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  1. I have a early 2010 Elektra Semiautomatica and a matching Elektra MSC grinder both stainless steel colour. The coffee machine is currently not working but I don't think it's a major issue, I'm nearly sure it just needs a replacement heating element. Grinder works fine, currently use it for grinding beans for pour over. The coffee machine is in decent condition but I bought it on eBay a number of years back and the previous owner didn't exactly keep it in immaculate condition. Few bits of rust on the base section and I've tried to polish them out as best as I could. Wondering what I would likely get for both in their current state. I was intending to try and get a heating element and fix it myself but don't really have the time. Appreciate any input.
  2. Niall

    Project machine

    I'm open to offers. I bought it on eBay in 2016, think it was originally bought in 2014.
  3. Niall

    Project machine

    Hi, I have an Elektra Semiautomatica. I think the heating element is gone, I've been meaning to sort it but haven't got around to it. It's got some minor cosmetic issue, some slight rust marks but overall in decent condition.
  4. Any chance of a code? Thanks in advance.
  5. Funnily enough, where I had my setup previously I had the grinder on the left. Just decided to set it up like to see if it works any better. It hasn't been alien to me so will probably leave it as is.
  6. I like the glass protector on the top of your machine. Good idea. Might have to steal that one! Do you put cups on there?
  7. As a general point, I am very impressed with the steaming ability of the L-R. My previous machine was good (or so I thought), this is a huge step up.
  8. I do get the odd spraying now and then which can be a tad annoying (on the Mythos). I assume it's when the hopper gets low on beans. Or is it something else?
  9. A gas boiler. When the kitchen went in, I wasn't aware of this 'world' (mostly had French press and never considered buying a machine) so I hadn't considered the need to allow for countertop space for a coffee machine/grinder. Previous area allowed for the Elektra due to its small footprint, the Londinium is a different beast though (in a good way and comparing the footprint of it to most other machines in its price range is actually not the biggest, discounting the lever).
  10. Hi all, I've been lucky enough to get my hands on a new Londinium R in the last week to pair with my Mythos I bought second hand a few months ago. I did have an Elektra Semiautomatica and decided the time was right to upgrade. Due to the machine upgrade, my old 'Coffee Corner' was tight for space so I had to get myself a cart from IKEA and did a bit of an 'Ikea hack', a term I recently became aware of. I'm not known to be very creative, I usually steal other people's good ideas so link below to where I got the inspiration for the IKEA trolley. http://www.oliverandrust.com/2014/02/ikea-hacking-in-kitchen-for-more.html?m=1 Anyway, I've been slowly getting to grips with the Londinium, it's definitely very different to my old machine. But have been getting some good results so far. Anyway enough of my ramblings. Picture below.
  11. Niall

    Londinium r

    Will do. Been busy trying to figure it all out.
  12. Thanks for the comments. Thought the numbers didn't mean much but good to get it confirmed.
  13. I am having issues with grind adjustment on my grinder. When I adjust the dial, the dial will turn freely when through zero and past the highest setting. Is this normal? I imagine it shouldn't turn beyond zero or beyond the highest setting. Anyone have any advice on this and how to potentially fix this issue? Do the burrs need adjusted? Does the dial need tightening somehow?
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