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  1. Thanks Mods. An action that was necessary, unfortunately so.
  2. When I used to have a shave at the barber, even he didn't use those type. He used a holder that took a DE blade, and held it much in the fashion of those cut-throat type. I guess it was about hygiene that it's easier to prevent infection cross-contamination if the actual blade that contacts blood isn't re-used. So @Rhys do you actively use them?
  3. How long before there are requests for : 1) Bespoke towels from @MildredM 2) Bespoke shaving stands/ soap bowls @joey24dirt
  4. I am now a bit worried about my ability to retain info for even a short time. I've deliberately not joined that forum, for fear of the cost of shaving spiralling upwards as a result. Have you joined?
  5. That is in the same way as a second hand Gaggia Classic can be had for £150 and reasonable s/h grinder for another £100, then the upgrades start. I've visited here for info before. https://www.theshavingroom.co.uk/community/index.php
  6. When I say "safety razor" I mean one of those double-edge thin pieces of steel about 2c x 3cm held in in a mechanism that leaves both blade edges exposed like this https://www.amazon.co.uk/Earnest-James-Sheffield-Sustainable-Environmentally/dp/B078H643YF. They were considered safe compared to the old cut-throat razors. Those "safety razors" are what my grandfather used until he was physically unable to do so, and he suffered from hand tremors, now that's scary.
  7. Just watched some videos of those things, they look really scary but I guess just the same use as a safety razor.
  8. There's one thing that I don't think any of us suggested as away to get a better shave in the morning. :Go and have a coffee before having a shave. I know it's a ridiculous idea to suggest on a coffee forum, but the more awake your face is, the better the results of the shave, so get up, have a coffee and then have a shave, and it should be a better result, maybe it will even help reduce the cuts induced by the caffeine-deprived shakes. But don't have too many coffees as you may start moving too fast
  9. I'm not sure it's coffee that's the problem, it seems a lot too weird to be just that.
  10. General principle is that the beard grows towards the chin/ jawline, but each person't hair goes differently (just like it does/ did on your head). Cutting with the hair is easier to cut (less painful) but less effective at cutting it short, hence the multiple-direction methods that start with-the-hair then go against and perpendicular to it.
  11. Have a look at the two or four direction method of shaving, it really makes a difference. I used to sometimes get up abut 4am, travel to London and so had a 5 o'clock shadow by midday, but shaving in multiple directions, along with things like getting the face awake before shaving, meant I could still look clean shaven in the afternoon. There are some very good tutorials on youtube, but for a simple no-cost improvement my first suggestion is rinsing the face in warm water and slightly massaging it before applying any lather/oil/soap, it may not make a lot of difference but it will normally soften the beard and make the hairs stand out a little more, so for no cost it has to be worth it.
  12. Good on you @Northern_Monkey , a neighbour has just taken a neighbourhood stray to the vets for Neutering (he's fathered kittens by the neighbour's cat), microchip, flea and worm treatments and FIV. He's staying as a neighbourhood cat as he seems to have found places to get various meals (I provide breakfast) and sleep, so seems content with his life. So hope all goes well for you.
  13. Sometimes the lines aren't split as such, an example in car manufacture was the old Ford engine block, the ones that were fine were used in the Ford Anglia etc, those that we're sound but couldn't be machined to the right size were then used in another production line that had different criteria. So it can be as simple as the "failures" get used in the lower tier machines.
  14. Proraso pre-shaving cream, after wetting face. Kent badger brush with Proraso shaving cream (which is the soap but not dried for as long as the stuff in a bowl) Multi-blade razor Gillette Fusion power. I tried a single blade safety razor but found the 5 blade system was at least as good. Shave in two directions each time, first with the beard then against it.
  15. Although many high quality items are made in China, it's the quality control and design that really matters. You could have one factory making a decent well-known brand washing machine and it's as good as the design and materials etc dictate, but another washing machine that either comes out of a factory down the road from the first (or even the same factory) would be rubbish because the design has cut back on the quality of materials etc, or there are far greater acceptable tolerances. Apple has it's stuff made there, but that works for them because they must keep a very close eye on the process. So these coffee machines may be fine, they may for all I know simply be a re-packaged version with internals cloned from a manufacturer such as Gaggia, but if you put the things together in the wrong way, you can get a very different outcome than if they're put together in a design that's thought through with years of experience. In other words, any idiot such as me could take components of an existing machine, alter the layout and make it look OK but it may well go very wrong because I don't have the knowledge of the experts as to why certain components are in certain places.
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