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  1. Anyone have one for sale - fancy treating myself but don't fancy shelling out the retail price
  2. No I bought it used, but it's only £8 for a pack of 5 so they should be with me shortly
  3. Ah, I can answer my own question - looks like it's one piece that falls apart quite often, as BB sell them in a pack of 5.
  4. I decided to give my Gene a spring clean today and while cleaning out the roasting chamber I found two little rubber dampers in the washing up bowl. I've tracked their home down to the swinging piece that prevents chaff from building up - the dampers obviously stop it smashing into the glass of the roasting chamber. What I can't figure out is how they clip back in again - there's nothing more than a little hook, which I could understand if it was one piece of rubber, but it's two. Unless I've lost a pin or something that holds them together. Does anyone know, or have any suggestions?
  5. I've been using a Gene for 3 years, did the dimmer mod and get great results with it. Another plus for it is that pretty much every component is replaceable and easily available from BB, so you could also buy a used one and it should have years left in it. It takes a bit of getting used to and some time to find your own sweet spot, but I guess that's true of any roaster. It's a great little machine. Eventually I'll go for a Cormorant, but I have other things to spend my money on right now.
  6. Ah thanks anyway, but I really wouldn't buy a used machine that was couriered regardless of how well it was packed - after one bad experience with a courier who dropped a machine I'm not keen to go back there again
  7. Thanks for the heads up @Hasi that is a really beautiful machine. But it's slightly on the tall side for me - one of the main reasons for looking at the Apartamento is that it will fit under our kitchen cupboards and take some cups on top - the Evo 2 is a little taller and wouldn't give us any room for the cups. Plus I just noticed you're in Austria Lovely machine though, good luck with the sale.
  8. Ah great stuff! I'll drop you a PM to sort out collection.
  9. Is this still available CC? If so, could I put in an offer on behalf of a friend - £210 collected?
  10. Little bump - surely someone must have got home from holiday and realised their caffeine intake needs winding in a bit ?
  11. Anybody thinking of moving on their Rocket Apartamento? I'm in the Bristol / Bath area, looking for something localish - ideally the copper sided one but would consider white.
  12. I'll take it at asking please - I'll need to work with you re delivery or collection, depending on what sort of rush you're in as I'll be passing you in a couple of weeks.
  13. Sure, no worries. I'll leave the offer on the table in case nobody else tops it - feel free to come back to me any time. I'd love to offer a little more but to be honest I don't really need it badly enough to justify the expenditure.
  14. Ah right - thanks! In that case would you take £160 with a courier at my cost? I would pick it up but I'm probably 3 hours from you.
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