shop today. Coffee is good. But the staff busy so dont have a chance to talk with them. Ordered flat white £2.95. No future comment and just enjoy drinking their coffee.
  14. Hi @IamOiman, both machine can run gas or just electric? how about water supply, both need plump in? i didnt see the water pipe. thanks for reply
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