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  1. Thanks -that does the job alright but will hopefully be able to find a permanent solution soon.
  2. Hey all, I’m having an issue with my Gaggia Classic and was hoping someone here could help. It’s one of the newer (push button rather than switch) models and now it won’t stay on when I push the power button in. It does power on when I push the button in - so there is power getting to it - it just goes back off once I take my finger away. I took the top of it off for a cursory glance but couldn’t see any glaringly obvious issues like a broken or disconnected wire or anything burnt out etc. The one thing I did notice is that there’s a small spark on one of the connections to
  3. Yep, the light stays on once I keep my finger on the button (and seems to heat up as normal too). Will try to dig out the paperwork and see what kind of guarantee I have... hopefully I'm still covered. Thanks for your help!
  4. I've a Classic for a little over a year - it's one of the newer types that has a push button for power rather than a switch (which lets it power off automatically after 15 minutes or so of idle time). As of a few days ago the machine won't stay switched on at all, though. There's still power getting to it - the light comes on when I push the button in, but once I release it it goes off again. I had been having issue with the plug (was a euro plug with adaptor and kept losing power due to a poor connection) and thought it might have been related to that, but I've swapped the plug to a
  5. Thanks folks - I cut the end off and fitted a UK plug... I'm now having a separate (unrelated) issue with the machine but that's a topic for another thread!
  6. Hey folks, I got a Classic about a year ago (which I'm more than happy with) and it came with a European power plug and an adaptor for a British socket. The problem is that the plug is increasingly temperamental - to the point that the slightest tap kills power to it - and I can even hear a crackling sound which suggests some dodgy connections inside. I'm wondering if I can just replace the entire cord/flex with one that already has a British plug on the end - removing the need for an adaptor altogether... or will that cause voltage issues? Am I better off just getting a new ada
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