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  1. @igm45 I've not logged into this site for ages, spooky chance I did and spotted this while looking for something. doubtful I'll log back in again for a long time... The main reason I disappeared is because I was fed up of making the effort contributing to the community with little or no participation from others - I tried lots of different approaches, ideas, and styles (some even a bit risque), nothing worked so I took the hint and gave up trying I'm also in a very different place on my coffee journey, I'm just enjoying drinking it and don't feel I need much help/support anymore - i
  2. using it about 10 times a week now as I'm drinking much more filter, still a great machine.....
  3. Phobic


    haven't looked and don't care, I just leave them until they taste good.
  4. thanks for flagging this, just looked and I'm on my last stretton right now, will give the lockhills a try. @MWJB any thoughts on using it for filter? I think this might finally drive me to making up my own batch
  5. I've got a few pieces from cley pottery which are very similar. fantastic stuff, I use mind every day. http://madeincley.co.uk/Pottery/Domestic_pottery_sub_drinking_vessels.htm
  6. in case you'd not spotted it, This world: The Coffee Trail with Simon Reeve is on iPlayer again at the moment, I stumbled across it on the BBC 4 listings. just started watching it, looks to be Vietnam based so might be much more about Robusta but should be interesting. I thought I watched it the 1st time around, however in an early scene he had a cappa made from whisked egg white, would have thought I'd have remembered that!
  7. it's a bit crap that the coating's come off so quickly!
  8. as a very late update. Santa was nice enough to bring me 1 of these, the build quality is great! I'm really enjoying using it, it's producing some great tasting coffee, excellent mouth feel, which I've discovered I really enjoy and have been missing with filter. prefer using it with an aeropress filter, which is a perfect fit. I got the 6 cup version which is perfect for making a single 20g > 300ml cuppa. can't recommend this little stunner enough, would expect it to last a life time, looks great, keep it out all day on the hob.
  9. got mind a while ago, great build quality - I've had loads of jugs and this is already a stand out. I think I might have like a few more notches on the levels inside ideally. also the bottom isn't quite flat on mine so it spins around, dunno if it's a big deal or not, might try pushing it out. are yours the same?
  10. interesting feedback. I find the VST's pretty sticky, would like to see 1 with some fancy coating on it to make things better. this made me laugh!
  11. idle thought, presumably we'll be able to buy the EK43S base on the spare parts list if this is going to be a full production staple? anyone know? swapping bases out is pretty trivial....
  12. @Lav did you read my guide on it? https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?35772-EK43-Santos-Base-Guide
  13. We Wish You A Coffee Christmas, And a Caffeine New Year
  14. key point here for me I think, this forum is mainly for people who have already made the commitment more or less to learn how to brew. that being the case I would expect them to get something out of spending a little bit more. completely agree that for the average joe with no skills that it's not going to make much difference at all.
  15. so being objective, do you think it's worth paying an extra ~13p a cup on beans all other things being equal? interested in your view. I know you're partial to some beans which cost a lot more than that, why do you buy them?
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