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  1. added an automatic shot timer latest extraction video:
  2. here is the Honne Slim grinder http://barshaker.ro/Hedone-Honne-Slim ~1165 pounds
  3. i tend to believe i am the only one from Moldova, on this forum
  4. i have a usual one, and this one. use them sporadically and always tend to press parallel. i do check myself from time to time. regarding distribution - i did on my Mazzer Mini use WDT and RDT 100%, but on Sette - i was amazed - i need none!
  5. minimal, in my case. as i don't use dark bean (and then it has some retention, afaik). in my case, it's ~0.2g from 18.2g in the hopper.
  6. it would be nice, voted. Linea Classic owner here at home, would be nice to chat some improvements on a dedicated subforum.
  7. a bit offtopic. when i see you guys riding bikes as transport - it's like smth from another planet for me
  8. the problem is there seems to be no QC tests after builds..
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