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  1. Cool so one of these and a niche, perfect pairing?
  2. Get well soon! That's going to be no more caffeine for you, then?
  3. No idea really, but been there about 5x, you will love it. Where are you staying? Enjoy the crema fragola they sell in the shops. It's lethal and yummy!!!! And next to impossible to buy in the UK... Careful buying stuff near Naples. The mafia buried a load of nuclear waste in the "Devils Triangle" area near Naples. As a result it has irradiated the local crops. By all means don't hold out on a nice pizza or two but I wouldn't advice eating / drinking copious amounts of the stuff. They buried enough waste that the US Navy won't allow their soldiers off base...
  4. Several people have done just this and actually survived, it appears you are in more danger from the shrapnel caused by a metal object made of multiple metal objects hitting the ground next to you than the actual ground. Atleast if you jump out, and are going to die, there's a chance some millenial can profit off it for his or her instagram following. Disgusting if you ask me.
  5. I didn't even know this machine existed, it seems like a game changer. Is there going to be an option to buy it with a rotary pump? The vibration pump seems very loud in comparison to your voice in the videos. In the summer I change my sleep schedule round so that I make my first coffee at 4-5am in the morning, I currently sacrifice coffee quality for noise and therefore hand-grind my coffee then use a V60 to make a latte so not to wake up everyone in the household at such time.
  6. These are myths. You would have to propell yourself up with the jump, with more force than the force of terminal velocity gravity. Which is impossible. Plus you would have to do it at the split second of time before impact, which at terminal velocity is faster than you can move your legs. Sorry :/
  7. I like it here. I was recommended to "go elsewhere" because reasons, however the problem is, reasons, are far worse on the sites you recommend in your OP especially as Americans have some distates for Brits.
  8. Yes. Solution? Use different email addresses.
  9. Is there an option to purchase more warranty and if so, how much per year? If something does go wrong do we have to send the machine back to Italy? Given that it comes on a big pallet(?) this could be expensivo. Thanks
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