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  1. https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/brands/flair.html Bella is good for Flair in UK. It's great and there are a ton of threads here and on HB and vids on YT etc
  2. mcrmfc

    Waitrose choices

    I quite often get some Union from Waitrose if I am away from home and my normal bean stash. For me the revelation, natural spirit and bright note are all 'so so'...not bad but not exciting. Better options for me: Yayu Forest for filter - https://unionroasted.com/products/yayu-wild-forest-ethiopia Gajah Mountain for espresso - https://unionroasted.com/products/gajah-mountain-sumatra Note the Gajah is quite dark but I feel results are actually better for it in this context.
  3. On to my second order of the week from Steampunk....this Nic as espresso is devine and the tasting notes are 100% on the money. Super easy to work with as well, top notch roasting.
  4. The Kenyan is freakin awesome!
  5. As well as being a great coffee I also feel this has been roasted to perfection. My first espresso with this today using the Cafelat Robot...typically light roasts are slightly more challenging on a manual lever with no boiler! But with this...nope, beautiful pour 12s PI 25s shot 18g in 4pg out - just lovely sweet, depth, mouthfeel and just enough acidity.
  6. Stunning, chapeau (or the Italian equivalent) sir!
  7. Thanks @Steampunkcoffee and @fatboyslim. Kenyan and mug for my collection ordered!
  8. That's a very Niche joke....oh wait wrong thread. Loved seeing the pics...what a great forum this is!
  9. Great stuff...took my new traveller away recently and defo noticed improvement for espresso once it had 500g or so through it so you should see even more of an improvement in the coming weeks.
  10. [quote name='Rdl81']This is really one of the best lsol offerings of recent times.[/QUOTE] Agreed! First day for me having cleared a bean backlog, enjoying as CCD at work. This is what great coffee is all about, natural funk with a butterscotch sweetness. Credit to @fatboyslim and Steampunk. I don't think I have sampled enough South American natural coffee to have a truly informed opinion but I get where folks are coming from. I'll thow Lotus Biscof Buscuit in there as a descriptor. I still think it could just be an Ethiopian natural albeit an ultra sweet and smooth one. Whatver it is I will be using that Steampunk discount code to get more if they have it!
  11. No not as yet, will definitely have a play but my interest is more from the programming side than actual grinder comparison.
  12. Here is a link to the app discussed in the Hoffman/hand grinder thread: https://coffeeadastra.com/2019/04/07/an-app-to-measure-your-coffee-grind-size-distribution-2/ Whilst one might question the reliable application of this by the lay coffee geek it can't be denied that in and of itself it is really cool work and the comments thread is pretty interesting and worth a read.
  13. Not sure it is allowed to cross polinate a mug and coffee from different roasters in the same town....but I like to live on the edge. This coffee is the same producer and varietal as our March LSOL from Assembly so interesting to compare. My first from Bonanza...they deliver on their promise as 'minimal' light roasters, even as a V60 there is a chunk of acidity which on some brews I have managed to balance and produce something very delicious and on others it is a bit too much. Intruiging coffee though (these Burundi coffees appear to be quite 'different') and definately a roaster I will be revisiting.
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