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  1. Well, that's put me straight 🙂 As stated, I'm not saying that what I've been doing all this time is necessarily right but, speaking personally, I'm not conscious of a change of taste and, with regard to ... "so, I’m not sure what the purpose of adding a quarter teaspoon to the tank after other fill is" ... I'm not saying it actually does have any effect but the machine's internals seem to have been running well for the past four years (i.e. no apparent need for regular descaling) and the machine hasn't missed a beat up to now (except, as mentioned, the pump probably needs changing) so I
  2. No, I don't rely on Bicarb for the panels, just the inner gubbins - there are better products for that. In fact I'm not saying that bicarb. is an approved solution - it's just that I add a quarter teaspoon to the tank every couple of fills and it seems to have kept everything clean during ownership. I very rarely use a stronger solution and do a "De-scale". I do use a spray bottle to spray clean cold water upwards into the shower screen after every use and take the shower screen out every couple of uses and the E61 is spotless.
  3. Haven't been on here for ages. To be honest I've been settled with the coffee making set up that I finished up with and have been making one milky coffee and one less than milky coffee every day for the past four years. The grinder is a Eureka Olympus 75E with titanium burrs and was bought at the same time as the ECM. Everything has come from Bella Barista. They were excellent at the time and remain so. Both machines have performed utterly faultlessly (well, up to recently ... the pump has become noisy but I suspect a replacement will sort that .... maybe a new pump is a sma
  4. It's made by a company with the distinctive name of "Smeg". It does get used twice a day for the purposes of coffee waste water and occasional car wash leather rinsing duties and only gets cleaned with 'ShinySinks' or suchlike, but the secret is, it's a matt finish with a sort of stippled finish with millions of little raised dots on it and isn't the more conventional shiny finish, which undoubtedly would have looked grubby now, ten years after I fitted it.
  5. Re. the above, I don't think I do. After a decent period of use I haven't felt the need to alter it. It drains my limited quantities of waste water perfectly well and is simplicity itself. I will concede that if lots of waste water were produced it would over-top the little container - but I cant think why anyone would produce that much water. Having said that, I do use a small mini ice cream type polythene container to receive the dirty water when flushing/washing the head through in order that I don't tip too much dirty water with bits of coffee grounds through the drainage contain
  6. It's many months on so things may well have moved on regarding what drip tray is or isn't supplied with the machine. At the time they (BB) said that there had been a recent change in the way they were required to order the machine and its drip tray i.e. does the customer want a plumbed drip tray or a blank one. It transpires that I was sent a plumbed tray and that's what I'm currently using. I'm sure that a prospective purchaser would receive updated information regarding how to order the required tray from BB. However, I see your location isn't in the UK therefore I would imagine mach
  7. All received...ta for that. I can't picture anything in Longdown so will have to pop out and have a look to remind me (and maybe I can pick up some beans too). The only thing Longdown does bring to mind though is it has (or at least it had) a tunnel through which the Exeter to Heathfield branch line passed. Such a shame the line closed. A part of the old route is now buried under the A38 near Chudleigh Station (or at least, where the station used to be).
  8. My understanding was the machine can easily be used in manual mode... to be honest I've forgotten exactly what the procedure is as it's a while ago but I was reassured at the time.
  9. Send them an email to check... The fella's name is Gianni.. he's a top bloke. Have corresponded with him on and off for a good many years. Address it thus... [email protected] ... for the attention of Gianni. Had I not gone for my current machine the new Oscar was high on my list (having owned the previous one - supplied by Gianni - for a very long time).
  10. Just spotted this having replied to another post where I suggested the OP look for one. I had one and, believe me, it worked a treat. But they do look a bit scarce now. And to think I gave mine away recently to someone who I really shouldn't have. Cue for a song.... Regrets, I've had a few....
  11. You mean the 'ClickClack' lid modification. Had one on my Rocky. But I have a confession. I bought it (the Click Clack container and lid) and fitted it to the machine and enjoyed the advantage of a better sealed hopper and a bit less noise from the machine. But... in six years I didn't actually realise that the lid would also serve as a fabulous device for purging the residual coffee from the machine after use... I just either forgot or didn't realise. Dohh! And when I DID start to use it to get rid of the leftovers in the chute... well, my word, what an effective tool it w
  12. On my w/m/c & d/washer there is a device built in to the feed hose which, I'm assured, is designed to fulfill the function described above. It's a beige coloured block sited next to the mains water connection and the flexi hose to the appliance(s) come out of the side of it. Apologies for dreadful photo.
  13. I just ordered the Am Tech wide jaw plastic coated adjustable spanner for £6.20 inc. VAT and deliv. (from Amazon... see here https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B003XKRSI6/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A7YZ1S6Z0TLZ3 if you're interested) I believe they're the ones recommended by DavecUk but could, of course, be wrong. They can't be all that great for £6.20 including delivery but might just work on the shiny nuts on a coffee machine? We'll soon find out.
  14. "Presumably I'll use mole grips or something?" NO,NO, NO !!!!! ( ) Mole grips are the very, very last thing you ever want to use. A coffee machine mechanic / technician / engineer (not quite sure which) might have spanners of the correct size for all the nuts on a machine... I don't know. But even then the correct sized spanner would still be metal to metal, and therefore liable to mark the chrome, so I honestly don't know what they use. I've seen bods refer to an adjustable spanner with plastic coated jaws (ie with parallel faces, one of which is adjustable ....not wa
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