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  1. Clifton Coffee have some https://cliftoncoffee.co.uk/shop/coffee/single-origin/yemen/. I am curious ...
  2. Faculty does the best V60s (along with Copenhagen Coffee in, oddly, Lisbon) that I’ve ever had. I don’t drink espresso any more, but my wife says it’s excellent.
  3. Hi Nathan Sure - that'll be fine. I don't think you'll be disappointed. I'll message you for more details. Jack - sorry, I'll let you know if by any chance this doesn't proceed.
  4. Jack / Robbie: I’ve just seen your comments and I’ll get back to you tomorrow. MediumRoastSteam - thank you
  5. Nathan: comes with double, triple and blind baskets and cleaning brush. I’ll also have a tamper and triple VST basket for sale (along with two grinders) in the near future. The switch at the end is for getting the water up to milk steaming temperature. You do that first, then purge the machine to get the water temperature back down to espresso level. Welshpool is more than sort of close - it’s only 14 miles down the road from me.
  6. Yes, I've been the only owner.
  7. Single boiler, E-61 grouphead machine that has seen very light use over the past 5 years and has been in storage for the past two. I'm only drinking filter these days. Works perfectly, as you'd expect and, again, as you might expect, is in superb condition. You can't buy these new any more, but this is an old link: https://www.best-of-italy.com/shop.php?cid=326&pid=667683&lang=en&mall=b Price = £325 + postage I'd MUCH prefer to hand this over in person than post it (it's a pretty hefty beast). I'm in the back end of beyond on the Shropshire/Wales border,
  8. I’ve just got a bag of the Kenyan from Steampunk on the back of this thread. It’s very good as a V60, but a bit darker than I’d hoped for (darker than Foundry’s norm for example). Was the LSOL batch roasted more lightly than usual?
  9. 1. FBS (500g) 2. Daren (500g) 3. Rdl81 500g replace my lsol 4. MediumRoastSteam, 250g, replace LSOL, omniroast 5. mcrmfc (250g) 6. Deeez Nuuutz - 500g to replace LSOL 7. Kman10, 500g (as request post above) 8. Salty, 500g - to replace LSOL 9. Systemic Kid 500grms - to replace LSOL 10. working dog 250g to replace LSOL 11. dan1502 500g possibly as well as LSOL depending on the ongoing quality and needs to be good for espresso too. 12. Potolom 250g 13. Flying_vee 250g to replace existing lsol 14. Gerrard Burrard 250g in addition to
  10. I keep going back to the Ethiopian Dumerso Natural for my Clever Coffee Dripper. Richard wasn't very impressed with my description of fruity raw sewage, preferring over-ripe mango; regardless, this stuff is wonderful, if not quite as pungent as a few months ago. I wasn't as keen on the darker roast as an espresso.
  11. This is my favourite and I've tried a fair few over recent years... I drink it as espresso, never with milk and have never, ever succeeded in making it taste "acidic", which sets it apart from half of the SO / blends I've tried. It has the positive qualities of a dark roast but with none of the rather overly-heavy richness/lack of life I dislike about all of the dark roasts I've ever tried. Most of them taste the same to me. Stunning.
  12. Richard is indeed extremely helpful. I must have tried a dozen Coffee Compass coffees so far and my favourites so far are Sweet Bourbon and Mexican Finca La Copalita (both for espresso; the former is amazingly consistent, the latter a little more of a challenge with a great black forest gateau hit), plus the Ethiopian Dumerso Natural and the Niacarguan El Paraiso Natural (for the Clever Coffee Dripper). The Ethipian has a wild, mango-like flavour which is odd but addictive. Charlie - have you tried the Ethiopian Cherry red as a medium or dark roast? I'm more inclined towards medium
  13. The Sweet Bourbon espresso is just stunning - my favourite of theirs so far. The Brighton Lanes is very good too. I'm getting on better with their blends than single origins (for espresso at least). They seem to have a wider range of roasting profiles than any other "small" seller I've tried.
  14. I don't like Jay Rayner but I think he's spot on here. Trendy / modern / fashionable espresso, as served in trendy / modern / fashionable coffee shops is, for a lot of us who just don't warm to the taste, sour and unpleasant. That's all he seems to be saying. It isn't easy to find somewhere that does more "traditional" espresso really well. You need to go to Southern Europe for that.
  15. Edwin

    Darker Stuff

    Marcus - I forgot that I tried the Mediterranean Mocha too. That was also very good indeed - similar to the Sweet Bourbon really, though I marginally preferred the latter. Just tried the Indian Bibi again and it's a lot lighter than the others; you really wouldn't guess that it's sold by the same company as the mahogany roasts. Definitely more of a challenge than the others but also far better suited to the Clever Coffee Dripper.
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