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  1. Ie is there any point in upgrading from a mignon mk2 to say, an Olympus 75 Ti, with a gaggia classic as the espresso machine? I'm still waiting to buy a dual boiler and I'm getting a bit tired of my mignon, it's clumpy, slow (lol) to grind and dispense and it lacks a backlight which is actually an issue when it's dark outside. £900 upgrade vs £3k upgrade for a Vesuvius. And of course a 50(?)mm flat steel burr won't grind as well as a 75mm+ will. thx
  2. my username is supposed to be ironic as I had a shitty childhood (not parents fault mind) and I never smile. I am actually a grumpy misanthrope.
  3. Yes! Nice machine! I'm going to get a Synkronica (?) after Christmas and then I'm done upgrading for lyfe..
  4. To be fair, it's browned-out unless your mouse is over the thread. Which is stupid. That was two years ago. Why all the change now hmmmm
  5. I don't get why the people who criticise Tait (who is not the owner, so cannot speak for financial operations) saying shit like "there are computer experts on here" don't understand that software rollouts are never bug free. If you are a computer expert you would know this... furthermore another post pointing to knowledge or lacktherof of "Fb bots" compromising personal data to the same extent of using an FB account and posting in groups is also indicative to the presumption that you don't know what you are talking about. I also don't get this whole "it belongs to the community" "I'm offended because I wasn't consulted" I guess this is just reflective of the entitled persons world we currently live in. On the flipside, I don't understand why IPB was chosen when XenForum is the best of the top three. Or why you couldn't pick a theme that doesn't do this: Either way, quitting a community purely over a software upgrade is lame at best. And having seen who the quitters are and observing their post behaviour and therefore getting a perception of their IQ and EQ it is pointing me to thinking they aren't leaving due to a software upgrade. That there must be an underlying issue. Which is worrying, except at the end of the day it's just coffee.
  6. Pretty much all forums are monetized these days. Indirectly or otherwise. No one should be expected to run a big forum for free anymore. Those who want to do that just run FB groups. I donate a bit each year to stop this occuring because I hate FB, it's a tool, I won't go into it now but like all forms of social media it is NOT good for you. Oh and they don't show you adverts, instead they sell your info. There's also bound to be problems. Your post is quite rude, Drewster.
  7. No the OPV mod increases the pressure to 9 bar. Where these machines suck is temperature regulation. Ie they don't have any, so there's no consistency. But I would rather have a shot that tastes good with some inconsistency than a consistency crap shot (delonghi)
  8. Hi I had 3 Dehlongi's before buying a Gaggia Classic. I would rather NOT DRINK COFFEE than go back to a Dehlonghi. Especially since the Gaggia was cheaper... with OPV mod and such. For £200 I don't think you can get better...and it is leagues above anything a Dehlonghi can do.
  9. Well I completely fixed my "sometimes sour" coffee problems. Sat here buzzing having had a 7 day caffeine fast. All week instead of coffee I have been having hot chocolate. The expensive stuff + a tiny bit of water. Make a paste, then steam whole milk using the Gaggia (which sucks for steaming btw, not enough capacity really for >300ml of milk) and pour that in on top...mmmmmm Then today I started a new supplement regime - lion's mane, reishi, niacin, and I heard caffeine is a good stack so coffee time. Using these: https://unionroasted.com/collections/all/products/bobolink-brazil Which I bought from Waitrose a month ago. Never managed to nail a consistent shot (I have a double espresso in my lattes) but combining my coffee with 1 teaspoon of Twinnings Premium Hot Chocolate to make a Mocha? MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMM
  10. Ahh that is perfect thank you. I couldn't see the link :dopey: Premium roast is nice! Especially with uBlock Origin as you can block the massive green leaf on the right! Perfect now!
  11. You may, (or may not) want to turn off gif avatars like mine. I don't think mine is bad but it could be abused... I expected mine when I uploaded it to stay fixed at a random pattern I didn't expect it to work ?
  12. Hi I suffer from eye strain (not to mention how damaging blue light is to humans btw), all of my websites I go on offer a dark theme, the old one was tolerable, this is like looking at a sheet of white paper. Is it possible to offer a dark theme? Even just a generic, non branded free one, for awkward people like me? Thank you. edit: btw I am also missing donation flair, despite sending a PM to Glen, months ago, after donating in 2019.
  13. Cool so one of these and a niche, perfect pairing?
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