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  1. Also interested in any responses to this question. Our new seating arrangements at work has resulted in 4 of us sitting together who are interested in brewing some decent coffee. I have been showing everyone how to use aeropress, but it is a bit messy and time consuming for all of us to use that method. Any thoughts? Espresso is probably beyond the skills of the group. But I was browsing the moccamaster catalogue after looking at the wedding present thread. Maybe the KBGT 741, could probably split the price between us?
  2. It was the tube that goes from the tank, up into the under side of the pump. Goodness knows what the previous owner had done to get that much dirt in it. I had to see on youtube how to detach the pump, it wasn't too difficult, even with a PID installed. 10 minute job max.
  3. sjm85

    Wet Shaving

    How does one get into different products for wet shaving? Resources, websites etc.? I could shave every 12 hours as my beard grows that quickly. My wife doesn't like beards though so I'd be interested in 'upgrading' from supermarket stuff. Thanks in advance.
  4. sjm85

    BBC Tv Licence

    I have a licensed but barely 'use' it. The Huey Show and Craig Charles Funk and Soul show on 6Music is my regular consumption, and the occasional 5 Live commentary. I'm happy to pay on the basis of supporting journalism as a fundamental aspect of democracy (holding our politicians to account whilst I'm posting on an internet message board). I also have subscriptions to Financial Times and the Guardian. I probably pay about £500/year in total and seems more than reasonable to me (I recognise I am fortunate enough to be able to afford this).
  5. Silicone tubing! Finally got around to replacing the pump and OPV tubing on my gaggia classic, which took all of about 10 minutes. I'm assuming the old tubing was original....😅
  6. Thanks @Jony Still contemplating. What I need to do is get some pics uploaded and a valuation for my gaggia classic (2008 model, Mr Shades PID, brass shower plate holder, slim drip tray, bottomless PF, OPV mod, large solenoid) this weekend, then see what remainder I need to raise. What is the space needed to open the side panel to top up the tank? Preferably I'd need this to sit next to a wall on the lefthand side.
  7. I have a hint of an interest in this, whereabouts in Cornwall are you located? Would need to sort a few things, like sale of my existing machine and remaining funds. But I have parents who live in Bude so could maybe arrange a collection if it wasn't too far from there. Thanks.
  8. Most of these ebay links are broken now......for a lazy forum member, can someone please source the collar adjuster and dosing cup for me? Thank you.
  9. I'm seriously worried about the indys in Leeds. My understanding was that making money on take away coffee is virtually impossible. And the profitability relied on selling food. I credit La Botega and Laynes for re-opening, but there is hardly any footfall in the city centre now. No office workers to buy lunch. Those that do work in places like the hospital (that's me), are buying lunch on our way to work to avoid going back out during the day. Those shops are only open for a few hours over lunch, presumably what the owners can do without bringing back furloughed staff. Everyone is restructuring their lives and half the indys aren't open, by the time the government schemes end in the autumn there won't be any customers for them. What customers they had will have made new habits using the shops that opened first. I am just going to chose Laynes to try and support one shop as best I can. Starbucks is open at the station and there is always a line outside every time I walk past, so don't count on people who went there supporting the indys. So there is a good chance some commercial stuff available at the end of the year I recon.
  10. I learnt a lot when I started from browsing the buy/sell forum and seeing what people said about the models. There have been two very nice super jollys go for £250 in the past few weeks. Depends how desperate you are, I'd sit tight and get something second hand. I have a gaggia classic and SJ, both second hand off the forum. Ironically, now I'm stuck because I can't upgrade without spending ££££. n.b. I'm very happy with my choice, and could never justify spending big bucks, maybe one day as a 40th bday present but I'm set for now. There's a reason both these models have a big resell market.
  11. I might be speaking out of turn here, but IMHO this thread should be made a sticky in the gaggia forum. I have literally spent years tinkering with my gaggia trying to get decent shots. I must have done every other mod except this (incl PID installation). I had assumed the original owner had already done this, but then saw how cheap it was to buy the gauge (thank you forum members). When I checked today, the pressure was off the scale. Finally, this has already started to give me amazing results. For my addition to the thread, for anyone like me that didn't own a 17mm hex socket, I got this kit from Wickes. The extension and t-bar were perfect to get a very stubborn valve loose. I had tried to use a spanner as the OP had warned against, and promptly damaged the pipe going into the solenoid pipe. Thankfully this was easily repaired without needing a replacement. It took me about 5 seconds with this kit.
  12. As a pharmacist, I figure my organic chemistry knowledge isn't too bad. I can appreciate the need to at least try to get close to the recommended water constituents. I figure whoever is roasting my beans is probably working with a decent setup to do whatever they need to do for the taste profile, etc. A bit of research showed our water in West Yorkshire is very soft. I add 1 part volvic to 3 parts tap water, this gets me somewhere near the recommended water, at least with regards to bicarbonate. I used that table that was posted on here a while ago. I only started a few weeks ago, figure I'll switch to ashbeck eventually as mixing is a hassle, but availability is a problem at the moment and volvic was all my local coop had!
  13. I posted about this a few weeks ago. Bit odd that you are having an asymmetrical issue. Not really solved it, I can still usually see channelling around the 4 holes that the water passes through the shower plate holder. It's to a point where it is acceptable though.
  14. Do you mean shouldn't? FYI, my gaggia also drips slightly but doesn't seem to affect anything and hasn't got worse in the 4 years I've owned it.
  15. sjm85

    Water hardness

    Would any of your smart people mind helping me out? I've struggled for years living in West Yorkshire with my gaggia and producing under extracted espresso. I am coming to the realisation that I am in the unusual position that my water is too soft. Local results here. Giving the current situation, is it possible that I can just use one type of bottled water with tap water to add a little extra hardness? I just did a little experiment with some Buxton from the local coop, I just looked for something that was hard-ish. I mixed bottled:tap 1:9 and noticed an immediate difference. Thank you.
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