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  1. kjarsheim

    Mara X

    Had my Mara X over a year now, absolutely trouble free and my (non hobbyist) wife can walk up and make a totally decent cappa without divine intervention. Paired with my Niche it has dispelled upgraditis for the foreseeable future. Had a Minore IV previously and although a good machine overall, I believe the Mara form factor, build quality and design to be a lot better.....I'd never even contemplated the feet...it's only a little machine, big feet might perhaps look a bit silly on it? LOL!
  2. You really need to read/watch DaveCUKs instructions on how to get the best out of your Mara - I remain very grateful for his helpful info a year after buying mine, because it's really not quite like a regular HX...the reason I bought mine. Good luck
  3. Had a Brewtus IV as well and yes, the damned thing dropped some pixels too....after price checking and the standard WTF?!?!? reaction, figured its working just fine anyway so it'll do for now no matter how crap it looks.... Started researching a non-OEM replacement that I was going to house in the stock mounting, along with a few other mods.....then I thought, my wife hates it, sod this for a game of soldiers - and bought a Lelit Mara X. Haven't looked back in all honesty
  4. Still pretty new to this V60 pourover gig, but I do use and like both the Hario and the Cafec filter papers. IMHO, it's not worth cheaping out on a crucial element of getting that nice clear, clean brew that it's all about.....and compared to what I've spent on espresso gear, it's just pocket change
  5. FWIW, I've always just accepted Mr Hoffman's work as entertainment/ theatre....it's a bit like thumbing through a hobby magazine you'd never bother buying. To quote B A Baracus, I pity the fools seeking sound advice and guidance
  6. As the happy owner of a Mara X for the past year, my non-enthusiast wife and I can attest to both the ease of use in producing a really decent, consistent espresso without the benefit of years of experience. Add the pleasure of owning a well designed and built machine that I cannot foresee upgrading for reasons of quality in the cup.......obviously we can always find another "reason" to upgrade though, lol!
  7. Thought it was April 1st again....must be getting old because the name alone makes me cringe
  8. Funny how the Mara X and Elizabeth are right at the top of so many wishlists, lol - was in same place, went the Niche Zero (black) and the Mara because of slim form factor and it being slightly less reliant on electronics, but either are bloody awesome value and offer extremely good performance. Niche - well, not feeling the need to upgrade in the forseeable future, accepting that (most) others are different
  9. Oh dear, oh dear.....even tho I consider myself a coffee gadget tragic, I am at a loss for polite words of interest....it's not even sporting to mock it....
  10. Been wet shaving my whole life, looong time so far, lol. Electric shavers just haven't done it for me despite a number of attempts. Body Shop shaving brush my main driver here nowadays, they're synthetic bristles in a wooden handle. Used to rock natural bristles for decades but seriously, these are bloody good and with care last for many years. Did hang from an eyelet screwed into the base first few years, but now I just squeeze dry with a towel and rest on it's side in the sunlight. Started with a "safety" razor but too unco these days for anything but a good multi blade.
  11. Well, apart from probably needing the arm strength of an all-in wrestler, its about as "plain as a Bulgarian Tractor Factory Pin-Up" to quote Arnold RImmer
  12. Any decent grinder with steel burrs will give you a better time that the Porlex/Rhino/Hario etc with their ceramic burrs and particularly for espresso. Trust me I've been there in my earlier days. I use a Feld2 with Flair and Aergrind for V60/Aeropress when travelling away and no issues.......just as well really, our man the Knock proprietor does an amazing hermit impression, lol/ IIRC, Mr DaveC reviewed the 1ZPresso grinders quite favourably. No real personal knowlege of Timemore but my understanding is that they make quality kit. Their scales are things of beauty
  13. Personally, I'd inclined to stay with known makers of proven quality unless you like gambling. I have the Aergrind and Feld2 and both are very good although as you correctly surmise, Aergrind is not am quite as much fun for espresso. Have you considered a Kinu 47? Have not seen anything adverse about them anywhere and only reasons for not having one are a wife and a Niche Zero
  14. Hi James, I'm sure there will be a host of similar responses, but here I am, lol. Yes, the Unica PID is, I believe a (very nice) SBDU E61 group machine and as such there is a beneficial regimen involving backflushing to keep the group clean and your coffee tasting as good as it should. The main school of thought is a water backflush after each brewing session and only use chemicals on a periodical basis. I would recommend Mr Dave Corbey for one source of sensible advice which I've found excellent personally. You will probably also find, should you look, a fairly generous number of rather less than flattering comments on your retailer and quite frankly no surprises on their response. This is a good place to get a bit more knowledge, welcome!!!
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