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  1. I'm not sure how to answer when you ask how I'd describe it. I'm no afficionado, I simply know it's freshly ground and distinctly dark but I'm not one of these people who can write reams of descriptive text speaking of its acidity, bitterness, sweetness, saltiness and sourness and describing its flowery, nutty, smoky, herby qualities. I don't know what OBJ is either. It tastes good to me, it's not expensive compared to many others, it's freshly roasted and he delivers it to me soon after roasting it.
  2. Nothing more than an update having been using this fellas beans for about six months. Have had enough deliveries now to establish that he has done me proud insofar as he replies (often within 24 hours or less) to my emailed requests for a delivery of three 500 grams of Espresso Unique (quite a dark roast) and usually delivers within a day or so. I now give him a weeks notice so he doesn't make a special trip to deliver to me (he delivers in his own car and up to now he's often been delivering the following day and I feel as though I'm dragging him over just for one delivery). He invariably roasts each order individually so I don't think you could complain that they're not fresh enough. He has said he has a couple of customers from this site following my earlier mention of him (for which he's pleased) but doesn't seem desperate for loads of new business. Lets hope it carrys on - he's apparently been roasting for donkey's years.
  3. Hope it goes OK. I'm still using his Espresso Blend (not quite as dark as his Neapolitan Dark but still pretty dark). I'm no expert but the service I get is excellent and he'll get the order out within a day or so and it's not overpriced either.
  4. Good to hear you've joined the clan. Not an Ogwellian. I don't make a point of waiting for a particular time but it's usually a day or so until I exhaust the current bag.
  5. I replied in good faith, if you think I'm gonna scan the entire site searching to see what he bought then you're sadly mistaken. 🙂
  6. Why didn't I have the brains to see that the OP hasn't visited for over a fortnight? It would have saved me five minutes of my life that I won't get back.
  7. It won't be much help - but having owned an ECM Mechanika (the old model, not the current "Slim" one) for 4 or 5 years (bought new from BB) I wouldn't go for the dual boiler Synchronika. Mine went to an independent coffee machine repair man recently and had a new (rotary) pump and service and the fella said he'd recommend the ECM make over the others due to quality of construction and logical layout... so maybe that might help you settle on a manufacturer ... and I would almost certainly replace mine on a like for like basis IF it was avaialble - but it isn't ... so I'd go for the Mechanika Slim and suffer the additional noise the vibe pump makes (hardly a hardship in the great scheme of things) and would have to get used to rotary valves instead of joysticks. That would save you a thousand pounds! And you wouldn't have (what some consider to be) the additional internals that come with a dual boiler machine. I happily do whatever is needed to make coffe with my HX (a flush before pulling the shot) and find I have everything I need in terms of steam. Mine heats up in no time at all and I assume the Slim would be the same. Good luch with your choice.
  8. All received, thanks. I maintain that, ordinarily, it takes just a moment to acknowledge a post, especially one as informative as the one in question - however, I shouldn't be unduly concerned as I've seen the same thing happen enought times elsewhere that I ought not be surprised. And maybe something happened to prevent a reply being made. In fact I would politely ask (and I'm not speaking in connection with this particular thread) if there's a reason why members who receive a ban don't get the word "Banned" attached to their identification box that we all see - several other forums I've visited have that facility and that way everyone knows they shouldn't be expecting any further contributions from that particular member (or ex-member, as the case may be). Re. the second aspect of the topic, yes, you're right. Call me old fashioned 😀
  9. By way of a belated response to the, helpful, reply by Achrys I'd say what a pity the OP hasn't acknowledged it and, indeed, hasn't been seen since Feb. 8th - 18 days ago. I saw mention of talk that, for some obscure resaon, people were joining the forum and using/abusing the knowledge of established members for their own, pointless purposes. Whether this is an example I don't know but 18 days is long enough to come back here to, at the very least, acknowledge the information given in good faith. The title of the thread caught my eye insofar as I'd wondered if there would come a time when I might look more seriously at the Classico. My current machine did need some professional attention and is back up and running but, for a while, I was wondering if I might need to look at alternatives - and I'm not especially inclined to spontaneously follow current fashion and default to an ACS Minima or a Lelit Elizabeth. And Fracino was an alternative. In fact I'm slightly starting to wonder about the trend to look to ACS and Lelit as a recommended answer to most questions. It seems that the "in-vogue" machines and grinders of 5 years ago have given way to a new wave of alternatives - but that's neither here nor there as, speaking only for myself, I'll stick with what I have until forced to change.
  10. All seems quiet on this topic. I'm gonna stick my head out and say I don't think this one has legs. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.
  11. Note to Riv1990. You revived a four year old thread with your first contribution to the forum, got a reply to your question within six hours ...... and couldn't find the time to come back. I'll let someone else reply to you next time.
