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  1. When you make your enquiry, simply mention that you are a member here and they will apply a discount. Easy, peasy.
  2. Ha ha I will, as soon as I get chance
  3. Hi, I have a Macap M2D for sale. It’s 2 years old and has only been used for grinding for pour over ( around 10Kg of beans). It is in perfect working order with only a few small scratches (which I’ve included pics of ) . I had to replace the power cable which had a loose connection. All in all it’s a great bit of kit, I’m only selling it because I’ve bought an EK43. So, grab yourself a bargain...... £175 Postage will be £10 (signed for, UK only) Payment by bank transfer. Any questions PM me. here are some pics......
  4. Just a big thank you to Jay and Mahir at Coffee Omega. Ordered a Mahlkonig EK43s and it arrived the next day, THE NEXT DAY!!! When you live in the north east of Scotland, believe me, that is extremely fast. Plus I got a discount for being a member here. Excellent communication. Highly recommended.
  5. We have a Classeq D500 which retails with VAT around £1800. It does a cycle in 3 minutes. Now that sounds fast, right? We bought 24 cappuccino/flat white cups and saucers and the same amount of, larger latte cups and saucers, espresso sets all from Loveramics ( highly recommended , incidentally) Duralex glasses and on a busy Saturday the dishwasher is on......constantly. We have 18 seats. DO NOT even consider a domestic machine:eek:
  6. My wife and I opened our coffee shop exactly 3 months ago. Now I can’t advise you on water treatment (we live in the north east of Scotland and have the softest water in the country) but let me pass on the very best piece of advice we were given, it’s not earth shattering but I promise you it’s gold. Buy the best, fastest, commercial dishwasher you can afford. Like you, I focused on the big stuff (machines, grinders etc) but it was the smallest details that became massively important.......cups.....tea spoons.....hand towels in the loo.....sugar..... for the record we bought a La Spazziale S5, 3 MACAP grinders, V60 and Chemex equipment and 3 months of extremely hard use later, everything is working like a charm. Get yourself one machine now and consider another later.....please believe me, you’re going to need a LOT of money for a LOT of things you probably haven’t thought of yet. Good luck with your venture, it’s such hard work but the morning you serve your first flat white to a customer and they stare back at you and tell you that it’s the best cup of coffee they’ve ever had......it makes it all worthwhile.......well almost.
  7. Lease negotiations......lease negotiations! Man I'm so scunnered with £&@!?!£ lease negotiations! We're in our third month of them too. Our business plan was: 1. Buy a fancy-dancy machine 2. Rent a shop 3. Buy a big bag to put all the money in turns out there's more to it than that.....who knew?! Good luck, pal I hope it all works out and you're up, running and trading soon. We'll definitely swing by next time we're down in Glasgow.
  8. All arrived safe and sound. Only took 10,000 hours of YouTube, 11 overtime shifts and a long discussion with SWMBO. V.
  9. Thanks everyone. I spoke to Richard at coffeecompass today, what a great bloke! He took the time to discuss my preference, gave me a lot of great advice and, most of all, was really enthusiastic and encouraging. I've bought a sampler 3 X 500g bunch of beans..... Sweet bourbon, Brighton lanes and a mahogany roast. Really looking forward to my machine and grinder arriving tomorrow; I love a good unboxing:)
  10. Mine Bought Thinking about it.........I could, probably, make a decent tamper.......
  11. I make custom knives for the huntin' shootin' and fishin' fraternity. It's a hobby not a business. I have an expensive grinder ( no, a different thing altogether!) exotic steels and handle materials don't come cheep. Then there's workshop equipment, leather, consumables........ I also like to buy examples made by master cutlers from around the world. Once I've worked out the whole pictures thing I'll try and post some examples. V.
  12. Thank you John. I think I'll give them a whirl. V.
  13. Dark, bitter chocolate. Sweet like candied lemon peel bitter/sweet. With a finish like a one third smoked Madura cigar. Coming over all Oz Clark I know but that's the best description I can come up with. It was a revelation, I didn't know coffee could taste like that!
  14. My Rocket Cellini and Mignon2 arrive on Wednesday (all being well and the pack horses make it through the mountain passes!). It comes with "coffee beans"....... I want to order, online, something more specific so I can begin making some comparisons. Because I'm going round in circles trying to decide on a supplier I'm going to click on the first banner advertising on the forum and buy the first coffee, which includes in its description, 'dark', 'rich', 'chocolate' and 'spice'. All I want, from life, is to replicate the Cortado I drank in a place called 'Roast Riders', Virginia Beach USA a few years ago. If I close my eyes.......I can still taste it. Wish me luck?
  15. Hello, So......came by a bit of extra cash and decided to invest it in some equipment. I'll be scouring the forum for advice and tips to get the best out of my new Rocket Cellini Evo V2 (have I said that right?) and Eureka Mignon Mk11. I love a good forum and this looks like the place to be. Ciao, V.
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