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  1. Thanks David. May i know what is the different Crono vs Manuale vs Silenzio? I notice they are same flat burr 50mm.
  2. Hi all. intersting topic. I am undivided between this grinder 1. Euroka Crono 50mm £166 (new) 2. MACAP M2D 50mm £260 (new) 3. Macap m5d 58mm £280-400 (used) I want to use for Moccamaster or pour over ONLY. At the moment I used Timemore Manual hand grinder which OK and happy with consistently but wife ask more coffee and assume I got green light for another grinder Thank you in advance. Wan
  3. hi all. interesting thread. i bought old moccamaster just want to try a filter coffee (before jump to new model) and now I LOVE IT! oh man, the taste so smooth, rich flavour , sweet. if i used espresso machine, the taste so different. so here is my ratio: coffee 47gram, water 750ml coffee 62.5gram, water 1 liter coffee 78gram, water 1.25liter don't ask me why . i just follow from somewhere search engine how to brew coffee with filter coffee machine. the problem i got now is grinder setting. very hard for me, one grinder for two different machine. i am looking to
  4. @Longmanh normally how many type of beans you mixed? Example 3 beans and ratio is 60:30:10
  5. Thank you for the info. yes. I did mix the bean but after roasting not green. So i can conclude here, we mixed beans after roasting not roast them together.
  6. Hi. did any one blend the beans? I mean mixed with 2 @ 3 different beans. Are you roast the green beans before roasting or mixed up after roasting? How about the ratio? Thank in advance. wan
  7. Please tag me if you post there or let me know what price he looking for. I am interested.
  8. @filthynines did your brothers want to sell his CBR1200?
  9. @MrShades will you do dimmer for popcorn maker or gene cafe for roasting machine? example : https://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-controlled-DIY-Coffee-Roaster/ posted by Phil: posted by christos_geo:
  10. Hi all. want to ask is anyone here like drink iced chocolate like setarbucks or cooosta?? What blender / mixer do you used? photo as attention summer is coming 😂
  11. Thanks Phil. Have a reason go down to south 😅
  12. @iroko Thanks. Johan is moving house? I think his address somewhere in Oxford.
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