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  1. For a moment I thought I was doing it all wrong 🤦‍♂️, have a Mignon Specialita' myself and turning clockwise is definitely finer on my grinder.
  2. I am interested in buying it from Amazon since I have some vouchers from work, which would account for the 25% of the purchase. So Amazon is an option I need to consider. Plus, I am located in Ireland ( but I am Italian) and as far as I know there are no official Lelit distributors in the country. I am currently working form home and I am not sure how long this will last ( certainly until Sep/Oct) hopefully until the end of the year but I doubt it. I have an Europiccola but I would like to enjoy nice, consistent and effortless (:D) shots in this period, so I am trying to figure out which would be the best machine in terms of price, features and when I can get it delivered. I appreciate a good after sales support and I will almost certainly buy the machine from BB if I have to get it from the UK. There are other UK retailers selling the Mara X a bit cheaper than BB but I wouldn't risk it, as I did with my Oled TV I recently got from a cowboys shop around here. 🤦‍♂️
  3. Yeah, will do. I figured perhaps somebody here in closer contact with Lelit may have known something about it.
  4. Hello beautiful people and a happy week end to you all, Any clues about Lelit bringing Mara X sales on Amazon? either .de or .co.uk .... I would expect so in the next feature since a few of their machines are already sold by Amazon directly, but perhaps someone may have more precise info on this. Have a good day D.
  5. It should be 240 as far as I know, the pic was posted in an Australian forum. Mine should be the same I bought it from the UK.
  6. Thanks for having a look at this @MartinB This guy though got the same machine and I d say it is wired just like mine https://images.app.goo.gl/VuyVnsQK8tuC81AH6
  7. Hi @AndyDClements thanks I ll look into this. Actually the machine was pulled apart by myself as soon as I received, it was quite dirty and the dispersion shower was blocked. I think I rewired it as it was, but this does not mean it was properly wired from the beginning, so I ll look into the wiring now. Although I think it cuts off the brew thermostat fine since if I switch to steam it heats up even more, but we ll see. The only thing I want to point out is that I bent one of the element s pins when I rebuilt it, as per picture, but I m not sure this can have an influence.
  8. Good morning guys, Just as an update on this, I received and installed the new 104c brew thermostat but unfortunately I cannot any see any difference. To me, the machine still gets too hot. I took another video after letting it on for 10 minutes, please have a look if you have the time, there s still a lot of hissing and steam going on. At this point i d like to put it up for sale, but not sure if I should advertise it as spares or repair, I don't want to sell anybody a lemon machine. Please note I put the self priming valve back in place. Again, thanks for your help.
  9. Not yet I don t have the cup but ordered the thermostat already so we see
  10. Thanks @El carajillo, yeah I m refilling it, not all the time though. I never had such problems with my old Classic Coffee ( I was stupid to get sell it a year ago ) Hopefully the new thermostat will fix the problem... and yes, it is thermal paste, I realise it now
  11. Yup, I ll see what I can do tomorrow..I should get the new part in a couple of days... Couldn t resist and got a silicon GH gasket too 😂
  12. Well, I ve just ordered it, I ll report when I receive it.
  13. These guys sell a 104c version, I may give it a try https://www.bluestarcoffee.eu/gaggia-coffee-thermostat-104c-4057-p.asp
  14. Hi everyone, I am still struggling with getting decent shots out of this Gaggia Deluxe I bought off ebay. To me the machine gets way too hot, I can see steam coming out the group when I remove the PF. If I open the steam valve there s a good amount of steam coming out. Shots come out very bitter, crema breaks up etc... I removed the brewing thermostat and I can see it is the 107c one, it was wrapped in a thermal paste/paraffin? Not sure it was supposed to be like that, anyway I cleaned it and put it back, it seems slightly better. Shall I try with buying another 107c or a lower one? Thank you all
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