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  1. Thanks @MediumRoastSteam, The missing tamper is bummer 🤦 Actually didn't read the review but watched all his videos, I m a subscriber. I guess I can turn on the steam boiler only when I need it... That s very tempting... 🤔
  2. Hi everyone, How would I know if this one sold from Amazon is the V3? https://www.amazon.de/Lelit-Elizabeth-PL92T-Semiprofessional-Preinfusion/dp/B07Q5V179F/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=Lelit&qid=1598111820&sr=8-6 I would use the machine for 4/5 espresso a day, milk drinks only when my other half is around...and in the w end, so mainly I would keep the steam boiler off. (I d be thinking about the extra on the bill all the time, I m too much of a cheap bastard) How long would the steam boiler take to get up to temp? Finally, does it come with the red tamper
  3. Thanks @Rob666, what s your 'to go' bag when it comes to espresso? I m always up to try new roasters...sometimes I should stick with the ones I tried and liked
  4. Thank you for the advice @Rob1 Yeah totally, I must have over-extracted the chocolate point, coming from the signature the grind was too fine and the temperature too high. I ll play with it again tomorrow morning, I m quite sure it can improve. About the signature, I don t know. I think I reached a good balance today with the acidity ( still high for my taste though ) but didn t get a lot of other notes... I wish it was roasted slightly darker :)
  5. I agree, I like very much coffee compass espresso range and rave s Italian job... Perhaps Black Cat is not for me... For the signature blend I m dosing 14.5 grams, 30 out in 28/9 secs on a La Pavoni...plus 10 secs passive pre Infusion..GH is at 95c
  6. Hi guys, How do you like Black cat s blends as an Espresso? I find the signature very bright and too acidic for espresso, challenging to extract with my europiccola, but I am getting there. Seems quite of a light roast, medium roast is stated on the bag (the website mentions medium dark roast in the description though) Still need to play a bit with the chocolate point, sure more syrupy and less acidic but at the moment getting quite dull shots... Am I doing something wrong? Probably yes...
  7. Thanks for the pictures, no you are right, it d make sense as a bundle..
  8. Sorry I read now you don t post those separately. Thanks
  9. Hi @Jackabb, I m interested in the big milk jug, could you please send me or post a couple of pictures of it? Would you post it to Dublin Ireland? Thanks
  10. Just got an email from them, there was just a small issue with the courier, everything resolved
  11. Actually I placed an order from BlackCatCoffee on Sunday for 2 kg of their espresso blends but it seems they didn t ship out yet, I sent them an email yesterday asking for an update but no reply yet. I m running out of coffee 🤦
  12. For a moment I thought I was doing it all wrong 🤦‍♂️, have a Mignon Specialita' myself and turning clockwise is definitely finer on my grinder.
  13. I am interested in buying it from Amazon since I have some vouchers from work, which would account for the 25% of the purchase. So Amazon is an option I need to consider. Plus, I am located in Ireland ( but I am Italian) and as far as I know there are no official Lelit distributors in the country. I am currently working form home and I am not sure how long this will last ( certainly until Sep/Oct) hopefully until the end of the year but I doubt it. I have an Europiccola but I would like to enjoy nice, consistent and effortless (:D) shots in this period, so I am trying to figure out w
  14. Yeah, will do. I figured perhaps somebody here in closer contact with Lelit may have known something about it.
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