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  1. The tone of this is pleasant ! Thought this place was meant to have moved on.
  2. Just use ptfe fella. Blue_Cafe’s not wrong but Dave is more experienced.
  3. Lol @Carlo surprised you didn’t use the “ it’s like a used car” tactic and then go in for the kill with “you should take the VAT off”
  4. Just buy it, it’s shiny and has joysticks ,one careful owner and it’s low miles “only 300 coffees” I’m not having a pop @Sam_d just trying to to encourage him to have a [email protected]_d be like Nick the Greek 👍
  5. If you keep comparing it to a car people will have every right to call you a tyre kicker !!!! You are still picking it apart without making an offer. Have a punt fella
  6. I have never driven an espresso machine so can’t comment, and how is it then I own a car that has gone up in value? I can’t understand picking apart the sale while not making an offer the worst you can get is a no and the best a yes.
  7. It is almost new !!!!!!
  8. It’s just a push fit. Don’t glue anything just get the joint spigots running the right way and clip up under swan neck then every 1.8m.
  9. Jonba

    Building regs

    Don’t bother with a light tunnel fit a velux,keyline or any other brand JJ Roofing supplies do some cheap ones get correct flashing kit. They are made to fit a trussed roofs or hand cut. Double up rafters either side,trim out opening,hangers on trimmers and 30mm twists for hangers. Only thing I would have a problem with is if your garage is semi detached have a chat with the other owner before you proceed.
  10. Sort your gaggia out spend the £200 on PID kit and fixer upper mazer type grinder..Good for another ten years👍
  11. I didn’t read it like that sorry, I thought it was just a realistic cause for concern. Bit late to ask what’s dangerous when you have tore it down already and don’t even have a meter or the know how to use one. I think there are some tips in the let’s talk about safety post.
  12. Am I missing something how can anyone take offence to what Dave said.
  13. @DavecUK would know at a guess what better type valve could fitted.Would make flushing cleaning much easier.
  14. Is that a proper type drain valve or just a sump plug at the bottom of your boiler. Just being nosy
  15. Mark the large fixing holes,take basin off. Use a basin fixing kit (just look it up).If it's a stud wall either cut out p/board and nog out as said before or use a plate type fixing (tool station do them). Bit of plumbers mate or silicone on pedestal to help sit it. Don't use ct1 it yellows after a while. Don't just plug it not really good enough for a wash basin. That hole you have pictured looks like what it's hung up on after firing.
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