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  1. Hi Jay. There area few of us on here from Norfolk.
  2. I'd have thought it's a cast aluminium alloy. Surely it's role it is like a big washer to spread the load of the nuts and the load of the copper flanges of the boiler. If that's the case a local engineering firm should be able to make one using that as a template (well, no the bow in it, but bolt holes etc). they could cut one from sheet ali or turn one on a lathe. If you've got the tools you could probably cut one yourself from a sheet of equal thickness.
  3. I think some people are in need of a coffee, so that they can be alert enough to make a coffee. Hints at addiction.
  4. AndyDClements

    Black Friday

    Well, if it is right for you, you got a better deal (by 20%) and if not then your hardly-used one will likely recoup the money laid out as the new ones will be back at full price. Win either way.
  5. I was going to suggest a different method of brewing. http://jimgworld.com/blog1/2014/10/25/cold-brewing-and-cafestol-playing-it-safe/ see approx 2/3 through, point 3 re Mayo clinic. That was for/ about coldbrew but one comment mentions aeropress, which is near-espresso.
  6. There may be one local to you, so perhaps indicate location, but failing that then this thread should help.
  7. +1 Temple Part way in to ep 1 it was seeming as though I'd seen it but I put it down to trailers, then a certain scene came up (van speeding out of a tunnel) and I was certain that had seen it. Checked online, no it's brand new never aired. Finally I realised I'd watched the original foreign language version (and I had liked it despite subtitles making it more difficult to follow at times of simultaneous dialogue and action.
  8. If you're using them of your own choice, then it's the legal ombudsman (https://www.legalombudsman.org.uk/) . If you're using them because the mortgage company appointed them, then complain via the mortgage company. FCA don't really do complaints and only deal with the Financial Institution so they'd go after the mortgage company not conveyancing firms. The complaints escalation (if the mortgage company don't resolve) is the Financial Services Ombudsman, but that takes weeks whereas a telephone complaint made to the mortgage company might mean they give the conveyancing firm a swift prompt today.
  9. Lots of the insides are double-insulated but the thermal switches aren't so my next guess would be to test those for a short to ground. On one of the thermal switches (circular items secured to the top of the boiler at the 6 o'clock and 7 o'clock positions when viewing the picture of the internals), with the machine unplugged from the wall, unplug both the wires from one of the thermal switches, then use the multi-meter to check for continuity between the boiler and either terminal of that thermal switch. Both terminals should have no circuit to the boiler, but if they show as having continuity then that's the problem. Repeat for the other thermal switch.
  10. If you can, put a screw into it, in the middle of the seal not the edge. As you screw it in it should force the seal out. Ideally a brass one as it will not be so hard as to damage the surface of the metal.
  11. If it's withstanding the temperature of the sides of the toaster (I'm assuming that in use they get a bit too warm to comfortably touch), then I see no reason for to not cope with the temperature of the base of the Pav. Even more proof if the trivet actually has hot pans placed on it rather than only cold things.
  12. That paint is very heavy on (lots of) the flake compared to general car type paint, meaning it may be difficult to match, as flake varies by colour (it's not just a silver flake , there are different silver flakes) and size, but the size normally used still has to be tiny to go through the spray guns. Powder coat may be the only way (it's a completely different system) but you'll again be limited by the powders they have in stock etc.Is it really worth the cost of powder coat? If your Aunty is prepared to suffer a different look, then an off-the-shelf silver metallic paint would be used (with good preparation etc), and a decent lacquer at a much lower cost.
  13. A cynic might think that it's cost effective to 1)not have several warranty claims (even if eventually not covered) where scale has caused/ contributed, 2) not have any bad press over the machines failing (and it be due to scale), 3) get customers used to changing the filters every 3 months, so there's a follow-on sale in future years. That's what a cynic might suggest, I'll not wonder why I thought that.
  14. I used to have 3-4 large coffees at work, so 16 shots/day, I tried quitting and couldn't take the headaches. The only way I managed to quit was to do it when I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed, I was on lots of paracetamol and ibuprofen, for several days. I tried staying off it completely (considering the quality it wouldn't have been a loss), but in the end have gone for one coffee per day which means c250g of beans / week (which I think works out to equivalent of 35 shots/ week), the rest is decaf. Well done for having the will power, if you like the taste but want to remove the addiction, then a decent decaf (I use a swiss water ) will have virtually no caffeine.
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