  12. Hello. Welcome. Short answer to your question is, yes, still using the VST 18gram ridgeless basket every day. Am drinking a cappuccino made from it as we speak. Ditto the IMS shower screen (and the Cafelat silicone gasket). I keep everything scrupulously clean by means of a clear water backflush after every use and I spray the underside of the E61 with clear water after every use. Occasional backflush with cleaner, followed by a good flush with clear water. Soft water used as I'm in Devon plus I use a filter jug too.
  13. All the above received with thanks. I did read all the responses and am grateful for the positivity. Thanks very much indeed.
  14. The websites (there are are two) are a tiny bit quirky but you can email or ring him and he'll chat away with undisputed enthusiasm. He's been roasting for more than thirty years and will tell you all you want to know about his beans and the way he roasts them (over a flame). As you say, outside of his local area he charges a bit more and that covers postage. I'm no expert but even I can see the immediate improvement in fresh beans compared to what I was using before (for a long time before as it happens). But the subtle variations between types of bean is something he would be happy to talk about. He does a starter pack of three different beans and I could tell from that that the lighter (Columbian) beans were simply too light for me but the two darkest beans he does are great for my purpose (milky drinks, and the two strong ones cut through the milk a treat). He's not a big producer and doesn't run a factory type output but he's interested in what he does and responds to emails quickly and seems to get orders turned round in a couple of days at the most.
  15. Mmmm. I admit to starting to wish I hadn't bothered posting anything at one point there, Cooffe, but probably best nothing more is added other than to say I'm pleased to found a local roaster.
  16. Ah, judging by the aforegoing posts it looks as though I might have trangressed. I wasn't sure - and certainly wasn't aware of the hoo hah over the weekend (where was that then?) But if my post shouldn't be where it is then I trust management will do something about it - and, maybe, at the same time tell me if I'm allowed to mention this place that I've recently discovered somewhere else.
  17. Slightly unsure if it's acceptable to post here as I'm not the supplier - just the customer - I'm sure someone will advise me if it's not. I've just taken delivery of my third batch of beans form a one man roaster in Newton Abbot, South Devon. It's from a fella called Pete who has a roasting cabin in Kingskerswell and he posts anywhere in the country (as do pretty much everyone else) - but he delivers free within a 10 mile radius of his place in TQ12 4SP and offers a discount within that area. For years I've been used to beans that, I have to be honest, aren't as fresh as you blokes like them to be and came in 1kg bags that I split up and froze ... but I've now been introduced to beans that were roasted literally a day or two before delivery to my door and have to say I've seen the light. He prefers to deal in a box of three 500gram sealed, vented bags and has a choice of beans. I like the dark ones he does (Espresso Unique and Neapolitan) but, as I say, he does several varieties. I pay £15 (that's the discounted price) for three x 500g bags delivered to the door - but I am within his free delivery area ... beyond that it's a bit more expensive due to the cost of postage. Some of his varities are a bit more expensive than others - I guess that's usual. Have to say I can now see the freshness of the beans makes a tremendous difference after having got used to mass produced stuff that, with the benefit of hindsight, wasn't all that fresh. He has a phone number and email but I won't put it here, if you just Google Roasterscoffee dot com and/or Roasters Artisan Coffee Beans it seems to take you there.
  18. Have been advised by the engineer who recently serviced my machine (and fitted a new rotary pump) that my Mechanika IV Profi would benefit from plumbing in. A separate post of mine on here has touched on this. The machine offers a choice of tank fed or plumbed in and has a switch and valve to choose one or the other. I've looked further and checked historical posts here and did see (but can't now find) a post mentioning FinerFilter.co.uk. It goes without saying that Bestmax and Brita also received much attention here too. I've looked, in some depth, at FinerFilter (also goes under the name FinerSystem) and have to say they've aquitted themselves extremely well. The website seems comprehensive and I've exchanged a couple of emails and have spoken to two members of staff (both well versed ladies) and they've freely offered logical and sensible advice and the 3M filter and filterhead seem less expensive that competitors. The system comprises the 3M AP2-C405-SG FC02 0.5 Micron Water Boiler Filter for Lincat plus the filterhead plus John Guest 1/4" flexible tubing and JG pushfit fittings (adaptors, tees, stop-valves etc). https://www.finerfilters.co.uk/3m-ap2c405sg-including-ap2-head.html I would fit a separately purchased Caleffi pressure reducing valve to get down to 1.5 bar at the machine and Pegler quarter turn isolating tap to turn the supply off when the machine is unattended (don't need a timer for the machine). I'd fit a pushfit tee and stop tap into the JG 1/4" tubing to flush the new cartridge through and would use a JG adaptor to convert from 1/4" pushfit tubing to the supplied stainless hose that came with the machine https://www.finerfilters.co.uk/reducing-straight-connector-3-8-male-nptf-x-1-4-pushfit-john-guest-pi010823s.html Up to now it seems like it should be a relatively straightforward undertaking. What am I missing? Is that cartridge OK? Would Bestmax or Brita give me something better? Water stats , according to South West water:- Calcium o-20 mg/l Calcium Carbonate 0-50 mg/l English Clarke degress 0-3.5 French degrees 0-5 General/German degrees 0-2.8 Ta muchly. PS. I'm unsure whether to fit a check valve. I can get a washing machine valve with a check valve built in - or I can buy a separate one - or I can simply ignore it and not fit anything.
