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  1. Just on the Motta - depth of level is a screw down of the blade into the lid [emoji1360]
  2. pianacaffã ¨ Mm 53 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B077VV5RNH?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share [emoji1362]
  3. Just picked up the BP to use at our holiday home. Cheers for the tip on the Temp. Been trailing the machine for a week & felt the extraction to be lacking. Will bump the temp up & see how she fairs this evening. Also - 54mm Naked PF? @TomHughes... Where? I need. Many thanks.
  4. Pseudonym

    Oracle Issues!

    Had My Oracle for 2.5 years now. Not a single issue with extraction. Dose, Tamp have always been good. There's always been a bit of grind build up around the edge of the PF due to the fan system but that's easily resolved with a tap & a light manual tamp. TEXTURING OF MILK.. is another issue. Never found the Auto texture to really give the kind of microfoam needed to get beyond Latte Jizz… but hey, coffee is good. Did you have the WGS when you got the machine? If not, highly recommend it - in case there is an error with the machine. Sadly the Oracle has crapped it. New steam Wand required with ERR message on PID but should be fixable. Picked up a La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi II in response so the brew machine keeps on truckin'.
  5. You'll find the Motta 53mm level on Amazon. Not cheap @ circa £30
  6. Pseudonym

    Dog lovers

    Thank you on both account. I'll let SWMBO know- she'll be chuffed to bits
  7. Pseudonym

    Dog lovers

    Having grown up with large Dogs my whole life, I have really become an advocate for the breed. Such gentle giants. Very emotionally sensitive I think. He really loves affection. Lots of cuddles needed haha! Although we never anticipated just how big he would become Kaiser's been incredibly easy to train. Having never actually trained a dog before he's made it a real treat to do. He's our first family pet and I couldn't be happier. He was never going to be a working or ring dog although he carries the pedigree for it as he's a Varenka and his Sire is Wolfbass the Barbarian, so I often wonder how good he would have been.
  8. Pseudonym

    Dog lovers

    Funny to see my boy go from this To this Lots of great memories.
  9. Just read this thread. Will be following with Earnest while developing my own thing with my Oracle. Not really ventured out of the WGS much until now. About time I did. Cheers!
  10. Pseudonym

    Dog lovers

    Here's the big fella. Laying around trying to look cool on the local beach...
  11. Well hello there matey! Nice to see you too Thanks for the tip Ross. Much more reading to be done me thinks.
  12. I've got the Hario Mizudashi 1l jug- about £17 delivered. I used rave fudge blend & asked for a cafetière grind for ease. 24hr soak of 100g. Delicious. A drop of simple syrup to taste if your that way inclined or dissolve your regular sugary dose in hot water before adding to your drinking vessel of choice.
  13. Yay! 5 posts! my first milestone
  14. I have insufficent posts... quick, someone say something!
  15. Ron Appreciate the candid feedback! This perhaps isnt the forum for it, but I assume there isnt the the option to fit the shim on the burrs to better increase grind? I'm probably not the first to ask this, so excuse me for the questions between reading threads.
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