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  1. Hi Is there any chance I could have discount code for coffeecompas please. I’ve been with Rave for years want to try something new...
  2. eslord

    Popcorn maker ?

    ( phase, neutral , zero ) you don’t need more knowledge. Mods in my popper are absolutely simple, basic things you can do in 20 minutes if you prepare everything ( soldering iron, wire cutter or scissors, screwdriver ) Need to take off thermal sensor, cut off almost all wires, you can reuse them after and themp resistant wire sleeves. My popper looks awful but done that just for test. Have some ideas how I could improve few things but need to wait when I gonna have some more time.
  3. eslord

    Popcorn maker ?

    On the last picture I’ve marked old fan power wire comming from heating element. Other two wires are going from heating element to dimmer switch and main power to dimmer switch. I’ve drilled small hole 45 degrees angle going into popper for thermocouple sonde. Heating element insite fan wire which must be disconnected. My last roast session 12min. Columbia Excelso
  4. eslord

    Popcorn maker ?

    Iam sure if you google it you will find some instructions.What I did to my popper is very simple. Fan in my popper was taking power from heating element, so if I wanted to use dimmer switch had to separate fan from heating element. When I get home can take some photos of my popper and write little step by step if you want.
  5. eslord

    Popcorn maker ?

    Its very easy but you have to spend some more money on that. High voltage dimmer , dc power supply 24v , thermocouple thermometer + sensor rod,empty tomatoes can to keep things as simple as possible. I’ve bought all on amazon. except caned tomatoes ofc
  6. All done, just waiting for some green beens now
  7. I can’t believe how good popcorn poppers can roast coffee. I was a bit sceptical, but did test this idea yesterday. Got some green coffee beans from smallbatchroasting. Used my daughter popcorn popper 10 attempts 50g coffee each. Just pulled shot from mexico finca autora and Iam amazed how good it is. Gonna get my own popcorn popper today and will do some modifications. Look at the picture, on the left side my roast beside rave signature blend on the right.
  8. If the code is still available can I have one? Iam going to order espresso selection from coffe compass very soon.
  9. I’ve got mine from ecookshop for 249£ new. Great little machine.
  10. I have same experience flavour isnt strong at all,but had few shots which was super tasty. Iam grinding into small cup first, then level it in portafilter with my finger and tamp.I’ve ordered fresh italian job and salvador los prineos for further test. Iam thinking about it all day long and I might grinding to fine becouse coffe is driping for first few secunds and for first 20g Iam waiting about 25 sec. thanks for all your advice update; a lot better results with italian job 54ml 30 sec
  11. I was doing 18g : 40 out in 35sec
  12. Iam using rave signature. I think will switch to 17g more fine grind and less tamping pressure it gonna give more head space, and believe better extraction.
  13. Hi After a week with DTP Iam just wondering how much coffe you guys using to do double espresso ? I was tweaking my mignon but 18g coffe is totally max I can pack in basket, and need to be grind little corser whats not giving me consistent results. Sometimes coffe is overextracted and taste sour. Whats your tipical recipe for double shot ?
  14. My fault instead of thinking about that for two days I should pm you anyway will be first in the cue for next order.
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