  19. Prompted by this thread I just swapped my ECM five hole tip back to the original two hole tip that came with the machine. I've never been much good at latte art and gave up trying years ago, but it doesn't matter as I sprinkle chocolate on my cappuccino anyway. BUT the two hole did give me a better foam than I've produced for ages so I'll probably stick with it. Yes it took a little bit longer but, in the real world, does that really matter? Answer - No. So, for me, lesson of the day is stick with two holes instead of five. What I DID find, though, was the inside surface of my steam wand was BLACK! I used a very thin bottle brush (bought from AliExpress for about 50pence) and cleaned it out. First time in the four years I've owned it. At the same time I removed the wand and cleaned the ball joint and greased it again.
  20. A basic question really, and I looked online but couldn't see the answer. My ECM Mechanika has been run using soft, jug filtered water for four years. The drip tray is already drained to the sink. The machine had a service recently and it was as clean as a whistle - the fella put a camera in the boiler and it was clean ... presumably he'd have descaled it (and charged me to do so) if it had needed doing. If I chose to connect it to the mains cold supply (via a pressure reducer to get it down to 2 bar) and an inline filter (Brita or Bestmax?) - and if, by way of a safety measure, I sought to turn it off via a conveniently placed stop valve every night .... and forgot to turn it on in the morning ... would the (rotary) pump run dry for a period of time (i.e. until I remembered to turn it back on) ? The nub of my question is: is there anything to stop me from accidentally running the pump with no mains cold water to the machine? The water tank has a safety switch to prevent that from happening. The engineer said the machine would run better if it was plumbed in (I don't know why that would be other than I might be able to use the mid way position on the group lever for infusion purposes?) I've not plumbed it in in the past because I was happy enough top use a jug filter - which isn't unduly inconvenient as, most days, I only use the machine once or twice - plus I considered that a water tank won't spring a leak and flood the room. Compared to a plumbed in machine is a tank fed machine less likely to go wrong as there's less permanent pressure applied to certain components? I'm guessing not and expect to be told that all commercial machines are plumbed in and you don't see them flooding the shop every night. Thanks muchly. PS. I'd love to go further and ask about a choice of filter but I realise that topic has been covered ad infinitum elsewhere. As the water here (South Devon) is so soft we get no scale at all and I'm unsure what sort of filtration might be called for. My prime concern would simply be to continue keeping the machine free of problems caused by water quality - whether I would notice any difference in taste I don't know ... I only make cappuccino.
  21. Just wanted a tiny adjustment and tighten on the nuts on the motor mounts. Has made the world of difference. Ta.
  22. Success!!! It's just a bit of vibration from the case of the motor as it starts up ... when you steady it with your finger it stops. That was easy. Much obliged.
  23. Ah, now we know what the chrome dooberry does. Ta. I had wondered about something touching the case. I'll whip the covers off and have a look .... much obliged.
  24. Have another look at my (maybe, poor) attempt to describe the thing ... I did say :- the chrome water outlet fixed to the back panel immediately behind the group exhaust that discharges into the drip tray ....... I've shown it here :-
  25. Amazingly, I seem to have successfully recorded the noise my machine makes when I operate the group lever. It's only a short clip due to the limited file size I can upload. The noise is worse with a blind basket or a coffee puck in place. In my clip there's a blind basket in place. It has a brand new pump on it. The old one was worn. When the pump turns on to fill the onboard water tank it's OK ... doesn't make that noise - just when I operate the lever. Suggestions very welcome as it grates on the nerves. Machine seems to work OK andf the gauges register normal readings. (it takes a couple of seconds before the clip plays) PS. what is that chrome water outlet fixed to the back panel immediately behind the group exhaust that discharges into the drip tray (not visible in the clip) ... It dribbles a bit now and again but nothing dramatic. It has it's own hole cutout in the drip tray cup support. Can't see it in the diagrams I've looked at. Ta. VID_20201210_124645.mp4
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