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  1. wan

    UK Based Roasters

    We use at least a kilo per day here. Ok. I try to contact them. Thank you for help.
  2. wan

    UK Based Roasters

    Hi all. we are looking who can supplier arabica coffee bean to our coffee shop at hatfield. At the moment we use Piacetto mixed robusta and arabica beans which OK. Please feel free to suggest supplier to me. TIA. wan
  3. Apologise me. Yes, I agree to buy this with OEM packages (£600) but just bring the extra just incase i change my mind. I will come to you to pay and collect this machine later.
  4. Hi @lake_m. Yes please. I want this machine! Send you PM. Thanks wan
  5. Jon, Ok deal. Send you PM. thanks wan
  6. Hi Jon. Great. I confirm you ASAP. i can collect from st.alban. Not to far from me wan
  7. Hi J. I am interested to buy this. Could you please how much the postage cost to me? I am at Hatfield (AL109EN). Thanks. Wan
  8. Hi Dave. thank you for reply's and calcification about UTZ. for the cost of beans, sometime we just give free coffee for staff or visitor 😁. if you have any recommendation which good beans with reasonable price, please let me know. Thanks. Wan
  9. Nice grinder. At the moment i use iberital mc2 grinder for my GC. Happy with that. Sometime make mess after grind.
  10. Hello. i want to change our coffee shop beans from mixed arabica and robusta bean into 100% arabica and found this logo from our bean supplier. At the moment we use Piacetto espresso supremo from tchibo but i brought my bean which from Wogan Coffee (https://wogancoffee.com/) my fav beans is La Bastilla Estate P3.Give double shot coffee to my boss and he loves it. Because the price a bit expensive for coffee shop, so i found this Vista Villa (https://shop.tchibo-coffee.co.uk/collections/coffee/products/vista-vida-espresso-coffee-beans-1kg-bag) which 100% arabica. i just wonder if anyone here notice about UTZ certifications? Here is the link https://utz.org/what-we-offer/certification/ what do you think about this beans? Appreciated your feedback. wan
  11. please let me know. i hope can get after august onward. #all this happen after i am using carimari kicco double group at work but at home still using gaggia classic.
  12. I wish i can get it one this la spaziale mini.
  13. if urgent, I will ask my friend to pay and collect for me. if not, I will come to meet you in Bristol. Just a grinder, please. I have a coffee machine. But how much you want to sell the grinder?
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