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  1. Hi agree with the previous comments, cannot get a decent crema out of this, just got a kilo... I am a bit disappointed but I ll blame it on me, I should have checked the last page of the thread as well
  2. Hi Everyone, After searching for months a good deal on an Europiccola, I just ordered mine form Amazon.it sold by Amazon. It will come with an European plug but not really a bother, postage to Ireland was €15 which I consider acceptable. Sold by Amazon, brand new. https://www.amazon.it/Europiccola-EN-installazione-Semi-automatica-inossidabile/dp/B004RG8ZJ6/ref=sr_1_1?__mk_it_IT=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=la+pavoni&qid=1561547226&s=gateway&sr=8-1 Have fun Dorian
  3. Hello Dorian, did you order the shower plate holder brass with 6 holes for gaggia classic ?


    Could you use it with an IMS shower screen ?


    Thank you.

    1. Dorian


      HI Eparcyl,

      I believe I got this one from espressoshop 2 years ago, https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/en/ie/Gaggia-Brass-Shower-Plate-Holder-57x14mm---WGA16G1002/m-1976.aspx

      It looked great the first period then it got discolored. It can be used indeed with the IMS shower screen, I have one too and it is probably the best thing I ever got for my gaggia, I mean the screen.

      Just ordered an europiccola from Amazon now I am thrilled :)



  4. @MediumRoastSteam Thanks so much for the quick reply, so steam is always available on both machines, this sounds great I ll have a look at the one in the sale section. Thanks again! Dorian
  5. Hi Everyone, Probably a stupid question on this but couldn't find an answer elsewhere. What is the main difference between a standard Europiccola and a Professional, apart from the bigger boiler and the pressure gauge? I notice the standard has 2 switches, I believe to activate the steamer. So, will this mean I would have have to activate the second switch for frothing the milk? Like a Gaggia Classic? Instead the professional has only one main switch, this means the steamer is always ready? Thanks in advance for your comments, looking forward to buying this machine Dorian
  6. Hi guys, I would be grateful if you could fill me with the CC code too, I am about to place an order. Many thanks in advance! D.
  7. Yeah I thought about a Silvia but, true, it s pretty much similar to a Classic. Perhaps a Lelit PL41TEM ?
  8. I am using an old MDX, actually is Eureka branded, Conti Valerio. It s big and ugly but it does the job right I d say. Looking to upgrade to a smaller on demand like an ascaso i1 mini. Ideally I am looking for a machine that can recover quickly from the shots and reach steaming temperature quickly too, as I like to make some cappuccini and flat whites for me and the lady on weekends. Aesthetic may be a good point too. Thanks.
  9. Sorry to bump this, What would be a natural upgrade from a Classic? I also saw a decent Ascaso Dream... at least I would know what to look for. Thanks again. Dorian
  10. Hi guys, I own a 1996 Gaggia classic coffee since 3 years, paired with a MDX grinder. I usually pull nice shots with it and I am quite happy, but I may have found an almost new Francis Francis x1 v2 for a 100.00, so I am wondering if the upgrade is worth it. Would the Francis Francis be a better machine? Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Dorian
  11. Hi guys, can I have the code pm'd please? I had the previous one but it seems it doesn t work any longer. Thanks you.
  12. Hi @jjprestidge, Is the basket still available? I would take it so, could you post it to Dublin Ireland? Thanks, A.
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