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  1. If you put in your postcode here then you can see which site your water comes from.
  2. This is the better spreadsheet to use for hardness in Scotland. "Hardness as mg/lCaCo3" is the number you're looking for.
  3. At work I use Aeropress + Knock Aergrind + pocket scales + this absolutely perfect bag from Muji. (Might class as "too much fussiness" though.)
  4. I'm a seasoned ex-Zojirushi user and unfortunately it seems the flavour degradation cannot be avoided. I find that after 45 minutes or so, fruit/bright notes are lost and everything starts to taste caramely/savoury/generic. The same reason a lot of batch brew tastes so flat in shops. It surely has to do with chemical changes in the fluid over time at a given temperature, right?
  5. Not sure. Could be a bit too aggressive when trying to zero them each time. There are quite a few visible chips and scratches on the surface of both burrs. My EK clatters a lot when the burrs are close to touching. I've never been able to get a clean "chirp". I guess the misalignment could also be inherent to the burr out of the factory. I have no idea how accurately they are made.
  6. That's me done after about 16 hours of work. Here is my debrief... Chamber: After sanding with 11 layers of 240 grit silicon carbide paper - I ended up with a delta of Stationary burr: Despite improving the chamber, the stationary burr still had a delta of 0.02mm. I'm guessing it's because my burrs are fairly worn out. I ended up sticking in a 0.02mm shim at the lowest point. This resulted in a delta of Rotating burr: Who knows? For what its worth - I used the Perger whiteboard marker method and a single 0.04mm shim. Result: I'm reserving my subjective judgement for the time being, but I've pulled three shots so far and using the same coffee and recipe I was using before alignment - shot times are now longer (30s. vs. 23s.) My last shot had an EY of 23.8%, which is now a personal best. The grounds are noticeably fluffier and sit much higher in my portafilter now. I guess we can call this another success story?
  7. Thought this might be of interest. I removed the stationary burr and used the Titus tool on the chamber. The gauge shows 0.025mm at the same spot. In my mind, this has confirmed that the chamber is causing the misalignment. I think I will go ahead and start sanding.
  8. So, I read this entire thread all the way through about ten times over six months, finally understood it, bought everything - sandpaper, cutting oil, glue, cutting mat, scalpel, torque screwdriver. Then the Titus alignment tool arrived and it looks like the stationary burr is out by max 0.02mm from the factory... I should just leave it alone, right? Not sure whether to laugh or to cry.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check them out! Also, looks like reasonable water hardness for brewing coffee too.
  10. Welcome. I happen to be heading to Lisbon soon. Where do you recommend to go for good coffee?
  11. My list of recommendations in Glasgow for the month of December in POWER order. 1. It All Started Here 2. Buchta 3. Papercup Roastery, Belmont Lane 4. The Good Coffee Cartel 5. Laboratorio Espresso 6. Black Pine Coffee Co. 7. For Fika Sake
  12. It's a natural - a dirty one too. I'm impressed by how accurate the notes on the bag are - "Ski black cherry yoghurt". On EK espresso - 18g in, 41g out, 32s. - black cherry right away, funky blueberries, but then a super bitter lingering aftertaste that kind of ruined things a bit. On V60 it was quite muted, so had to go down to a 1:16 ratio - some black cherry, again bitter but also that butyric acidity you get from yoghurt or sour milk. It was interesting but haven't been too enthusiastic about finishing the rest of the bag.
  13. I know very little about roasting but I thought the ones towards the bottom of this photo look charred. (edited for cropped image)
  14. I don't know about you guys but many of my beans were visibly charred. "Hops" is perhaps a bit of a generous way to say burnt. Apart from that, there is a really interesting effervescent acidity, almost like popping candy on the tongue and some yellow plum. Done on V60, about 1.3% TDS, 1:17 ratio. Shame about the charred beans because I think it could have been really good.
  15. If you have the sort of TDS meter I think you have - don't forget that the value it gives you does not just consist of Mg and Ca. My tap water usually gives me a similar reading to yours and usually less 5ppm after charcoal filtration.
  16. I should also add that I really dislike the taste of my brew water on its own. It tastes too hard.
  17. I used to always ask shops about their water - usually I'll be told its too impractical to do anything other than using filtered tap water. I think Back To Black still use their own re-mineralised water, though. I held off getting that book for two reasons - there is supposed to be a 2nd edition coming out this year that corrects a systematic error that they made with their units, and I've been informed that I probably wouldn't learn anything more than I already know - apparently the book is not as in depth as you would think. But I was still keen to pick up a copy since it looks like a nice object to have.
  18. I lucked out and moved into a flat with a built in undersink filter. I'm not sure there is anything out there that adequately re-mineralises enough for coffee. You know, once you've done the ground work it doesn't take much effort to make some using salts. I make 10L of brew water every couple of weeks or so and takes about 5 mins to do.
  19. Also, I would argue that there is no need to use distilled water if we're only worried about hardness. E.g. my water is from Milngavie - hardness is around 16ppm, almost negligible. I start with this, put it through a charcoal filter, and then add Ca and Mg as per Sodastream method to achieve water with 79ppm(CaCO3) of Ca and 34ppm(CaCO3) of Mg.
  20. Espresso etc, batch brew, chilled filter, coffee cocktails. If you don't drink espresso because it's too bitter, I would urge you to give it another chance here. It's like a completely different drink - not bitter at all. But you'll get a really good milky drink too, if you like.
  21. So, for fun I have created a power rankings for coffee shops in Glasgow. Consider these my recommendations for anyone finding themselves in the city. Here is the list for anyone who doesn't wish to click through! 1. Back To Black 2. It All Started Here 3. Papercup, Belmont Lane 4. Papercup, High Street 5. Buchta 6. Laboratorio Espresso 7. Artisan Roast
  22. @Xpenno When we last communicated, you mentioned that you moved on from using an ion exchange resin and instead were adding MgSO4 and CaCl2 to your mixture of R.O. water, CaCO3 and NaCl. Have you gone back to your original method? I must say, I've been really pleased with the results I'm getting from using the latter method.
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