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  1. Is it just me or is late art one of the most frustrating things in the world!!!!
  2. I can't say for sure on the Brewtus but if it's any help Doubleshot it doesn't fit my Alex Duetto which is e61. I remember trying it when I got the duetto, hence it was in the coffee drawer until a recent clear out. Payment received and will ship tomorrow Cam. Thanks.
  3. For sale Naked portafilter for Gaggia. Double basket and I'll throw in the "triple" basket I had for it. Not overly used in good condition. £20 + postage.
  4. Sorry I also haven't looked on this thread for a while emradguy but thank you for your reply/advice. Since posting the temp probe seemed to recover and began working again until a couple of weeks ago. Both it and the release valve on the steam boiler failed. I have managed to replace both of them - you aren't half right when you explained how much force was needed to move the nuts! I nearly gave up but ended up with a wooden spoon wedge behind the boiler to stop it moving. Advice to anyone who is thinking of replacing parts themselves is have a go. I'm not overly technically minded and with a bit of trail and error I have managed it and feel confident enough now to try any repairs (within reason!) Thanks again to all who posted advice.
  5. Have you got one for the e61 for sale or is there a waiting list in place?
  6. I changed the steam wand that was on my Duetto II The one that came on it was the same length as the hot water arm and I found it a little too short to steam comfortably. I changed it through BB for a longer "burn" wand. As long as I wipe it immediately there are no issues. Micro foaming became perfect very shortly after this change and Izzo's latest tips fit it too.
  7. Just had the same error! Not being very technically minded is changing the temperature sensor simple to do? I have checked for breaks in the wires but cannot see anything obvious.
  8. Just read this thread. Established is brilliant! It is so good to see Belfast finally moving forward (in terms of coffee at least) and hopefully Established does continue to do well. Espresso Elements on the Lisburn Road is also well worth a visit. The two young barista in there are passionate and care about their product. As Neill says it makes all the difference!!!
  9. Going to be spending a couple of days around Florence. I am certain I will not struggle in my hunt for coffee, but just wondering if anyone had any specific recommendations?
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