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  1. I picked one up to play with whilst waiting for my Niche (June Batch). I'll either keep both (my pref) or sell one on. Ended up with the carbon but doesnt look too bad. If i decide to keep it then it should be simple to wrap this grinder to any colour you want.
  2. Have been a bit absent from CF for a while and just found this... Would you have any Black version left for my SJ? Thanks
  3. Thanks.....managed to track down where it went.... ...actually thought this was put in but think in my fight to with the spring to put the bottom section it it must of come out.
  4. ....got to love it. Finally got around to servicing my e61 group head on my Exporbar at the weekend. All went well and now back together and it seems to be working well. However i've just found what appears to be a left over part.....DOH!!! Now i think this is a spout breaker from the bottom of the exhaust would this be a good guess?
  5. I could be up for this and a London crawl at some point.
  6. Just been told by work that I'm off to Sydney for a couple if weeks. I know a few members are very well travelled. So can anyone recommend some cafes, espresso shops or other I should try and visit. Jason
  7. Latest blend of Jailbreak. Normally my go to backup coffee as its always fairly easy to get something out that's acceptable to my pallet. However this 2013 mk2 is just not doing it for me, I'm not sure if in the past Steve just tweaks the blend but comparing the make up to mk1 this is a complete change. I'll persevere as I've got a couple of bags and will play with my settings, but I have a feeling that's there's something in there that I just don't like. Might have to crack open a bag of red brick early.
  8. Thanks all. Ended up with a nice espresso and flat white from TAP. The walk was slightly further than I'd hopped. Just hopped out at warren street then walked down to the office.
  9. Hopefully someone's around who can help. Just on my way to London and forgot to do some proper research. Can anyone recommend somewhere for coffee within a couple of mins of lower Tottenham court road/ Tottenham court road Station. J
  10. What's a "Hario Pour Over Chemex"?
  11. Not sure this has been posted, but just had a discount code sent. 20% of all coffee when you use the discount code LOVE
  12. That's my plan each month....just wait for the comments then pop a bag on my normal order if its getting good feed back.
  13. We did a stock check of our drink cupboard over Xmas, this is what we found... Quite surprising considering I don't drink.
  14. You'll have a great time. I think this is the first time they've offered the courses however we had a forum day there in July which was very very good. If you have a search there's a thread about it.
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