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  1. Is this still for sale?


  2. Hey all, Would anyone here be interested in a perfect condition Faema E61 Legend machine with digital group head thermometers (from Eric Svendson of Home Barista forums)? I bought the machine second hand, but almost unused and freshly serviced a few years ago, planning I'd open a coffee shop one day. This idea never came to fruition, so the machine was parked in my roastery ever since. I am setting up a pop-up/mobile coffee stand, so I'm looking into a single group Profitec 700 (less weight and less wattage than Faema), hence the need to sell. I am asking for £2000 or nearest o
  3. Ah yes, sorry Jon. No reply so far anyway Still interested though
  4. Hi there, PM me please if still available. I'm in West London, happy to collect, thanks!
  5. bbabel


    Hello hotmetal, glad to hear we share same addictions! Thanks for letting me know about DSOL and LSOL, never heard about it, sounds very interesting. I may take part as what I would like to develop most right now is my coffee palate, which is tricky as I tend to enjoy a lot of flavors in foods and find it super hard to distinguish peculiarities... but having a few good quality coffees per day must lead me somewhere! All the best with latte art, I can see you managed to build a pretty decent collection of tools as well! I've been reading some good recommendations of the Ceado E37S
  6. Hi All, I've been scratching my head about that for a while, Googling around but no answers yet. Looking to buy a Faema e61 Legend (2 group version) I've found majority of the machines with a standard e61 Legend badge/plate by the groupheads and with 5 yellow stars on the front, highlighted panel. A few of them however had a numbered plate (ie. e61 Legend no.0912) and word 'Legend' instead of the yellow stars on the panel. Does anybody know what the difference might be? Maybe produced in a particular country or for particular market? Or maybe produced after specific date etc. I can
  7. bbabel


    Hello everyone, I am a serious coffee addict with relatively new obsession with specialty coffee, espresso machines, technology and science behind coffee, reverse osmosis, micro roasting, farming and all the other things related to the coffee bean. I think I got totally hooked up on the subject since reading 'Coffee: A Comprehensive Guide to the Bean, the Beverage, and the Industry', which I totally recommend to all the newbies like me. Full time graphic designer on a journey to find new sense of life in micro coffee roasting This is my second post, the first one being 'Look
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