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  1. I am a convert too. This has radically changed my understanding of espresso extraction. I was experimenting with the preinfusion only extraction on my sage DB before I came across this post and the results didn’t make sense to me. With power of 85% I was getting a pressure of 9 bar. I thought that reducing the power to 80% would reduce the pressure and increase brewing time for the same ratio of 1:3. Although the pressure fell, the flow increased significantly with huge reduction in brew time for the same ratio. Reducing the power to 75% reduced pressure but also flow and increased brew time. I couldn’t understand what was going on but now it makes complete sense. I have found that for the coffee that I’m currently using tastes best at 80% power giving 5-6 bar pressure and 1:3 in about 20 seconds. The acidity is lively and there is no bitterness. Here is the link to the original paper if anyone is interested. https://www.cell.com/matter/pdfExtended/S2590-2385(19)30410-2
  2. The longer ratios (1:2.5-3) certainly produce similar acidity. Thanks for the suggestion. But I get more channeling visually at higher ratios although they taste fine. I haven’t tried the puck screen yet. Hopefully it’ll help.
  3. I didn’t know such a device existed! Thanks, will try it out.
  4. I did try playing around with different parameters before posting. Perhaps this might not make sense but what seems to have made a difference is lower brew pressure. My sage db doesn’t have an adjustable OPV. I have been running it on preinfusion only with lower pump power. By allowing the pressure to drift down to 6 bar, the acidity seems to improve. Will try longer ratios as suggested.
  5. I was using the Mignon as a single dose. I think I had figured out how to get the best out of the Mignon. The channeling has improved after I stopped using the grind cup and grinding straight into the portafilter.
  6. I have upgraded from a Eureka Mignon to the Niche grinder. The flavours from the Niche are very different to the Mignon. The sweeter flavours seem to be much more enhanced. However, the more subtler flavours and the acidity is muted. The Americano's taste significantly better but I am missing the lingering acidity that I get from the Mignon. Also there seems to be more channeling with the Niche. Not entirely certain if I will keep the Niche. Do the flavours improve with time? I have used it for only 3 days.
  7. Although I’ve had the double boiler for 4 years, I have only recently discovered the amazing flexibility it has to offer. I have been getting tasty brews by using the preinfusion alone at 85% which allows me to extract at about 7.5 bar. It’s certainly made a huge difference to the flavour of fruity coffees which tasted bland and insipid at the standard 9 bar. I have been considering the Slayer modification. Can this improve the flavours further? I am generally averse to opening up electrical items but the modification seems easy enough. It would be helpful to know if anyone has experience with this and their views on the difference in flavour.
  8. I have not found that RDT makes any difference to the extraction/flavour. My Eureka Mignon is prone to clumping but a few taps on the portafilter while grinding directly into it and WDT seems to sort it out. Do you all routinely use RDT or reserve it for certain beans?
  9. I’ve been looking for a way of modifying the Mignon for single dosing. Many of the techniques I’ve found require some work to adjust for the bump. I thought I’d share my method which requires no work. This cheap flexible 32 mm silicon connector fits perfectly and does not need to be cut to adjust for the bump.
  10. Not that I’ve noticed. I don’t pull more than a couple of shots every day. It’s unlikely that this will generate enough humidity to have an impact. I’m not sure if this could be an issue in a commercial setting. My Eureka Mignon is quite sensitive to changes in room temperature/humidity though.
  11. I find that I need to grind finer when it’s warmer. This is probably not the accepted thing to do, but increasing the dose by up to 0.5 gm or so instead of changing the grind size, generally compensates for the warmer weather.
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