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  1. no bubble or air on milk silk! try get smooth shine.
  2. milk not too hot not to foam, try 45 degree cup (or the deeper cup to less pressure) slowly turn to 90 degree position. at the same time, keep milking the middle and finish line to cup. Practice milk perfect.
  3. ok then i take it with asking price Going travel next week , so need a manual grinder for my coffee.
  4. Would you take £35+post? If close with Hatfield i can collect. Thanks. Wan
  5. I miss this thread. still looking for hand grinder.
  6. same to me. I am looking for a hand grinder as well. travel without fresh beans is hard in the morning.
  7. Hi, I'm looking to buy a hand coffee grinder not too expensive but with good quality burrs. This is for my travel kit and also for french press. Any recommendation and want to sell, please let me know here. Thanks. Wan
  8. Thank you @CJV8 for this idea. here is my DIY; I’m using a can (recycle)cutting the middle and order flexible aluminium pipe 70mm and finish with courier box(temporary for collecting chaff). Thermometer next step.
  9. Update; Item safely delivered to @japastie on Tuesday night. Welcome to coffee forum uk. Any question, please feel free to ask.
  10. @CJV8 i can see cable with red and blue for what?
  11. could you share with me what pipe size you use? a can tin slightly bigger cannot fit.
  12. For Sale Quamar M80 Flat burrs 63mm Made in Italy 3 pin plug Just clean and clear cable has red mark, solid body maybe minor scratch and not dent as i notice Used but in good condition, Can deliver within 10miles from Hatfield, very heavy on sticker 11kg but never measure. or we can discuss for collection subject to agree, Reason for sale: looking for next project 😉 Price : £170 or offer Location: Hatfield.
  13. update, SOLD to @japastie with offer £160 delivered to him (bottomless include). Deposit taken. Can move to Sold thread. Thank you MOD. Wan
  14. Sure, I will be in Bristol on 18 February and personally deliver to you 😁 if you can wait. Please let me know.
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