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  1. Hi, may I ask about your standard delivery via DPD (2 x 500 g of beans) to a residential address if nobody is present to receive the parcel? Do you know where the parcel ends up? Is it possible to instruct DPD to deliver on weekends only? Or could I choose Royal Mail instead of DPD as they would leave the parcel conviently at the local post office?


  2. I had a kilo of Rocko Mountin - Ethiopia in Feb 2018 but wasn't impressed with it - ordered again a week ago and this time around I have to say this is indeed a superbly delicious bean! Hope the stock lasts for some time!
  3. Sold on eBay quicker than I could respond to the forum members.
  4. Selling my Brewista Smart Scales - for details please see my eBay ad: www.ebay.co.uk/itm/232912953619 This - I believe - is the previous model to the current Brewista Smart Scales II.
  5. Watch out, achilles.6142 who sells rusting nozzles on ebay, has revised his listings (links below). His nozzles are not made of food grade material like the 316L stainless steel and over time allow rust to build up and leak into drinks. The main picture of his listing: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-Loch-Dampfduse-fur-La-Pavoni-Europiccola-Professional-Steam-Nozzle-Tip/263555480113 and https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Single-hole-steam-wand-Tip-La-Pavoni-Latte-Art-Nozzle-High-Quality-NEW/263565550643?hash=item3d5dbb2433:g:7QIAAOSwosFUXOtF
  6. Flush is required to heat it up quicker. Wet towel / water spray is needed to cool it down before the second shot. Descaling is easy and to my best knowledge a good descaler is gentle enough to rubber seals. Bottled water for a couple of double shots daily is exactly what I do on my LaPav - and I'm perfectly happy to keep it that way.
  7. Zinc plated dome nut??? You need to get these in 316L stainless steel, zinc is toxic and mild steel will rust!
  8. The nozzles sold by mieux-marchal are pricey but their lovely tapered shape combined with the polished finish are hard to match by anything out there as far as I can tell. They're made of decent grade of stainless steel (as far as I can tell) and the hole seems to be the right size for creating a powerful jet. The seller uses international trackable service, has 100% positive feedback and sells just the nozzles (and not other bric-a-brack if you know what I mean).
  9. Since sending the rusty nozzle back to achilles.6142 (see my previous post) I bought and put in good use a nozzle from eBay seller mieux-marchal. I can report that this nozzle creates a lovely and powerful steam jet and - doesn’t rust!. It is IMHO the perfect shape as it tapers towards the back and the surface is polished to match the chromed finish of the La Pavoni (see pics below). This is a link to his eBay listing: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Single-hole-steam-wand-tip-nozzle-for-La-Pavoni-and-others-Latte-Art-nozzle/332585548504?hash=item4d6fa4bad8:g:Y1wAAOSwPe1T3-jF
  10. True I cannot remove the acrylic tube and the stainless ball until all 200-ish grams of beans have been spent. The shrink tube works a treat - not seen any jamming or retention beyond the usual caused by the back pressure shutter - but extra oily beans might clog the chute so I'm not saying this is 100% perfect.
  11. Rusty nozzle - watch out! eBay seller achilles.6142 (based in Germany) is selling nozzles made of "knife steel" as opposed to food safe stainless steel. The nozzle I bought from him turned all rusty in about 3 weeks, leaving rusty marks on my La Pav and most certainly depositing rust into my lattes! Contacted the seller, sent pictures, agreed return / refund but in the end had to ask eBay to step in as he failed to refund me! This is his listing - please avoid like the plague: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-Loch-Dampfduse-fur-La-Pavoni-Europiccola-Professional-Steam-Nozzle-Tip-/263218728524?hash=item3d490f0e4c:g:7QIAAOSwosFUXOtF These are pictures of the rusted nozzle:
  12. With the followings mods I'm getting +/- 0.1 gram accuracy (see pics): - the spring assembly for the back-pressure on the shutter completely removed - 65 mm heat shrink tube installed over the exit chute to manage the flow of the ground coffee - 60 mm outer / 54 mm inner diameter acrylate tube x 200 mm long installed in lieu of the hopper. Lower end tapered using a sander. - 50 mm diameter grade 316 stainless steel ball pushes the beans into the burrs All items available on eBay.
  13. Kafe Kodo, Ostruznicka 40, Olomouc, Czech Republic https://kafekodo.cz Small but well presented Cafe and roastery. On offer a mind boggling variety of coffees and freshly roasted beans. You take your drink while standing but perhaps the best place in town for tasting different beans and coffee drinks. Nase Cafe, Dolni Namesti 173/15, Olomouc, Czech Republic http://nasecafe.cz/kavarna Located at the very heart of the city. Had a couple of nice cappuccinos here while sitting outside.
  14. Collection from where please?
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