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  1. Found it at https://www.espressounderground.co.uk/ I still had to pay as more for P+P than the part is worth, but at least its not three times the value like at pennineteaandcoffee!
  2. Padded my order out to £25, but now they want £14.99 shipping?! Surely there must be somewhere else to get spares for Iberital machines?
  3. Thanks! I had found that website, though the £25 minimum order was a mild annoyance. Guess I'll have to bulk out my order with something.
  4. Yeah posted about that today, i was trying to clean the staining off the plastic on the inside and managed to complete melt the plastic. Thanks for the suggestion I'll give it a shot, otherwise I'll just have to bulk out my order with something. I've had grind stick in the chute, sometimes you need to "burp" it, tilt it up and tap its back haha! My main issue though is if you press the button with your portafilter the chute is too high and it ends up powdering the entire counter with coffee!
  5. I considered it, but I had nothing to hand and as you can see from my final picture, it's not exactly on show where I keep it. Besides, I'm already getting the first symptoms of upgradeitus. =/
  6. I just figured I'd post this in case someone else has been thinking about doing the same and wanted a guinea pig! So about 6 months ago I picked up the forum standard starter kit, and MC2 and pre-2015 Gaggia Classic used on Gumtree for a very solid price. Both have worked flawlessly since I got them but the condition of the MC2 had always bothered me a bit. The side was stained permanently, and had a number of dings and scrapes that the previous owned had somehow inflicted. Yesterday I finally cracked, and with an afternoon going spare I got to work. I gathered up the few supp
  7. So I've just had a bit of a mare attempting to clean my MC2 and I've managed to ruin the dispenser spout. Anyone know where I can get a replacement? I've found this http://www.pennineteaandcoffee.co.uk/MC2A+DISPENSE+SPOUT/0_CAAA121_CAAA195_CAAA221/PRAA807.htm#.WSGaeWgrJPZ but they have a £25 minimum order, and it's a £3.99 part. Any alternatives?
  8. Sorry, Ive just seen this. This is the exact item I bought and it didn't fit. I think bought the "pre modified" one and it worked without issue.
  9. I'm very lucky. Plus, she showed me how to use it all. Result.
  10. Right ok, I did have a bit of a search around but couldn't find anyone else talking about it. Time to go buy a metal file I guess. Thanks for the help.
  11. Hello all, Lurker here, toyed with upgrading my mokapot/aeropress for a home espresso machine, finally taking the plunge a couple of weeks ago with the forum standards Gaggia Classic (2014) Iberital MC2 Wired pretty much all the time now, think I've drank my weight in coffee since it arrived as Ive been loving experimenting and measuring and timing and experimenting again. I understand now with the other half, despite doing a degree, says she will miss being a barista. Thanks for all the advice up to now, and all the advise Im sure I will receive in the coming months/y
  12. Hello all, Recently joined the ranks of the home espresso makers with a used Gaggia Classic (2014, metal portafilter spouts et al) as recommended here. Very happy with all but the steam wand, I am completely new to the process but even the other half (experienced barista) had difficulty producing anything decent with the standard wand. Ordered the Rancilio steam wand modification but when I attempted to fit it, no joy. Wont insert far enough into the machine for the nut to grab hold of the threading. Seems to me that the diameter of the wand beyond the collar is ever so slightly la
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