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  1. Afternoon Conor .. Welcome, which part of Belfast?
  2. saj_87

    Cctv system

    Hey guys I'm looking to purchase a cctv camera system for the house.. After having a few cars damaged on the street. I've seen a few on amazon, I'm looking for a 1080p system. I've got a budget of £250. http:// https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B017DCMB22/ref=cm_sw_r_wa_apa_DNJGxbXXC2VA9 Any thoughts of this? I'll buy a Tb hard drive and install it
  3. And Using the baby dirty nappies as grenades....
  4. Got one from Mark! Thank you! Please close the thread!
  5. Sorted with a tamper! Bought one from eBay! Now just need the lid for the classic
  6. I love using the Ferrari G3 that we have... We even use it for shop bought pizzas.. Just place them in it and they turn out wonderful
  7. I've recently got a new hobby.. It's being a parent to a new born baby.. Lol quite challenging at times.. My old hobby was Airsoft..
  8. saj_87

    Chai latte

    Ohh thanks! I must try this!!
  9. As above, 1 rubber foot required for Gaggia Classic. kind regards S
  10. saj_87

    Self service

    stupid question here, but How do you descale it? just fill it up in the water tank and run it ?
  11. saj_87

    Self service

    Hey guys, I haven't used my classic in about 3 years. I'm going to try and service my own classic. I'm just wondering how difficult it is.? Which parts would you guys recommend changing? Or upgrading? I really do need a new steam wand and the standard one isn't that good. Would you guys recommend the Silvia V2 or V3 And any advice on de-scaling? Thank you so much
  12. I've lost the plastic lid, which sits on top of the machine. Also a suitable tamper for the gaggia. Kind regards S
  13. Have been watching a few... Suits is pretty good! Loved Power.. Waiting for the new season of that to start
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