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  1. Poorly placed flash sorry. Improving though
  2. Correct. No need at all for filtering, its probably a bit too soft for ideal coffee. I do a light descale on my machine which is on 24/7 about once every 5-10yrs or so...
  3. Yes rye can be very sticky! I wouldn't usually put in as much as this but I'd run out of wholemeal. Knock a few grams off the water maybe? The rye definitely doesn't hold the hydration the same way
  4. Gave my starter some love and put it in a clean jar. Some new bags of flour Balchedre Organic White 300g/100g Matthew's Dark Rye/270 water/110g 50/50 starter/9.5 salt Pretty inattentive bulk - starter was 12hrs past fed - 3 folds in first 1.5hrs and then went to cinema. Back 3hrs later shape and into fridge 10hrs. Great oven spring and lovely soft texture. Warm weather is helping
  5. A fire alarm today meant the building I needed to visit was shut with everyone out in the street. Popped into Gordon St Coffee at Glasgow Central Station to kill a few minutes. Best cafe espresso in about a year. Total pot luck. But really delicious. Wouldn't usually chance it in most places. Laboratorio a few streets away is also consistently good
  6. 200 white 160 wholemeal 40 dark rye +100g 50/50 starter well past ideal feeding (10hrs) 1hr autolyse 5hrs bulk with folds 12hrs fridge. Pretty good even crumb and nice flavour
  7. Had this once in a kitchen cupboard a long time ago and never since. Hopefully wont last Meantime this weekends bake with some more slashing experiments
  8. Hugh can't see the leak clearly in your pic but the grouphead/HX interface looks like it has a gasket that might need replacing see here #13 http://www.cafeparts.com/Espresso-Machine-Parts/Cimbali/Group-M21-Junior No idea on a UK parts source sorry there used to be a Cimbali agent/repair guy in East Kilbride up here in Scotland who was helpful
  9. Thanks! It tastes pretty good. Having dipped in and out of the sourdough thing over a few years it really helps to have a 'go-to' method which you then tweak in small bits. Nothing worse than 24hrs of effort that comes out of the oven as a dough pancake....
  10. Working hard to not be this years tulip tosser...
  11. Back on the dough trail. 300g dove farms white 50g wholemeal 50g dark rye. 100g starter 1:2:2. 1hr autolyse 5hr bowl with hourly stretch and fold. 16hrs fridge. 20/20 covered uncovered in the Lodge. Been watching some amazing slash patterns on Instagram clearly not reproduced here!
  12. A real live pro cyclist on the forum. Cool! Get well soon Wilco and back to the racing. Cormorant also in budget I think? https://cormorant-roasters.business.site/
  13. Rob the two things that have given me the most consistency are following recipe below from garydyke1 really carefully, and baking in the lodge (used to use le creuset but the lodge is better). The only other thing that can go wrong with this method for me is if the starter is too long post feeding, i find 4-5 hrs best. Rice flour is the business for the non stick part as well buy a bag. Resist temptation to vary things until you've got this method failsafe!
  14. Happy Sunday morning. Re: lame don't buy an expensive one, wooden stirrer stick from starbucks and DE blade (this one is a vokshod) total cost 10p max
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