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  1. Hi guys Can I gave the new code as well pls? Thank you
  2. Had the same issue with mine,it was the element/thermostat,replaced under warranty by Fracino
  3. Slightly far from London then I would like to make an offer for it,but since I can't have a look at it and not knowing how much dust had collected also considering that no returns are accepted I'll put forward 300£ for it
  4. Hi Where about are you based? Interested in the 17-55mm from Canon
  5. doru

    Belkin Wemo

    I'll take it at the asking price
  6. No issues with my order for the M47.Like someone said earlier the ordering process is a bit clunky,maybe that will change once they'r website is up but in regards with communications all I can say is thumbs up so all in all since it arrived I've been munching through beens day in day out with no issues. @the_partisan 0,7 to 0.9 are also roughly the settings I use for espresso myself
  7. To pick up differences in the cup between grinders I'm not the one to comment on as I'm fairly new to espresso making. As for Kinu M47,like I stated before in other threads: -ease of use -ease of dialling in (I don't see what other mods can be done to it to make it better) -zero retention whatsoever -10 years warranty -build quality is top of the line (it feels like it will last a lifetime) So all in all for me as a 2-4 cups a day user considering all thise was a no brainer. Yes it might be a bit priced a bit higher for a manual grinder but you get a lot of value for it. I've got it for 4 months now and still very happy with it.
  8. doru

    15% off at Rave

    Ups...It is Rave,sorry guys,it was very early in the morning lol
  9. doru

    15% off at Rave

    Flash sale at Rave that ends tonight 30th of January Code:WETJANUARY
  10. @pessutojr If you ever have way in London you're welcome to come and have a look at my M47...it's not M68 but just so you get the idea. I was also weary of getting a manual but to be honest I have no regrets going for one and really enjoying the process of manually grinding the beans,feels more personal,more old school...yeah,I'm old at just 36 lol
  11. Hi,the items are brand new,never been used.Bought from Calumet in an impulse buy.Just been gathering dust so to speak.They are registered directly with Atomos for extra 3 years of warranty. Delivery is included in the price.
  12. If you don't mind manual have a look at Kinu grinders.Ive got one and I'm very pleased with the results.Very easy to dial in,clean and practically zero retention.
  13. Is the code still available? If so,can someone pm me with it.Much appreciated,thank you
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