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  1. Hi Daniel, Looks good! You’re braver than me going for a full re-wire. Have to admit I fancied doing it, but I just couldn’t bring myself to completely strip down a brand new machine. If I ever do it though, that stupid power saving module is going in the bin immediately! Are you going to control the pressure or is the sensor just for monitoring? After a water level sensor that would be my next upgrade. As for my PID settings, basically I originally wrote the code for beer brewing in a 50L boiler and couldn’t be bothered to spend too long tuning for the new setup. T
  2. How's the Enigma Lune? Is it Ti? I'm really interested in one of their gravel bikes, I just can't bring myself to pull the trigger (especially as I'm so far away so couldn't try one before buying!).
  3. iJim

    The next drop...

    Hi Dave, Will you put me down for a white one please, I just paid for the sponsorship (not sure it went through yet)... Cheers, Jim
  4. I got the PM cheers, will get back to you shortly (I'm tapping this out on what feels like my death bed, got vaccinated yesterday and feeling rough as today!)... As for how to further improve it or even where to discuss it, I didn't think so far ahead! I've never really done anything like this before so am definitely open to suggestions! For sure the code is really clunky and I'm sure someone with more experience than I could make a much better job. Certainly being able to set the PID settings from the webpage would be useful (and a pretty easy thing to do). I'm more experienced i
  5. Sure, it'll probably be next week before I can post the board though. Drop me a message with your address and i'll sort it out.
  6. Yikes, I've not had any DOA yet, but I've only used 3 or 4 of them on various projects over the last few months. I guess almost any microcontroller with wifi would be work fine, but as far as my (limited) experience goes you can't beat the ESP32 on features/cost... I even used one to read my heart rate monitor using Bluetooth low energy and have It vary the speed of a fan when I'm on my exercise bike, they're pretty cool!
  7. Yes... I now use a black cup, ignorance is bliss! In all serious though, the problem is slightly better but not resolved. I always see a few specs when I flush the steam wand after frothing. I looked at the o-ring at the wand tip and that seems fine. The others are pretty hard to access for a novice like me! I just can't imagine how they'd breakdown after less than 3 months of use, surely everyone would have this problem. When I get chance, I'll take a sample to work and have a look at it under the microscope, that'll show what I'm dealing with.
  8. @ Newdent, sure, message me with your address. @luiccn, thanks for heads up. Your code looks good and the GUI is a lot nicer than mine!! I initially wanted to use a Pi (I even bought a zero-W), but the idea of having to wait for it to boot up and then shutting it down properly put me off a bit. The ESP32 is great as it works almost instantly and you can just cut the power with the machine, the downside is the lack of options for a GUI etc.
  9. Apologies for the double post, but I started a project on GitHub: https://github.com/jimmy142/Silvia-PID The only thing that's missing at the moment is the code! It's on my laptop that I left in the office, will upload asap.
  10. Hi Dave, I glued my original temperature sensor (a dsb18b20) using 'Phobya 2-component thermal glue' that I found on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B005EOB2HC/ I was surprised to find it on Amazon, as RS had few options for thermally conductive epoxy and it was really expensive (and toxic). God knows what's in the stuff from amazon, there are hardly any details. When the sensor broke, I just left it attached but now use a thermocouple... I just wrapped the tip in a bit of Kapton tape and wedged it between my boiler and it's foam insulation, not ideal as it's no
  11. Hey bpgoa, Sounds interesting! I'm really keen to make the project open source as there are many aspects that could be improved, I'm definitely not a programmer and the code is a real cut and paste job from many different online examples etc. I just need to figure out how setup an open source project (GitHub is the obvious choice, but I've never used it before - will look into it). I certainly think it would be great if a few people could chip in to really develop the project into something that matches the commercial versions in terms of functionality (and cost). Actually, this was one o
  12. It is pretty horrible! I don't think it's the seal, simply because I couldn't feel it on my fingers even when I plucked out a big chunk. If it was some kind of rubber or plastic you'd be able to feel it, this stuff is more of a slime, which implies bacteria 🤢... I'm just struggling to think how it could happen so quick, with filtered water and in a high pressure steam outlet, it's almost unbelievable. Time to buy some descaler and hope that helps clear it out! Also, the cartridge in the Britta filter is due a change, I suppose this could be acting as a reservoir of contamination, I
  13. Guys, Has anyone ever noticed some black bits coming out of the steam wand on their Silvia? Occasionally, I've noticed a few black specks when I've flushed it after frothing milk. Today, I noticed an alarming amount... see photos below! I bought the machine from new and I've only had it since January. I've only ever used Britta filtered water. I've also back flushed 3 - 4 times already, but I haven't descaled it yet. To be honest, the water is so soft around here, that I didn't descale my De'longhi in over five years and never had an issue! The black bits don't look like coffee
  14. Interesting, it seems like the thermocouple goes directly through the boiler wall on the Pro. This will definitely improve response time, also I guess the measured temperature will be a lot closer to what you actually get out of the group head. A few years ago, I put a thermowell in the side of a 40L tea urn for brewing beer... it was a right pain, constantly leaking, so I'm not even slightly tempted to try it on the Silvia boiler given the high pressure operation! 😅
  15. Interesting! From the sounds of it, I think there are a few things to improve in my code. My PID settings could certainly be improved, there's barely any overshoot at the moment which is a sure sign the settings are too conservative. Also, I've seen plenty videos of PID's on the Silvia where the heating element lamp appears to flicker because it's being switched so quickly. I'm not sure if this risks prematurely damaging the element. To play it safe, my code spends 500 ms reading the temperature during which time the element is off (basically five reads from the thermocouple amp, with a 1
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