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  1. These are just over £400 from John Lewis with 2 years warranty - I think you may have to lower your expectations.
  2. Hi Martin, I have received the email. I will have a go at what you have suggested this weekend. thank you
  3. I noticed yesterday that my Niche is grinding with the lid up, which could potentially cause an injury, if it fell into my sons hands. Any idea if this can be fixed by myself or do I need to contact Niche? The red button seems to be depressed even when I open the lid. There is still a bit of play in it but it doesn’t alter anything if I press it down with a skewer. Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks for your reply. It’s an Oscar ii with opv mod. No it hasn’t or if it has, it hasn’t been as bad as it is now. I was having a few issues with the extraction occurring during the pre infusion but presumed that was due to a corse grind.
  5. As stated above, I am getting a lot of water that is running (presumably) over the top of the group head when I am pulling a shot. Am thinking that the grind is too fine, but it still seems to run through a bit quick. i changed the group head seal as I thought it might be to do with that, but it’s not. After I have finished pulling the shot, if I look at the puck, there is still a bit of water sat on top. Thank you in advance.
  6. I think you might need to lower your asking price, I’m sure I only paid £80ish for one of these brand new. £89 here including shipping; https://yorkemporium.co.uk/products/wilfa-svart-grinder
  7. If they are the cappacino size, then perfect! How much?
  8. I get your point, however the decent colours (in my opinion) aren’t available, people don’t necessarily want 6 cups and the saucers are a personal preference. I Checked the prices of previously sold cups and felt this was inline with them. I’m not forcing anyone to buy them, just offering them for sale.
  9. I think I paid £48 for 6 and 6 delivered. Not really sure what your point is?
  10. I have 4 cups and 4 saucers for sale which I am offer in pairs (2 cups and 2 saucers) for £20 posted or £15 collected (Wakefield). These are brand new and we’re from the outlet. https://www.acmeoutlet.co.uk/collections/cup/products/flat-white-cup They are the turquoise green colour.
  11. Im after 2 of the above with saucers, ideally in grey or blue. I do have ACME flat white cups if anyone is interested in green.
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