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  1. I'd agree. There's a "new" one on eBay at present (unwanted present) with extra set of filters , so the same as we get for £321. It's starting bid is at £200, it's debatable whether the seller has knowingly agreed to post the item for the sum of £3.10 or not (I suspect not, and they assume people will pay extra for delivery, or collect in person). It has 5 days to go and I fully expect it will make more than the £321 of the forum deal, because non-forum-members will see that as £454 worth of goods (£399+£55). You could wait it out and see if you can get it cheaply, or get group buy no7 list up and running. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Osmio-Zero-Installation-Portable-RO-Water-Filter-Kettle-White/153947073962
  2. That confusion was just me being unable to hold two lines of thought in mind simultaneously.
  3. Ideas like that get you your own kitchen, and bedroom etc.
  4. @John Yossarian Did this post go on the wrong thread ? Asking as you are asking about a thermocouple and water when the thread is about a Zip grinder. I'm thinking it was meant for a discussion on PID or similar.
  5. The shape of the group says pre-millennium to me (the top is nipped in more relative to the bottom than on post-millennium), and other bits like screw, switches and lack of plastic over the sight glass suggest 2.3 / 2.3A as you thought. Take the bottom off and look at the switch & internals and it should narrow it down from that.
  6. @facboyI think softeners remove the calcium carbonate by replacing it with something else (hence the salt used) , so just different solid.
  7. @Jeff_LondonI've not tried coffee from one of the machines (My Niece has one, but I've not tried it), so cannot say anything about the pods in question, but are you aware that some of the suppliers of beans also supply their coffee in compatible pods? https://ravecoffee.co.uk/collections/nespresso-compatible-compostable-coffee-pods The down side would be that if you find you then like one of the pods from such a supplier, you'll start the move from Nespresso machine to small single boiler espresso machine, and on, and.... well there's no limit really.
  8. I think mine looked to be nearer 2l mark than 1l. If it's based on the level of impurities that would give a good reason for more than 1l given I live in an "aggressively hard" water area (limescale comes out of the tap looking for a fight?). I'm already weighing up buying extra filters, as my water is going to cut the life dramatically, so might as well be prepared.
  9. Hi. Hopefully this isn't going to divide people too much, but having recently been watching Gaggia Classics on eBay it got me thinking. I was watching them to get an idea of a reasonable price point for used units, having now seen pretty much standard ones (not fully refurbished just for the sale) going at around £200 when just a couple of months ago I'd have thought they were closer to £150. I think the same is true of Pavoni Europiccola/ professional where prices seem to have climbed. I think of the Classic as rather like a base model car, you get it cheaper than competitors, you can add bits to it if you so wish, to make it have much the safe effect but at heart it's still that base model. So, the Classic was a good go-to 1st machine as it could deliver a drinkable coffee as-is, at a decent price for a used one. COVID-19 lockdown seems to have driven prices up, by quite a bit so, have we now temporarily got to the point where in terms of Value For Money, something else is now going to become as suitable as that 1st machine? Or perhaps it's still got a fair way to go on price before other used machines start to oust it in terms of value for money. Is the beauty of the Gaggia that it's so plentiful and there's a lot of support out there (and here) to upgrade it where the lower-volume options wouldn't be as suitable for the new owners? Thoughts?
  10. I've calmed down now, as they have seemingly taken this seriously. The email response setting out what went wrong and what is going to be done to correct it came in at 01:55. So, it was an error with a person who keyed one order and 5x re-orders rather than 6x orders.
  11. Well, the email is in requiring them to correct the sharing of details. At this point I'm seriously considering rejecting delivery rather than have an item that requires me to continue dealing with a company that appears inept at handling customer data, that will depend on how they react at what they've done. If I have to do that, it will be unfortunate as reviews indicate it's a good machine.
  12. On the site, see orders, for example the letters QY probably mean a bit to you. @AliG . To be honest, it's not about the other 5 purchasers having my address etc, but it means the work to have email addresses that are traceable in the event of a breach means Osmio have just undone all of that work. It
  13. Also just shocked that they've shared every member of the group buy's details (including email and postal address) with all others. Not happy with them, very not happy
  14. What's surprised me is how quickly we (including the people at Osmio) moved from 6th sign-up (me at Sat 09:34) to emails advising delivery (mine Monday 17:09) with delivery scheduled for some time tomorrow.
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