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  1. It's a long time since I owned one of these but from memory the conical burrs have quite large channels/chutes, and large beans can sort of 'jam' things? Ie: its just stuck rather than stalling from a power issue. Regardless if you are changing back and forward between methods this grinder is a mare for that 🙄 Never had the same issue with flat burr grinders
  2. Some brioche burger buns. Added 30g sugar and 60g butter to a standard 550g or so sourdough mix. Splash of milk with the water. Egg wash to glaze. All done in a day - early start/warm conservatory.
  3. My two last green orders have been from them. Been very happy with the price/quality point tradeoff and the general service and delivery also excellent
  4. I got mine from wayfair but they dont seem to stock anymore. Friend has had good success with a le creuset style copy used upside down with a ramekin or similar to sit the lid handle in so you have a flattish surface, layer of baking paper under bread and good to go
  5. Mattius2

    Flour - UK

    This. Infuriating isn't it. It will all sit in cupboards and go out of date or be eaten by weevils
  6. When in lockdown - make bread. With an increasing % of wholemeal cause the white is running out and can't order any more lol
  7. Neither now accepting new online orders. CV causing a home bread baking panic too. Ffs honestly
  8. Some weekend action. No bread flour available online so might be an issue for the next wee while...
  9. Replaced my steel with a cheap ceramic rod a few years back. Would never go back. It's just the same technique but sharpens to an extent as well as realigns edge. Knives only go to the honing stones about once a year now. https://uk.knivesandtools.eu/en/pt/-skerper-basic-ceramic-sharpening-pod-25-cm-sh003.htm?gclid=CjwKCAiAy9jyBRA6EiwAeclQhI5ob4ndEBIYZ3lASl-jJjqtQTBXd1BRAkzcKnHzAv2MZ8JdSaKXfhoCV_QQAvD_BwE
  10. Back in the lodge. Over enthusiastic 45 degree slash resulted in a bit too wide ear...
  11. Mattius2

    VST 20g FOR SALE

    Received this morning super quick and basket perfect many thanks @shodjoe1
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