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  1. Is it using html then? Or just set the colour elsewhere like MS Word, then paste this as a test for colours
  2. Yes, China based ones like aliexpress are putting the VAT on for UK-bound items.
  3. @ajohn that bit about companies in USA etc having to register with UK HMRC is spot on, and was a massive bit in the news for a long time, people were saying they'd not be dealing with UK based customers so as to avoid the hassle. the link you give is for import duty, here's an official govt site explaining it. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/changes-to-vat-treatment-of-overseas-goods-sold-to-customers-from-1-january-2021/changes-to-vat-treatment-of-overseas-goods-sold-to-customers-from-1-january-2021#:~:text=Businesses making sales of goods,selling goods in the UK.
  4. UK VAT for goods costing above £135 is payable at point of entry (normally the courier firm handle it or similar arrangement), below that it's payable at point of sale (if the retailer is sending it to the UK). So, buy something from an online retailer based in France for £100, it's for that retailer to add the £20 and pass that on to the UK HMRC.
  5. Unfortunately I've not seen the painted version of a Royal in person, mine is polished. I would guess at metallic simply because I don't think pearl is the sort of look that a firm would generally go for as commercial equipment.
  6. Hopefully they (Mazzer) can help, but in terms of your Google search, be aware that metallic and pearl are very different paint finishes/ The simplest difference is that if you look at pearl from one direction it can look a different colour compared to how it looks from another, such as purple hue one way, pink another, maybe even orange a third. Metallic will have a difference but is more about shade (if it's grey/silver) difference depending on direction. Within metallic paint there are different grain sizes and different colours. This might sound weird but have a walk around a
  7. Photos aren't great as the colour varies by camera and screen. I did think carrying it may be an issue due to weight (I have a Royal which I'm going to polish and re-lacquer, if it was paint I'd have put it in the car and gone to Halfords for you). There's not even a small bit that can be removed and taken, because as far as I can think it's only the main body that's painted.
  8. Worth a try at Halfords, might look a bit weird carrying a Mazzer to their paint area but there are two options there, judge it by the indicated colour on the aerosol lid or check whether the trade counter has a colour scanner/paint chip book.
  9. Given how you've indicated it came about, might be worth checking the state of the spark. In a reasonably shady area (in an unlit shed / garage is best) turn the engine over with the spark plug resting on the engine. You should get a nice blue-ish spark. If it's a weak spark (yellow-ish) then maybe the pick-up has rusted whilst not used. I cannot say where exactly it is on that engine but probably uses the flywheel / fan. You would need to run some emery paper/ to remove rust from the legs of the pick-up and the steel plates of the ignitor. Ideally without altering the settings, but if yo
  10. I'd take the spring back to the old setting and instead raise the setting of the idle screw, if necessary.
  11. As you cleaned then the carb there's always a chance that either dirt go in, it can be anywhere but it can make the needle sit poorly and so the fuel float height goes wrong, or blocks something. I'd say check the carb build, dirt / trapped diaphragm / needle blocked etc. Sometimes you'll not even see the problem but put it back and miraculously it will be OK. Have we asked how the problem manifested? Was it OK then like this after servicing? Went OK last year but first time out of the shed this year and it's like this?
  12. Unless I'm mistaken, that seemed a lot better in that video (but not good) with the air filter off which means it's running better with a less-rich mixture, so it hints at the mixture being too rich as @Bladevane indicated. The simplest thing now is look at the spark plug, it's the equivalent of a blood test. It will tell you soo much. Sooty = rich, oil= problems with rings etc, wet = spark problem (if not sooty). On the car forum there are lots of "it's this component, it was on mine", but unless you want to risk replacing lots of good components and wasting lots of time, you are best to
  13. @Doram You say you cleaned the air filter, did you blow it backwards with something like com pressed air? If not and you just took off the surface debris that could explain the overly-rich mixture that @Bladevane has called out. Quickest way is remove the air filter and see how it runs then, if OK then either try cleaning filter again or replace.
  14. I think that a few years ago (maybe a couple of decades as time flies) there was a change in law that allowed the UK power industry to supply at a lower EMF (Voltage) than the previous rules, it didn't mean that they started supplying lower, just that they could. I thought perhaps the old power rating was for 240v but equates to the lower when at 230v but 1425x230x230 /(240x240) comes out at c1300W not 1200.
  15. Bad news @Emily, you'll probably get them and then need to let them rest for a few days. All the deliveries I've had from Rave have been very freshly roasted generally no more than 24 hours before despatch often the day of despatch. At least you'll have them sitting there teasing you for a few days.
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