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  1. if you have a waste contractor who just sends all materials to landfill then time to review that arrangement. Biodegradables in landfill is more harmful than plastics as they release methane (although usually converted to electric power). Composters wont want them as they dont break down quickly enough for their process.
  2. Thanks for the nudge! Yes, still yours. Let’s go to PM to finalise.
  3. I have one that is not being used. In great condition as only used a few times. How does £60 inc. delivery sound?
  4. Hmmm how weird. Maybe it’s a NS vs VA thing?
  5. There is a shot counter, just need to check the manual. Combination of holding buttons etc to get into the set up menu.
  6. Top seal has failed. If using the Londinium ones then this has happened to me twice. No such issues with the Cafelat ones for what it’s worth.
  7. Also get Passion Fruit Coffee in the Market Hall, or at least they were there when I last went. Excellent cake selection in Common Ground too.
  8. PS. i'm referring to v1, I don't know the specific differences in v2.
  9. I use for espresso on Auto 4. Works well, but yes it does not auto stop, you have to press the TIME button to stop the timer. This would be better if it was automated, might be a consideration if you have button phobia!
  10. This might be blowing the budget (£15), but I have been using for a while the WMF Profi Plus whisk with the silicone balls. Works really well once you snip off the central ball which captures the grounds, and the silicone means no risk of scratching the basket. These are not with the on trend loops though, so not sure if of interest
  11. My Brewista Mk1 have never let me down and there are multiple functions depending on how you brew. Importantly they are also very slim so even with spouts or a tall cup you can still use them with a drip tray in place. Only you can decide if >£200 for a set of scales is worth while. Not for me thanks!
  12. Good win. Suspect the All Blacks will be full on in the decider and could pile it on. Massive test but should be a belter.
  13. "Is students who can't spell". Is this a wind up?
  14. I personally wouldn't be looking at diesels at all now. Its likely over the next few years the road tax system will change dramatically away from CO2 to some type of total pollutant model or NOx based bandings. Low emission zones are going to be popping up all over the place as well, so unless you want high tax and to pay to drive into any city I would look at something cleaner. Not sure if that fits into the flash harry requirements though
  15. Agree with this post that it can be hit and miss. I think it can be especially underwhelming with espresso based drinks as the spro bean is typically quite a safe middle of the road offering. Understandable I guess but not too much to get excited about. Something on brew is normally a better bet, but that is highly staff dependent on quality of output.
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