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  1. I’ve got both the small and medium AJ milk jugs and I find them better than my more expensive Motta Champion jug - mainly due to the handles being better, but the spout is also good.
  2. Foundry Coffee in Sheffield, which reminds me... I need to buy some more!
  3. I’m not local. I’d been meaning to try them for ages, but it’s taken until now to actually give them a go. I found their postal service very good - roasted and posted next day. I’m going back to them for my next coffee purchase. Another bag of La Delicias is a must, and I’ll try something else too.
  4. I’ve been slurping my way through my first bags of Atkinsons coffees. A couple of days ago I cracked open a bag of La Delicias, Pacamara. WOW! What an absolute belter of a coffee! Only tried it as espresso so far, where it’s so good I might just not bother trying it any other way: Huge sweetness, juicy peaches, and warming spice. Really clean taste. Yes it’s a light roast, but the acidity is low somehow, so it’s really easy to work with. Did I mention the sweetness? I thought I’d post up as at £6.50 a bag this is a steal at the price. Thanks Boots and Rhys for putting me onto Atkinsons!
  5. Looking forward to getting acquainted with Atkinsons over the next few weeks. My first order has just arrived [emoji4]
  6. You read me like a book [emoji6] I may well end up going with Prototype!
  7. Thanks for the input. I spotted the espresso blends, but I tend towards SO, mostly. Trying a new roaster for the first time can make this tricky. If Twitter is their thing I'll give it a go tomorrow and see where we get to. I'll post up how I get on. Thanks again!
  8. I've been meaning to order some coffee from Atkinsons for ages... Can anyone comment on their general roast levels? They don't mention filter/espresso roast. I'm after something good principally as espresso. The El Salvador Las Delicias Pacamara sounds interesting! Can anyone comment before I take a punt, and order a kilo?
  9. Such a good looking setup. I'd love to hear more about the Titus!
  10. Interesting. Thanks for the heads up! I'll drop in and check them out.
  11. I'll have a scan through Amazon after the weekend and see what I can find. Re: volatiles - in my very subjective test (n=1) I'd say there's something in this. Certainly swirling the espresso is much easier than in a demitasse. And whilst I've been served an increasing number of shots in 5oz flat white cups (in excellent U.K. cafes) I think the 'nosing glass' shape has obvious advantages for concentrating the aroma....
  12. Well, I emailed Tim Wendleboe's cafe late last night... and received a reply first thing this morning. Great service on all fronts then! The cup that I had been served in the cafe (top photo in this thread) is indeed not a Figgjo Oslo design (thanks @FGBR ). It's a cup that's been custom made for the cafe and is not currently on sale. Oh well. In the absence of anyone coming forward with alternative suggestions, I think I'm going to put my money into a couple of Figgjo Oslo cups as I find myself looking at my collection of demitasse cups and they just seem rather second rate after my cafe experience. Maybe I'll ask them to pack the cups carefully with suitable padding ... like bags of coffee beans
  13. Good eyes! Thanks for the input. I think I will email them and see what they say. I'll update this thread if they reply.... Thanks again [emoji4]
  14. The only info I'm going off is from TW's webshop here: https://www.timwendelboe.no/accessories/figgjo-cups ... this and my own experience in the cafe. As I said, I definitely felt that the 'nosing glass' shape enhanced the drinking experience. Hence trying to find options to replicate it at home!
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