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  1. GDPR isn't absolute, there are circumstance where the organisation can refuse to delete the Personally Identifiable Information, although I doubt this is such an instance where erasure is against the good (it might be deemed that retaining it is necessary for the expression of free speech,but it's dubious) . That said, who cares if the person's PII is no longer retained? Does its absence actually harm CF UK? The removal of the posts isn't a right, and cannot be "demanded", but do acknowledge and respond to the request with the decision.
  2. A friend managed to get a reasonable ( well, drinkable, tasting of coffee and not needing lots of sugar) coffee at Starbucks, he asked for a white americano made using their coldbrew concentrate rather than espresso. It surprised the staff for somebody to want that, but they obliged.
  3. I can now see thread duplication when using the "new posts" option, the first three items are for the same topic.
  4. The"New Posts" stream does seem to be free of duplicated posts for me, or perhaps , between the time I last looked at treads and having found this option, no thread had more than one posts in it. I just checked, and the other forum I use a lot (not coffee related) seems to look almost identical, so guess it's the same version (both are Invision). The similar (possibly the same) stream over on that forum does deliver the result of - one entry per thread irrespective of the number of posts since last read. I think that's the outcome that many of us want/like so I'll assume it is working ere also. When upgrades have been done on that other forum, there are sometimes many weeks of disruption, old features cease to work despite supposedly still being there, new features don't work as planned etc, despite the frustration it causes to the users it's noting compared to that for the people trying to get it resolved.
  5. Yep, brown on brown on brown is slightly difficult to quickly read trough things.
  6. AndyDClements

    O o h

    Glad you're OK and OOH now, but that's a bit of an extreme reaction to somebody suggesting you go to Starbucks for a great coffee.
  7. Hi Titanius. There are several good roasters in Norwich, but finding the right one for you will be a matter of trial and error as everybody's preference will vary slightly. A couple that I'd mention are Smokey Barn on King street not far from the Castle mall etc. Strangers a little more central (Pottergate), and The little red roaster who have three locations. There are several other good ones, but I'd start with those three. Oh, and welcome to the forum, and to Norwich. Edit: didn't mention a service company as I don't use one, but if nobody can recommend one, then I'd suggest asking the beans suppliers who they use, hopefully one of the firms will do domestic. Andy
  8. Good job it's you, because I've been accused on mansplaining. which means that I.....
  9. Really good call. Once, rather than doing it myself I got a local firm in, he had a petrol-driven vacuum carpet cleaner with a 5-6 inch hose (I noticed the brand , checked it out online and it was USA in origin and several horse power just for the suction), the carpets were touch dry after he'd finished. I'm used to doing it early in the day mid summer and having windows open to try and dry things out when I do it myself.
  10. I've had a few Vax ones, the upright ones that look similar to an upright vacuum cleaner. Some of those are definitely in the don't buy camp. Rapide- I'd say ignore them, they're light cleaning duty only and by that I mean if you get enough cleaning solution on to do the job (slow and uneven distribution) you'll take days to get it out of the carpet as the suction's not great. Had a W86 Dual, that was OK but parts availability was a problem when combined with a few items being particularly weak -clips that hold the tank in place (so have to be moved lots). Had switches for moving between detergent mix and just water, so had to think about which switch/lever to pull (do a wash pair of strokes then a rinse par of strokes) Dual power, current one that I have. Not as good at suction as the W86, but can get parts. Has a lever on the tank to enable/disable detergent, so do the whole area with detergent then switch to rinse. On a related note, I can recommend the "Comet" extraction detergent (green colour, sold by janitorial supplies companies), odour isn't great but that fades quickly and it does really lift the dirt into solution. I even used it on a car interior (30yr old car) and it came up looking as clean as when new.
  11. Thanks for that, I'll have a look at the security standards when I'm at work. The fundamental principal is that the full card PAN (the 16 digit number) should be recorded nowhere except where it has to be, that said the merchant copy may be exempt IF it's needed in order to re-key a transaction in the event of a failure of the system.
  12. This thread made me look on eBay (I use it a lot but not for coffee beans), and the results included "with a taste of".... whatever the country was. It made me chuckle, as the country is the land, aka the dirt on which it's people stand. So, perhaps the coffee tastes of muck.
  13. AndyDClements

    Dog lovers

    The Fox reds are becoming much more of a common sight now, but I think they're still officially just a dark version of a golden or a light version of a brown lab. I guess KK need to define them.
  14. Somehow I typed (correctly 230v) and did the maths as 130v. Doh that pretty much sums up my day. I checked my 'phone OS version, yes 6.1, so I can delete this old version of an app for work, and add the new one that needs 6.0 or greater. new one not allowed, as my 'phone was 5.1. "More haste less speed" as they say.
  15. Does the machine just use a standard 13 amp plug? I ask as its description states 1400w & 1200w heaters, so if both were on that's 20 amps (230v) which is 7 amps more than the standard domestic plugs are designed to delivery (long-term). Add any other devices, and it may be like the straw that broke the camel's back.
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