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  1. As it says, does it turn off or does it go into standby and keep warm? I ask because the other night I switched it on but then we didn't make coffee at that time. Came back an hour later pressed the on switch and found that the machine was nice and warm. The PF was nice and hot after doing a quick wash thro', even the cups on top had got warm, first time I had noticed this. The coffee I made was the best ever! Richard
  2. If I'musing bottled water do I need the filter. Richard
  3. Thanks Joey, I have Puly Caff for doing all those items. How often do you descale? Richard
  4. Just got out the bag of items which came with my DTP so that I could do a descale. What are the tablets on the left of the attached photo? It says on the label 'insert one tablet in the special opening' Once the Sage provided stuff is used up can I use Puly cleaner as I have a box left from when I had the Gaggia. Richard
  5. I had one back in the early seventies in a Mini. Had to mount it on a block of wood as everything had gone negative earth but the Mini was still positive. Had to be careful not to short it out with anything metal. Started my motoring career with a 105E with flared arches, wide wheels, Classic 123E front disc brake suspension and 1500 engine with twin SU's. The exhaust kept falling off and would wake the now in-laws up when I dropped my wife-to-be off late at night. Progressed to Imps and then a Triumph Stag and then a TR6 and Rover V8. Then an obligatory VW bay Type 2 when we started a family and then into many company cars. Now that I've retired I've had to scratch a boyhood dream!!! Richard
  6. So a finer setting for a lighter bean and coarser for darker beans? Richard
  7. What would the cost be for buying two? Richard
  8. Hi @Norvin do you have any 53.5mm versions available? Richard
  9. As a guide when dialling in the grinder for a different bean do you go finer or coarser for a darker bean. I've just opened some Columbian and notice that it is quite dark compared to a Malabar. Richard
  10. RichD1

    First DTP brew

    I have now weighed the PF after trimming and it came out at 17.2gms. I always tidy up the basket after trimming with a further tamp. I've also had the used puck stick to the shower screen when removing the PF. Probably left the PF in place too long after pulling the shot. Will try the coin trick tomorrow using 17.2gms in the basket. Richard
  11. RichD1

    First DTP brew

    Thanks for all the advice, I will give it a go later today. Will weigh the PF after using the razor to see what weight I'm brewing at. BTW, I see a couple of you have SJ's. Out of interest do any of you have the laser cut gauge fitted? If so where on the scale are you currently grinding and how much do you move to vary the grind? I took the burrs out recently to do a deep clean and when I put it all back together the burrs were just chirping when the gauge was almost on zero. With the SJ off and fully tightened it does read zero. I am grinding at around 1.5 on the scale. Richard
  12. RichD1

    First DTP brew

    Now the holiday period is over I managed to find some quality time to try out the new DTP for the first time. Having previously had a Gaggia Classic I knew roughly where to start the SJ grinder setting so I ground up 18 gms of freshly roasted Columbian and then filled the PF with the double single wall basket. Used my paperclip distributor and then a knock and tamped with a reasonable force and then trimmed off with the blade. Quite a bit of grounds were taken off so not brewing at 18 gms which surprised me so have I not tamped hard enough? Had pre-heated the PF before filling with the grounds, switched on brew and a dribble appeared after about 11 secs. I had two shot glasses on scales under the PF and switched pump off when I got to about 35 gms but it ran on to about 40 gms. Time at switch off was 26 secs. The shot had a good crema but it was a tad too bitter for my taste. Consulted the various brew charts on the web and it said to loosen the grind for bitterness, so I did another brew and this time produced a true 36 gms in 27 secs but the bitterness had increased!! Any advice on what I should do next? Richard
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