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  1. Looks like the Settes have been delayed until mid-Nov which is a long time to wait with itchy fingers like mine! Thanks, I'll take another look at the Zenith. All things being equal this would probably be an easier decision but 1) kitchen space is at a serious premium (hence initially thinking of a Mignon, or maybe a Vario); 2) in order for this to get past the wife it needs to look reasonably pretty.... ! Anyone have any experience with the ECM S-Automatik? BB are doing a package deal with the Mechanika which makes it around £420 new, which seems pretty decent. There don't seem to be many owners on here though (maybe that should tell me something?!)
  2. Thanks, yeah that was my suspicion. So you reckon I'm better off going up to something in the league of a Mini / K5 / Zenith etc?
  3. Hi all - just joined the forum after lurking for a couple of years as upgraditis as finally struck and I'm hoping to pick your collective brains here! For the past 2 years or so I've been very happy getting to grips with a Classic (with Sylvia wand mod) paired with a Sage SmartGrinder. I'm still very much in the learning stage but I got to the point on the Classic where I could pull a pretty consistent shot and get something resembling latte art maybe 6 times out of 10. I've seen the SG get a lukewarm reception on here but for my needs so far it's been more than capable, and I like the user-friendliness & the ability to easily switch between espresso grinds and pour-over without too much fuss (which I do semi-frequently - especially when we have people over as it's tortuous trying to make multiple drinks on the Gaggia in short succession). Both are still going strong but I've been getting itchy feet for a while to move up the ladder so this week I took the plunge and yesterday took delivery of a shiny new ECM Mechanika IV Profi (early birthday present to myself - whatever I can say to justify the £££ to my wife...!!). Beautiful bit of kit, I'm absolutely delighted with it. I was hoping that the SG would keep me going for a while but to be honest, the new machine has only served to highlight its shortcomings so I think it's time to go the whole way and upgrade the grinder too. My question is what? Ideally I'd like to not spend loads more - would be hoping btw £200-400 - but that said, I'd rather spend a bit more to get something I know will keep me going for a while than settle for something cheaper that I'll only replace in a year. Does anyone have any recommendations? Was thinking maybe a Mignon or I like the look of the Sette when that comes out - would they be up to the task? Or should I be looking in the next category up from there, i.e. K5, Mini E etc? Kitchen space is a factor too - my kitchen cupboards are annoyingly low (only give me about 40cm clearance) so whilst I could squeeze it right next to the machine in the one spot where I have clearance, would prefer to keep it small.
  4. I just bought my ECM from them and it's been fab so far - arrived about 24 hours later, beautifully packaged and some free coffee thrown in. I did however buy a bottomless PF to go with which seems a bit tarnished, so will need to get that replaced. Hopefully that goes smoothly (not worried judging by the feedback here!)
  5. Keen to hear people's views on this as I'm having the same conundrum too. Have been lurking on CF for a while after taking the plunge on a Classic 2 years ago (if only I knew what I was getting into!). Gaggia was a great starter but upgraditis inevitably hit so recently taken delivery of an ECM Mechanika Profi. Loving it but pretty much immediately I can see that my Sage smart grinder isn't going to do the job so question now is whether I hold out for something like the Sette or go used for something bigger.
  6. I've been lurking since falling down the rabbit hole about 2 years ago but have now finally got round to joining!
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