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  1. Nice. I liked this espresso too at 18 in 40 out in 30s.
  2. Ive had this set up for over a month now and its working out very well. Consistently good espresso shots and the milk is coming along nicely with the Expobar single hole tip. Cant see myself upgrading from here. 18g VST Ridgeless. IMS Shower screen. Inker Cups. 58.5mm Tamper from theespressoshop. 0.1g Scales. All in for just over £1k. Time to invest in some training...
  3. Cant wait to try the Guji Highland again....my favourite bean so far. Thanks Foundry Coffee Roasters!
  4. Is there a consensus on where to set the brew boiler pressure? I can see a range of 6.5 to 9.5 on various forum posts, but cant seem to find a dedicated thread. Perhaps someone could point it out if I missed it. How do you decide on what is the best pressure for your machine? Cheers
  5. I'm loving it so far @DavecUK Very consistent espresso performance. Just need to get the hang of steaming the milk with the stock two hole tip. It goes real fast. I saw you recommended swapping out for a single hole expobar tip. I might try that in a couple of months if I'm no further along. Can't seem to loosen the tip though. Maybe try again when machine is at temperature. Will also try your PID recommendation on the wiki site.
  6. Picked Up a very nice duetto mk1, so this post is closed. Thanks!
  7. Hi, Please can you post some pics of the inside of the machine, and of the underside of the group head. How long do you have to wait after pulling a shot to start steaming milk? Cheers!
  8. This might be worth checking out... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Coffe-Machine-Vibiemme-Semi-Automatic-/282523576741?hash=item41c7b7a9a5:g:0esAAOSwCkZZQCab
  9. Ill be doing just that.
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