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  1. @Mulligrub This may help.
  2. Those indentations are there to help you unwind the sleeve. it's a fine thread but only a few mm so will not take too many turns.
  3. Didn't the name come from the desire to make the coffee quickly in order to enable his employees to get back to work sooner? Perhaps cut out the idea of a drink, just eat the roasted beans.
  4. You've already cleared that number of posts. Good luck with the sale.
  5. I'd suggest, use a multimeter (I'm sure you can get one for less than £10 if you don't have one already ), and rather than test the machine at mains voltage, check switches etc using the resistance/continuity setting. It's much safer, and will mean you find the faults in one go rather than found one thing, fixed it only to find another. Good luck with the hopefully very cheap) Classic.
  6. It certainly doesn't seem to be a case of the valve in backwards, because the air goes out of the bag via the valve when squeezed, so if it in in backwards then its definitely defective. If it's in the right way then it may be defective (as in, air may be finding another way in or the air may be coming in via the valve). I do feel for Rave, they've tried to use a compostable bag rather than a non-recyclable, non-compostable , non-reusable option, but something has let them down.
  7. I had commented on another thread about a staple breaking the seal, but on a bag where it appears there's no such breach I find that I can compress the bag with the air leaving via the one-way valve, then after a few mins the bag has puffed back to its earlier shape meaning air has re-entered. So, something isn't right.
  8. @veveveve0 The PID is achieved using one of two types of probe, one is more accurate than the other but both are good . One will be within perhaps 1-2 degrees C, the other within fractions of a degree. In addition, the PID can learn what happens, so it realises that if it cuts power at the desired temperature, the water carries on getting hotter for a little while, so it learns the temperature at which it should shut off power in order to achieve the desired value. Basically, it's modern computerised control that's very accurate and can be set to what you want. It maintains the water temper
  9. A few shakeproof washers can also help ensure electrical continuity.
  10. I'm of the view that if there's a problem with a company (I've never dealt with them) then the root of the problem is the messages or lack thereof coming from the top down. Taking on extra staff is not going to solve the problem, taking on new senior management can, but only if they will be the ones giving the new messages coming down. So I'm like @Rumpelstiltskin in doubting anything will change at the moment.
  11. I was bored and browsing ebay when I happened upon what I think is effectively a Europiccola that's been modified to put it in a bespoke stand. I have to admit to having considered making a bespoke base myself but nothing like this scale. Nor would I ever consider it to be valued at £2.5k. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Espressomaschine-siebtrager-neu/143758780569?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144
  12. @Youdaoloo Mildred has taken a decision to cease being an active member, so for the time being until otherwise advised, I'd work on the assumption that codes are no longer available via this forum.
  13. I'd struggle to use this in a week, so I'll just re-seal somehow (vacuum sealer is likely candidate), before the freezer gets used for one or two bags. I get through 300-400g (maybe more now that weather has turned colder so less cold drinks) of decaf a week, so 3kilos that I ordered will last a few months, too long to leave that little leak in the bag.
  14. We've mentioned Rave's bags / packaging in this thread before. I think Rave themselves said it wasn't what they wanted (the mixed material paper foil and plastic) bags along with clops for the tags. I've now had my first delivery since they changed to an all-plastic bag. So, it certainly seems that the pin of the staple goes into the "sealed" section of the bag, so stopping it being sealed. Not great, I can deal with that one way or another, but seems ridiculous to seal a bag then deliberately break the seal (there's not really enough room for the staple to avoid doing that if the staple is pl
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