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  1. I stopped buying milk a while ago, so when I got back into espresso I had to get used to Oatly and Minor Figures for my flat whites. I was apprehensive at first but it textures great and, once I was used to it, it didn't get in the way of the espresso flavour. Recently, I ordered a flat white out at a cafe and I forgot to ask for oat milk. I was quite shocked at how much the milk flavour overwhelmed the coffee. My assumption was that milk was more "neutral" and oat milks generally had "Strong" flavours that get in the way. It seems, to me at least, that being used to the flavour is probably more of a factor. Has anyone else found this?
  2. Looks good from here! As long as when it spins it doesn't wobble like a spinning coin then the carrier is probably fine. No signs of rubbing on the outer housing and the wings show no evidence of rubbing on the top carrier. Was probably just those screws then.
  3. I've got a royal with no mods. Its absolutely capable of grinding fine enough for espresso, so it's not a problem with the grinder. I would check that the lower burr carrier isn't interfering with the upper burr carrier. Mine tends to make a noise that sounds like chirping when grinds build up on the lower carrier and rub on the upper. Never enough to stall the motor though, so look for evidence of metal on metal interference (scrapes, dings etc). This all happens well before the burrs are close enough to touch. Other than that, make sure everything looks flat and square. If the burrs are wonky then it will never get fine enough. Take the burrs out, clean any residue thoroughly, screw everything back in and give it a spin with the upper carrier out, it any massive misalingnment should be obvious. Same cleaning on the top, then measure the height of the burr edge to the carrier. There's a process for very fine alignment, but you're just looking for major wobbles here. Feel free to post pics of everything when it's apart. Loads of royal owners on here, I expect they'll be able to spot anything that looks off. Just for reference, I can go past 0 down to 8 before the burrs chirp. How are you recalibrating? Are you shimming the burrs?
  4. I'd absolutely recommend Cocobolo. They popped up in the village I work in and I've had loads of their stuff. Their roasts are a shade darker than I'd go for usually but honestly they've been some fantastic, flavourful espressos. Fill your boots.
  5. Checked for leaf rust and grown in nutrient rich soil, yea I'd say coffee is usually healthy. 😂 Is drinking coffee good or bad for an individual? Doesn't matter what my opinion is, there's probably a reasonable amount of peer reviewed, scientific research you could find to show coffee's impact on health outcomes. Happy hunting 👍
  6. I find it's most useful for small brewers where you need the control. It's not the end of the world if you find you can pour accurately out of your current kettle. You certainly don't need an electric pouring kettle, maybe the Hario Air kettle would be a good fit for you if you want inexpensive pour control?
  7. This is the kind of innovation I was hoping for.
  8. Ordered my pack! Probably aught to pick up a decent spoon and bowl now. @espressoSquirrel is right, don't drink the DI raw!
  9. You're in a rush. You made your morning 'spro. You have to get ready for work. Do you leave the shot outside? Or do you finish it in the shower?
  10. Big crowd pleaser at my works coffee club. V60-03, 48g in, 750g out in 3.45. The thing that is most impressive to me is the mouthfeel! Gorgeous and thick. Can't wait to get it on the espresso machine.
  11. Coffee Italia has an incredibly bad rap on this forum. Loads of bad experiences posted. Have a quick search before purchasing from them. On the flip side, everyone seems to love Bella Barista. I've not got any experience of the machines or grinders that you're looking at, but I do have a La Spaz with a 52mm basket. It's been a minor inconvenience but by no means a joy killer. Don't let it sway you from getting the machine you want.
  12. Looks like I'm the only improv comedy performer here so far! Though with theatre in the state it's in, we'll see how long that lasts. Fingers crossed for Edinburgh Fringe 2021 🤞
  13. Have you used the software? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. The histogram puts out a log scale of projected particle area, which the developer equates to surface area for comparing potential extraction. I'd agree this isn't common, but it seems it will output particle diameter too which is more standard. The manual also says you can control the resolution of the histogram. I'd agree it looks like you need to measure a tiny amount of coffee per photo. You'd have to do multiple sheets to be happy you'd got a clear picture. All in all I'd have to agree with everyone. You can measure quantitative data, but user experience is probably going to be the defining factor in any purchasing decision.
  14. Speed is important for a lot of people. How long for an 18-20g espresso dose? Clumping is talked about a lot too. Number and size of visible clumps in a 58mm basket would be a good indicator. I know burr temperature and how stable that is can have an effect on grind consistency. Can't say I know exactly why, but might be worth tracking and making sure any other testing is done with burrs at a consistent temperature. Consistency is harder but is probably what most people want out of a good grinder. A nice narrow distribution of particle sizes. The app above looks interesting and I'll certainly be trying it out. Other than that, Kruve do a set of wire mesh filters that can be used to separate and weigh the grounds to get a distribution. Personally I'd probably buy wire mesh sheet on the cheap and do it that way. Do post your write up when you're done 👍
  15. Colleague just bought one of these: https://www.rutlandcycling.com/bikes/electric-bikes/focus-paralane2-67-2021-electric-road-bike-red_462227 Apparently focus have a system on their bikes that allows for the battery (and motor maybe?) To be removed so you can ride it like a regular bike if you're inclined. I think getting the battery out to charge inside or at your desk is a big win too. Plus having the motor at the bottom bracket rather than at the wheel means you can gear up the torque through the chainset making it much more useful over a range of speeds.
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