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  1. Could I also get the code please! Thanks
  2. Don't know if you would class a 30kg dog as small! He's far away!
  3. So finally got to purchase the machine. I went with an ECM Synchronika since there was a dealer local and I went to view it first. Took it home then noticed scratches on the side casing, called the dealer and they arranged for a new machine to be posted out direct from ECM. The box for the new machine wasn't opened until I got there. I guess these are the little things when you buy direct from an authorized dealer. If there are problems you will be looked after. Only have it 1 day and set up with a Niche. My first machine so I've a lot to learn!
  4. Understood! I guess I was just so use to purging on my old grinder and using a brush etc that I thought it would benefit the NZ. I guess not! Will not purge from now on and just let it be.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I guess I was mainly wondering if I should be using my silicone muffin cup to purge out the remaining coffee or should I leave it and just continue to grind until all the voids are filled etc. I guess I will try the no purge method after looking at Dave's videos on YouTube. I understand .2g or even .3g is minimal so I'm still happy either way.
  6. At the moment I am only using the NZ with an aeropress. I weigh 34g of beans in the metal cup on my Hario .1 scales and I get 33.6g out. I am still on my 2nd KG of coffee through the NZ. That's why I was wondering down the line after more coffee has gone through it should I be getting 33.9g out after dosing 34g in. I was purging out the remaining grinds left in the chute etc and getting .3g out. I should probably invest in a .01g scales now! Very happy with the Niche after switching from a Mazzer SJ.
  7. Hi all, Quick question on the Niche. I am a week into using my new NZ and getting about .4g retention. Will the retention be less after using for a longer period of time? Thanks.
  8. Hi all, I'm in the market for a new machine. After tonnes of reading forums etc I've changed my mind about 50 times. First I wanted a HX appartamento etc now I have my eyes set on a double boiler. Is it a case where most people who buy a HX machine upgrade to a double boiler in the future or are people happy with there HX machines 10 years on? I want to buy a machine that will last me 10 years so I don't mind going straight for a double boiler so I won't need to upgrade in the future. Or do people recommend to start with a HX to learn and then upgrade. Any advice appreciated. Thanks, Simon.
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