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  1. [emoji16] I've just replaced the one that was the size of a small boy! For sale if you want it.!!
  2. Pleased to here it turned up in one piece! You'll probably be hoovering polystyrene for a few weeks!
  3. Very impressive machine.in such a small package
  4. Got the Lelit from Bella Barista and the Grinder from Coffee chap on the forum.
  5. Got a Lelit Mara from BB and a Mazzer from Coffeechap. Loving it...
  6. Can we move to sold please
  7. Ok we have a deal, I can do that and send to NI at your risk. Shall we move to PM?
  8. Can I have your postcode and I will check cost. Are you in NI?
  9. Price reduced to £115.00 which will include postage and packaging to mainland UK. If it hasn't gone by the end of this weekend, I will have to put it on eBay.
  10. Hi, selling my DTP as I've upgraded now. Brilliant starter machine and it produces really good coffee. 2.5 ISH years old. No warranty. I live in a very soft water area so scale has never been a problem. Comes with porta filter, single and double shot baskets. Razor levelling tool and spikey thing for the steam wand. The plastic on the spikey tool is a bit knackered, but it works ok. The machine works perfectly and has been used everyday without issue. I don't have the double walled baskets (rubbish anyway) or the instructions and original packaging. It was purchased new from John Lewis Exeter. I am happy to post at cost and buyers risk.
  11. Ended up getting neither [emoji16]. Bought a nearly new mazzer mini from coffeeguy who I bought my last grinder from.
  12. I'll take it if you can do £425.00 Inc p&p? You may remember me as I bought a Macap/Gaggia MD75 from you a couple of years ago. Let me know Russ
  13. Not yet, I'm going to Northampton on Monday so will visit BB then. Probably end up spending twice as much[emoji3]
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