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  1. There's a small cafe near to my mum in Pembrokeshire (PWNC, in Newport) that uses Coaltown beans. They use their Espresso blend No.3. It's by a long distance the best coffee available in the area. On the strength of trying that one there I'd certainly say their other beans were worth a try, if anyone was curious.
  2. rdpx

    Rave Coffee

    Looking back on the thread you can see Lucian mentions the Ethiopian Gera a couple of times. One time is in October when he posted here to say how great it is, then again in December when he says he just received a kilo that wasn't very nice, and was maybe stale, but no-one replied. My experience with Rave has always been really positive. Maybe you should drop them an email as suggested just above, Lucian?
  3. rdpx

    VW emissions scandal

    We recently sold my mother's not that old VW POLO diesel due to problems caused by VW. Also have had awful interior flooding problems with our UP! that VW deny all responsibility for even though there are lots of people in forums complaining of the same issue. Apparently the reason people tend to think VW are so reliable is purely down to the 1980s advertising campaign.
  4. rdpx

    Rave Coffee

    Nothing vacuum-packed here.
  5. I've got a big bottle of it made up 1:3 with water to clean records with and it often gets used for other things. I have never previously had a problem using it on anything. I have no recollection whether I actually did use it on the Niche, but it's possible.
  6. It wasn't until the T-cut comment that it struck me! I might have to be a bit more careful what I clean with that stuff from now on. Hopefully the damage to the paint is over and it won't keep coming off... Oops!
  7. Thinking about it I may have used a very small amount of 25% IPA cleaning solution on it a few weeks ago, this may have reacted with the kind of black paint they used for the lettering? I've never had a bad reaction with anything else I've cleaned with this before though...
  8. No this is just from polishing with a soft cotton cloth. I mentioned it on the survey monkey thing to them.
  9. Is anyone else noticing the markings around the dial don't stand up at all well to cleaning? Perhaps these need to be etched in rather than just printed on? I can't see the text lasting for that long as it's already lifting off and smudging under being polished with just a cotton cloth.
  10. rdpx

    Rave Coffee

    I've got a kilo each of Rave light roasts Ethiopian Gera and Brazil Sao Marco coming this week. First time I've bought light roasts and am looking forward to trying them. Will probably stay with the Gera, and freeze the BSM. We'll be making milk based coffees with an ECM. Any advice gratefully received!
  11. Perhaps CC only offer the discount code so they can make judgements about the moral standards of some of their customers? It never occurred to me before that offers from retailers came with such complicated strings attached! [emoji23]
  12. We're halfway through a kilogram RAVE TINGANGA ESTATE at the moment, it's really good. Might even be my favourite so far in nine months or so of doing it properly! https://ravecoffee.co.uk/products/kenya-tinganga-estate-1?variant=19073376976950
  13. Again, several people seem to want to be able to grind directly into the portafilter. Grinding into the cup means I don't have to stand there holding the pf; I get almost zero coffee grain mess everywhere; greatly improves the distribution once it's in the pf. Plus the cup is useful for weighing out the dose. I can't see any downside at all.
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