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  1. It's taken bloody ages to find it, but I recon if the value is over £135 then you'll get walloped with 20% VAT that you will personally have to pay when you import a "coffee maker" from the EU. https://www.trade-tariff.service.gov.uk/commodities/8516710000 I guess maybe the EU retailer should remove any local taxes but imagine they might not do that. If it's less than £135, then it's up to the EU retailer to collect the tax, but I think I was reading that some retailers of small items have just refused to post to UK as they can't be bothered to sort it out. One sympathises. I
  2. Nice discussion everyone, I enjoyed reading the comments after my post. I was merely showing gratitude for the excellent radio programming that BBC do. It is funny to me to see people arguing about funding the BBC (and I am not suggesting anyone was raising that in particular), I think it's good to have lively discussion. I know I could actually get it for 'free', but am more than happy to consider it funded through my license. If I had to choose though, I would also be more than happy for it funding the journalism side of the BBC, irrespective of anything else (I could probably start ano
  3. I absolutely love BBC radio and think it is worth the licence fee alone. Currently on rotation: Radio 3 - Saturday am record review 6music - Saturday pretty much all day. Huey Show, Liz Kershaw, Giles Peterson and Craig Charles Radio 5 Live - European football on weekdays. Miss the live crowd tho. Radio 2 - the occasional Craig Charles House Party. Used to listen to Sarah Cox’s 80s show but went off it when they changed the presenter and she moved to prime time Radio 1/1xtra - used to listen to Zane Lowe and DJ Semtex but they’ve both moved onto other stations now
  4. Very nice, will have to do mine at the weekend. I'll be lucky to get under 10 minutes though 😳
  5. After a week of ‘testing’, we promoted the V10 up to counter-top status today. So shiny...😎
  6. +1 for 18g VST. Even after owning a Gaggia for years, I only realised/appreciated the other day just how small the boiler is. Depending on model, the older versions only hold about 80mL, so if you are drawing about 40grams of water out, that's 40grams of cold water being drawn in from the water tank as you brew. Therefore you need to avoid using large doses of coffee as I'd imagine by the time you finish the water temp is going to be far from 94 degrees.
  7. The point I would like to add to this discussion if I may, is that for me it is important not to overlook the actual people who are roasting your beans for you. I appreciate this is probably more challenging than usual at the moment, but I feel lucky that I have been able to visit a few roasters since getting into coffee. And, also been to a Cup North show too. I guess like anything, you want to surround yourself with good people. People that share your values and are working towards the same goals as you. There is more to the beans than just what is in the bag! Take for example Grin
  8. Hi everyone, I am sure I have read somewhere that someone posted about a long necked/spout jug that is a bit easier for filling the water tank. Please can someone post/send me a link to something suitable? Thank you. P.s. I was wondering if the forum would benefit from a new buyers thread for Vesuvius? There seems to be a few documents and posts dotted around with useful info on (example pressure profiles, adjusting the pump acc., lubricating the cam, etc.). I am very appreciative for the work @DavecUK and @Paolo_Cortese have done to provide after sales support. Happy to ge
  9. Thank you for the advice. All seems to be working well. I have it set up on the floor at the moment and keeping an eye for any leaks. Everything seems to be operating as it should. I was very impressed with the packaging, and clearly the rubber transport feat and wooden crate have absorbed most of the impacts. I can now see why so many members are hesitant to send machines via courier.
  10. Sounds like you have thought a lot about this purchase, so wishing you well with it. I think most of the time you are mainly pleasing yourself (and any significant other!), so as long as you are happy that is the most important thing! Certainly lots of people here to give advice if needed! One final thing from me, you can't go wrong with reading @DavecUK reviews/commentary though. If he owns it, it's probably worth having.
  11. When did the Gaggia/SJ combo become so unfashionable? 😢 That's a £1k setup if you are comparing to new, it's the best £300 I ever spent (btw, I will get that money back when I sell them). And now I can be testament to the fact that if indeed home espresso is a hobby you enjoy, then that is more than decent enough to tide you over whilst you save for something better. Plus, I feel much more comfortable owning a prosumer machine knowing that I can take it apart and service it as needed, thanks to the skills I learnt with the Gaggia. And therefore, hopefully it'll last for +20 years.
  12. Good guesses everyone 😉 I’ll see you over in the ACS forum. Just taking my time setting up after this suspicious looking footprint on the side of the box.
  13. It’s taken 3 weeks, but through a pandemic and brexit, it finally arrived! 😃
  14. For some reason it never occurred to me to weight the milk. Is this what everyone else does? I’ve noticed significant improvements/consistency since doing that. And letting the gaggia have a couple of cycles up to the steam temp of 135.
  15. Happy New Year to all! I was hoping to start it on a 'high' with the arrival of my Vesuvius from Italy. However, Fedex/TNT at Bradford 'were unable to deliver today due to time constraints'. Hopefully it'll get to me next week, I'm just relieved it crossed the border in time, despite considerable delays these past 3 weeks. Looking forward to 2021 and the next step of my coffee journey. Hoping to maybe find a 2nd hand Mythos at some point.....that'll keep me checking regularly for a while! Oh, and a strip down and service of the Gaggia before listing on here.
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