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  1. Email back from Niche on warranty is below. "We are glad you like the grinder and coffee forums uk has definitely been a great outlet for us. A warranty is something we are currently working on and it is now in its final stages. We will be releasing more information on this very soon. Sorry we can’t explain much at the moment. Best regards, Niche Coffee"
  2. I'd be inclined to think not, but to be fair, Indiegogo and Niche are both brand new to me before today and without wanting to sound too cynical, I try never to make assumptions. So I've contacted them just for peace of mind. Advice and recommendations from well informed forum members are always a massive help, of course.
  3. From the recommendations here, I hunted down your feedback in the other threads Dave and I'm starting to sway towards it. Browsed your Youtube videos and it looks gorgeous too, just need to see if indigogo purchases come with warranty, if they do I may punt at one this week. And I'll have you know that I'm very proud of my massive hopper and sizable doser... they both have pride of place in a box in the shed
  4. I'd never heard of it until you mentioned it. I'ts a beautiful looking grinder but the £500 price tag might be a bit of a stretch for me. Any reviews?
  5. Hi All, Hoping for some advice with a new grinder for the home setup. Currently have Compak K6 for espresso with my Gaggia Classic, but she's a little on the larger size* and I'm keen to reclaim some space in the kitchen. I'm looking for a grinder with a smaller footprint and can fit under my counter top, so around 400mm in max height. I don't use it heavily, perhaps 5-8 doubles a week and single dose preferable. Price range ideally around the £150-£300 bracket, but I've some flex in there. Definitely more interested in the quality of what it produces over the looks. From what I can see, Eureka Mignon and Mazzer SJ seem to fit that criteria, but really open to any advice. What would you pick if you were in my shoes? Cheers! *the grinder, not my better half.
  6. Better make some counter space available, she's a big gurl!
  7. Loving the Tommie Tippie improv' [emoji106]
  8. Ive always though those reindeer to be a bloody fickle bunch. Can't stand that poor Rudolf, until the jolly fat fella picks him to lead the sleigh, then all of a sudden the buggers love him.
  9. Saw this and thought of you lot.
  10. Strangely enough, it's not a bother. Biggest pain is the retention, but I give it a sweep a few times and I get almost 100% (almost) on each dose.
  11. Macca


    How does that beauty compare to their standard White label?
  12. Not sure if placing the knife rack next to the new microwave location might be asking for it...
  13. Moved into the new pad this week, earmarked the corner that the better half had placed the microwave in. As the mature man I am and to save an argument about layout... I waited until she went to bed last night and moved the microwave to another location and setup my kit. Modded Classic, the mighty MC2 for pour over and the monsterously ugly Wega Max (Compak) for espresso.
  14. Try lowering your dose, don't change anything else, see how you get on.
  15. Brass holder has caused me no bother at all. The only issue I had was with attempting to get an even water distribution through the shower screen, but loosening the securing screw sorted that right out. Impressions in the puck usually mean that you're overfilling the basket, but I've only ever experienced a dent where the screw head has been visible, not 2 from the brass plate. Any chance of a few pics to help better describe your problems, such as sloppy puck and the dents you're reporting?
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