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  1. Hi all, I've been reading a lot on this forum over the last few weeks and was initially set on getting a Gaggia Classic with an upgraded wand, but my friend has suggested that a La Pavoni Europiccola may be a better starting point. Until now I've been using a V60 and Rhinowares hand grinder at home, but have been seeking out good coffee shops - mainly in London - for years so have a good idea of what's possible with espresso / flat whites. Which machine would you recommend? The Europiccola seems to only produce a single shot at a time - is this an issue for flat whites? I am planning to stick with the Rhinowares hand grinder for now until I can afford a decent powered grinder - do you think this will be ok? I understand the La Pavoni has a steeper learning curve and this doesn't put me off. I'm happy to put time into learning things, but would ideally like to buy a machine in good condition - I don't want to spend time on repair / diagnosis. What sort of price should I expect to pay for a good second hand Europiccola? I know the Classics are sometimes £75 upwards or £150 for fully reconditioned. Any input appreciated! Cheers!
  2. c1000

    Gaggia Classic

    Ah, interesting - could you tell me more about why you don't recommend the mod? I was under the impression that the Classic was at 15 bar to accommodate coffee pods and it was better to adjust to 9 bar for ground?
  3. c1000

    Gaggia Classic

    Hi Mark, Thanks for the offer but 150 is too high for me at the moment I'm afraid. Out of interest, what does your servicing cover? Do you do the OPV Mod?
  4. Haha! Fair enough! How come it's a non-problem for you? What's your brewing method?
  5. Wow - not heard of them before - looks great!
  6. Actually, I think I had a couple of Skull Kings too, but Voodoo was even bigger!
  7. Yes! Agreed! Unfortunately I don't think the majority of shoppers feel the same way! I recently saw some data about the UK's top selling items. Take a look...! http://www.iriworldwide.com/en-GB/insights/news/Vodka-and-crisps-top-list-of-best-sellers-in-natio
  8. Anyone else drink Campbell's Perfect Tea? If you make it too strong it feels like it's coating you with tannin! Love it!
  9. c1000

    Chai latte

    Prana Chai is nice. The blend is moist, rather than dried. https://pranachai.com
  10. Yeah, agreed on the bakeries! I wish bakeries of that style / quality were more common in the UK!
  11. That looks amazing but I notice it's made of plastic. Is it odd to drink from? Aliexpress seem to have ceramic ones. Pretty tempted to try!
  12. My favourite Beavertown was a special edition - Power of The Voodoo Triple IPA. Really strong (10%) but tasted incredible. Shame it was limited and sold out so quickly. http://www.beavertownbrewery.co.uk/beer/power-of-the-voodoo/
  13. I was in San Sebastian about 18 months ago and stumbled across a guy making really good coffee in a bakery called The Loaf. http://thecoffeevine.com/reviews/cafes/spain/san-sebastian/the-loaf-san-sebastian-es/ I was pretty happy as it was the best coffee around by far! It's a fantastic place, isn't it?!
  14. Have now posted in Wanted thread!
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