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  1. Could I also get the code please! Thanks
  2. Don't know if you would class a 30kg dog as small! He's far away!
  3. So finally got to purchase the machine. I went with an ECM Synchronika since there was a dealer local and I went to view it first. Took it home then noticed scratches on the side casing, called the dealer and they arranged for a new machine to be posted out direct from ECM. The box for the new machine wasn't opened until I got there. I guess these are the little things when you buy direct from an authorized dealer. If there are problems you will be looked after. Only have it 1 day and set up with a Niche. My first machine so I've a lot to learn!
  4. Understood! I guess I was just so use to purging on my old grinder and using a brush etc that I thought it would benefit the NZ. I guess not! Will not purge from now on and just let it be.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I guess I was mainly wondering if I should be using my silicone muffin cup to purge out the remaining coffee or should I leave it and just continue to grind until all the voids are filled etc. I guess I will try the no purge method after looking at Dave's videos on YouTube. I understand .2g or even .3g is minimal so I'm still happy either way.
  6. At the moment I am only using the NZ with an aeropress. I weigh 34g of beans in the metal cup on my Hario .1 scales and I get 33.6g out. I am still on my 2nd KG of coffee through the NZ. That's why I was wondering down the line after more coffee has gone through it should I be getting 33.9g out after dosing 34g in. I was purging out the remaining grinds left in the chute etc and getting .3g out. I should probably invest in a .01g scales now! Very happy with the Niche after switching from a Mazzer SJ.
  7. Hi all, Quick question on the Niche. I am a week into using my new NZ and getting about .4g retention. Will the retention be less after using for a longer period of time? Thanks.
  8. swai

    Custom Linea

    I'm guessing it was you that bought the yellow one?
  9. swai

    Custom Linea

    Cloud Cafe, Dublin 3.
  10. swai

    Custom Linea

    Found the refurb details here. Seems like a place here in Ireland. https://instagram.com/espressos.coffee.services?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=1d4g2yjtef3qn
  11. swai

    Custom Linea

    Hi all, Just saw this custom Linea in a cafe here in Dublin. Quite cool, seems to be a full refurb. Just wondering if anyone else has seen custom versions of similar or anyone customised there own?
  12. I called coffee Italia before, asked about warranty. They said they had a warranty center in Dublin. I asked for the address and they would not give it, just an area it was in. I then tried to find a registered company in Ireland with the same name and couldn't find any. This was a giveaway that no such warranty would exist. If you literally type into Google coffee Italia reviews, some of the stories are shocking. Let's hope it doesn't happen to you. I would definetly pay the extra bit for piece of mind. If u ask for a refund through your bank etc money could be on hold for a
  13. Your very good at sticking to budget! I wanted an appartamento at the start now my budget has about doubled! The way I see it is over 10 to 15 years the extra isn't too much. Your going to be looking and using the machine everyday so go for the one u want, not the one within your initial budget.
  14. Yes I think your right. Both the Lelit and Vesuvius would have functions I wouldn't even consider using since I'm only beginning my espresso journey. What is swaying me towards the ECM is I have an authorised dealer around 40 minutes drive from me so easy for service and assistance etc. Also if in the future I want to add flow profiling I will be able to add on the ECM. The Internal of the ECM also looks easier to work on compared to Vesuvius. The Vesuvius is built like a tank but not sure if really need a tank at the moment!
  15. I understand where your coming from! I just wanted ease of use, set the temp and brew! I think over a good number of years the price difference between a HX and double boiler is minimal so I think I should just got for a double boiler! Also I could get the HX and want to upgrade in the future then will need to sell and buy again so money and time will be wasted there!
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