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  1. hi thank you for your answer, most of the time who is fixing the machine is the same where you buy the coffee from, but because I just bought the coffee machine from this people they won't tell me what other brand I can fit on this machine, and I know all the time I buy some spares part from them they over charge me. How can I find out ? I need to change my steamer valve and and don't know where to buy it.
  2. Hi Every one, I need to change my CIME C03- 2 group head gasket and I don't know where to buy them? also I need to buy a new steamer, do you know which other bread fitting in these machine ? It is very hard to find part for this brand. I am asking because I don't want all the time buy this parts from where I bought the machine because they all the time over charge the parts. Thank you Fran
  3. so, the idea will be a market stall for at least 6 months, the machine will be fracino little gem power 2700watt and coffee grinder fracino 275 watt. I don't need to power nothing else. So, what will be the best to buy about power supply? thank you
  4. hy everyone I am here to read amazing stuff and get help for open my coffee shop on the go with good product
  5. Hi everyone, I just find this forum and I love it, I have got a question about power generator, I would like to have a stall and also making coffee, the coffee machine will be fracino little gem 1, but now the problem is the electricity, I don't know which generator will be the best for me, I don't understand different between power generator and inverter generator. Can some one help me? Thank you
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