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  1. Hi, no I don't have a MeCoffee. I was interested at one time, but the lack of reliability and support put me off. Good luck.
  2. It looks like a voltage regulator. Unlikely to be fixable without the manufacturer engaging.
  3. This product is a lost cause. The silence and poor communication is a sign that the guy knows his product is flaky and he can't handle the burden of development and support that is required. He's ducking his responsibility and hoping the whole thing will go away. No-one should be buying this product.
  4. Probably ok if the laminate isn't touching a hot surface. Get the fr4 175 degree rated material. I don't think there is much cost difference.
  5. Pcb laminate will degrade with time if it gets too hot. You can buy it in a high temperature rated version though. What about ceramic fibre blanket?
  6. Good decision on the USB. Reliability rules.
  7. GaryM

    Windows 10

    That guy could eat a few less burgers.
  8. Are you slip casting the ceramic?
  9. Group head cover - I see mention of black anodized aluminium... The dye used in this process has a tendency to change to a purple and fade over time... And these machines should look good for a very long time. A custom powdercoat may be a better choice.
  10. So have they updated the design with V3? Do you know when V3 was released? Their website has no information on revision history.
  11. OK, all done. Removed unnecessary parts and cleaned everything. Reassembled with the cocktail shaker top fitted. I used an M5x16mm stainless bolt to fasten the shaker. It needed the shaker's centre hole opened out with a 5mm drill first. Great mod!
  12. Here is the inside of mine ...
  13. OK, I can see differences. My Mazzer (Super Jolly) has more stuff sitting on top of the sweeper vanes showing in yours. This will mean the shaker top sits up higher. Also the screw you mention that screws into the threaded section shown, you refer to 1.6cm length, the one on mine is much shorter. I have a 16mm stainless button head screw here and even that is too short the way it is. I need to disassemble to the state you show in your photo, and then fit the shaker top...
  14. Measured it overall as 14.5 cm tall by 6.8cm Max diameter. The top section with the push on cap removed is about 5.8cm tall.
  15. 250ml cocktail shaker that looks just like the one in this thread but the top part is higher than the top Centre of the mazzer...
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